Separation of Powers: Why Many Small States Work


People are shocked to see that the UK has decided to leave the EU. It’s not too surprising why they were so eager to leave. After all, the UK was one of the best parts of the EU and they felt like they were putting in more than they got out.

The biggest shock is that some very rich people lost a lot of money. Again, this isn’t surprising. You can’t become very wealthy and maintain that wealth without a strong government to protect it for you. In the free market, changing market conditions, really, the changing tastes in people’s evaluation of the worth of things, means you will not remain wealthy long. Nothing is permanent in this world.

This brings me to a point. Socialists often rag against the fact that there are very wealthy people in the world and that there are very poor people in the world. They see this as a very bad thing, as if a person’s worth is determined entirely by their income or net cash value. Of course, such an idea is plainly silly. Regardless, their proposition to resolve that problem is to give even more power to government. They suggest that if only the government were stronger that the rich would not be rich at all.

It begs the question, though: How did the wealthy get super-rich? Did they get that way by building better products at cheaper prices, innovating and anticipating the needs and wants of consumers? I can’t imagine that people feel bad that companies like Apple and Google are rich since they provide such great value to the average consumer. I am sure they would rather have Google and Apple and the rich who own them than not have them at all.

The other way of getting wealthy is to have government make you rich through crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is another word for socialism. (I thought you knew?) See, socialism is a government style where the government and businesses partner together. It doesn’t matter what reason for, it simply matters that they jump in the same bed together. This is basically crony capitalism. Ah, your business is having problems? Have a bailout. You have a competitor? Let’s write some new regulations. Are you worried that a foreign company might actually be better at your job than you? We’ll put up some trade barriers and tariffs.

Regardless, socialists (AKA crony capitalists AKA the ultra-wealthy who didn’t get that way by making a lot of people very happy) desire above all else a strong government and a big government. The stronger and bigger the better. They aren’t happy to dominate a small government with just a few million serfs, err, citizens. They want more, and they want it now. This is basically the impetus of the EU. It’s also a big reason why the United State doesn’t just dissolve despite the fact no one really wants to be married to the states they don’t like anymore.

The vote in the UK put a stop to that system. No longer can the ultra-wealthy socialist crony capitalist dominate the entire European continent, now they have to dominate two governments.

Imagine what it would be like if there were 50 or 100 small states, fully independent and sovereign, that they had to dominate to maintain their power, err, wealth. It would make their job impossible! And that’s the point.

The Founding Fathers understood this. They understand that there will always be greedy, power-hungry psychopathic people (AKA socialists AKA crony capitalists AKA… you get the idea) trying to dominate the governments. And they understood that they would naturally want all the government power in one giant organization that they could control. By separating the states and giving them extraordinary power, that meant that the greedy psychopaths in one part of the country would be set opposite to the greedy psychopaths in another part of the country, and a healthy balance could be obtained while they waged political warfare on each other. In the meantime, people like us who simply want to raise a family and enjoy the beauty of this world for our few decades can live out our lives without much concern for them. Should they gain too much power or abuse their power in one state, we can always move to another.

I propose we go one step further than the EU. It’s time, I say, that the big Western states, and the populous Eastern states, split. I think states shouldn’t have more than a million people or so, so that means we should have somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 or so independent states in the US. Imagine that: 400 independent governments that the super-wealthy would have to try and subvert. It would make their heads spin! For Washington State, that would mean about 6 independents states. I can see the dividing line now: The Peninsula, Southern Washington, Central Washington, Eastern Washington, Northern Washington, and Seattle. Oregon would get 4 states, Idaho might stay as one or maybe get 2, and California would split into 40 states.

The EU should go the same way. Strong, small states, a weak federal government. Indeed, since the European states have long existed independent of one another, I propose they continue down that road. Maybe make trade confederations, or maybe make a defensive pact, but beyond that, there’s literally no reason why big states like Germany and France and the UK need to exist anymore. A world with many, small, independent and sovereign states is a world where freedom can flourish, where corrupt and abusive governments cannot long hold their power, and where successful societies will spread. Best of all, each state can explore their own culture and heritage and their own history together.


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