The Problem is Gun-Free Zones


If you were to compare all the recent mass-shootings in America with gun free zones, you’d notice a pattern. Almost all of them happen in gun-free zones.

We used to say that a gun society is a polite society. You are going to be respectful and polite to others when you know that they could lose their cool and shoot you in the face.

I would like to add that a gun society is a safe society. No one is going to attempt a mass shooting when they know that each one of their potential victims is packing heat. And if they are dumb enough to try, then they won’t get very far before being shot themselves.

As an individual, you can ask businesses which post “no guns allowed” at the door what they are doing to protect the people inside from mass shooters. You can remind them that almost all of the mass-shootings happen in gun-free zones, and you are putting your life in danger by entering their gun-free zone.

Perhaps one day we’ll have laws that require owners of gun-free zones to properly secure and protect those areas.


One Response to “The Problem is Gun-Free Zones”

  1. Jason Says:

    I think Scott Adams (Dilbert guy but this isn’t a cartoon) nailed the gun control problem.

    Joe Rogan said that “we have a mental health problem masked as a gun problem.” That’s pretty spot on as well.

    I would add that I think gun ownership is a good proxy for adulthood. If you can’t handle a gun, you aren’t fit in some way to be a responsible adult. Thus, restricting gun ownership is just a part of the larger trend of the infantilization of the American public.

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