100-year plan


Someone brought up a good question on the internets: What would a 100-year plan to restore conservatism look like?

Well, I have a few ideas.

First, whoever wants to be part of such a movement needs to understand for themselves what conservatism is all about. They need to change their lifestyle so that they live in accordance with it, and they need to govern their family likewise. You can’t help anyone when your own life is a disaster, so clean up your own home first.

Next stop, the churches. A revitalization of the conservatism movement would begin from the preacher’s pulpit. That means two things. (1) Getting people in charge who are conservative in all the churches across the land. And (2) getting more people into the churches. I believe you should focus on (1) and not (2) so much. People will come back to churches when churches behave like churches should behave. The reason why people are staying away is because churches see themselves as representing the people, not representing God.

A true revival will be accompanied by an intellectual revival. All the great issues of morality and ethics should be discussed in the congregations, not the universities and halls of government. Moral matters should be settled one heart at a time, not by 9 justices. When we turn back to the churches as the source of moral truth, then we can take on the next step.

The third stop would be the schools. One way or the other, we need to ensure that everyone who works at a school is a religious conservative who exudes moral authority. There can be no compromise here. Having more people come to church and learn about conservative principles through our churches will certainly help here. The future of education seems to be that buildings we call schools will become irrelevant. Instead, people will do all of their learning online. So the natural response is to have conservative, religious people become the best and the brightest in every field, or at least the top educational personalities.

Whether or not we teach conservatism, the students will pick it up. Teachers and professors have an impact on people’s thought patterns, an impact that is as old as humanity itself. People naturally follow their leaders, and there aren’t any leaders higher than teachers.

Once we’ve taken back religion and education, the last stop is government. By this time, however, it will be an inevitable formality, a tidal surge that seems unstoppable.

And it all starts with you, learning the principles of conservatism and applying them in your life and your family.

So get to work.


One Response to “100-year plan”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    Plan is easy.

    1) Have babies.
    2) Cultivate hardness of mind and spirit.

    There is a strong genetic component to political leanings. Use this fact to win political arguments in the long term. The vagina is the ultimate weapon.

    Left leaning politics are a dead end precisely because they have so few babies. Feminism, for example, is unsustainable because they simply don’t have feminist babies. Feminist genes will be out of the pool in 100 years or at the very least unimportant.

    That said, in 100 years conservatism will likely not exist as it does now. New challenges will create new values that will gradually replace the current ones.

    I predict that in 100 years the US will collapse, leaving a power vacuum on the world stage. The cause of the collapse will be fairly apparent… A weak, old and feeble american populace, having already lost the will to rule, will retreat fully into consumerism, science, abstract thinking and false reality.

    A completely feminized and weak set of men who gladly accept the yoke will rule the day. This has already happened. I assert that our days are now numbered. The only question is how the collapse will happen.

    Once the US collapses, the world will once again fall back to clan vs clan, tribe vs tribe. Look to the British to see a modern example.

    We will be replaced by a more ruthless set of upstarts that has little regard for our traditions and morals. And so the great historical cycle will continue.

    A great nation is forged on strength of mind, spirit and body. For a dramatic story read about Gaius Mucius Scaevola. That is the character of a man who forges a great nation. He’s not the kind of guy to ask for a handout or cheat another man out of his day’s work.

    Retreating into a world of fantasy ideals and clever economic game theories won’t fix anything as long as the population is feeble and lacks manly self discipline and manly virtue.

    The US was founded on the constitution in theory. In reality it was forged by an incredibly ruthless, determined and tough set of men that would make a prison guard blush. What they had was cultural cohesiveness and a sense of destiny combined with the hardness and grit to make the world in their image.

    If those men disappear, the nation will soon follow.

    For this reason, I argue that you are fighting the wrong long term battle with your political efforts.

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