On Hillary Clinton


So the FBI Director Comey announced that he has found that Hillary has broken the law through “gross negligence” but he is not recommending prosecution. It isn’t his call to make whether prosecution should be done. But it seems people are focusing on this part of his statement and concluding that the government will not prosecute Hillary Clinton.

What he did say absolutely condemns Hillary Clinton. She was “grossly negligent” when it came to our national secrets. Echoes of the Clinton administration selling state secrets to China can be heard.

It’s up to the attorney general to decide whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton. She certainly has plenty of evidence, and she’s convicted people of far less than what Clinton has done.

If she decides she doesn’t want to prosecute, then that’s her call, and the sin be on her head.

As for public sentiment, in what universe would Director Comey’s statement help Hillary get elected? I have a Venn Diagram in my head where one circle is whether or not to say that Hillary Clinton broke the law, and the other is whether or not she should be prosecuted. Let’s look at the four possibilities:

  • She broke the law and should be prosecuted.  Makes perfect sense.
  • She did not break the law and she should not be prosecuted. Makes perfect sense.
  • She did not break the law and she should be prosecuted. Makes no sense whatsoever, and just sounds silly and vindictive. This is something Obama would say the republicans would say.
  • She broke the law and should not be prosecuted. This makes it sound like Hillary is above the law, untouchable, and that the director is either corrupt himself or somehow being manipulated by her.

I mean, really? If I were Director Comey, and I didn’t want Hillary to get elected, and I wanted to discredit the entire Obama administration and the democratic party, I would go for the last one. I would probably add, “And Hillary Clinton promised me a position in her cabinet, a couple million dollars, and that she wouldn’t expose the dark secret I am hiding from my wife.” But in this context, it hardly needs to be said.

Could Donald Trump have asked for a better statement? This is pretty much exactly what he’s basing his entire campaign on.



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