Freedom 0: The Freedom to Be a Real Christian


Atheists attack Christians nowadays and they think they have got some sort of moral or intellectual superiority. I don’t deny that the average Christian today is morally and intellectually inferior to the average Atheist today, so it’s not uncommon to see the Atheist come out of those sorts of debates unscathed.

Turn back the clock even 50 years and you’ll see a different sort of Christian here in America. Turn it back 50 more and you’ll see a still different sort of Christian. Go back a hundred years before then, and you’ll see a different sort of Christian, one that the Atheist wouldn’t last three seconds with. Go back a few more hundred years and see the battlefields in Europe littered with millions of dead Christians and ask what sort of victory Atheists can even imagine against such a foe. And then go back a millennium and a half and tell me what you see in Christians that they were such a threat to the Roman Empire that they had to be fed to lions.

Real Christians should frighten anyone. They frighten the Muslims. They frighten the Buddhists. They frighten the Hindu. They cause entire empires, empires that span many thousands of miles and many thousands of years, quake in fear.

Have you ever wondered why such a small band of esoteric believers could have such power?

Let me list what a real Christian looks like and why everyone should fear them. If we had real Christians in our society, every powerful person would turn on them or ally themselves with them.

First, real Christians have no doubt. Real Christians have a witness of Christ imprinted on their hearts. They don’t question whether God is real. God, to them, is not only real, but physical, and ever-present, and living. Their God didn’t just overcome death, their God defeated it and subjugated it. We think of the Christian God as being opposed to Satan as if they were playing some sort of gigantic game of chess, but this is not so. Christ descended down to hell, to the lowest rungs of it, then he burst out of it, bringing all the captured souls with him. Hell is empty. Satan has no power. The game is already over. We’re just watching the fallout as Christ brings the rest of the world with him to heaven,

Second, Christians are being given secret instructions direct from God through the Holy Spirit. You might have seen a TV series called Person of Interest. In it, super-computers have been developed that are able to monitor the entire human race, make predictions about people’s behavior, and then proscribe a course of action. People who are able to tap directly into these super-computers have god-like abilities. Well, with Christians, this isn’t a fairy tale. It’s reality. A Christian lead by the Holy Spirit will say things and do things way beyond their ability. When Paul faced a tribunal before a sitting king in a kingdom in the Roman Empire, surrounded by the elite and powerful and accused on all sides of causing problems, he spoke plainly the words he was given by God himself. In the end, the king admitted that he was likely to become a Christian himself.

Go throughout the history of Christianity. Every time kingdoms, nations, empires and more have conspired against it, they have fallen. The people who are filled with this Spirit are literally unstoppable. Go ahead and line them up and execute them or feed them to the lions or whatever you want, it makes no difference, except maybe speeding up your demise.

Third, you can’t lie to a Christian. If you look at how power systems work in the world, people at the top set themselves up as the people on top because of some lie. Maybe they convince people they are better or that they can protect them or that they deserve it, it doesn’t matter. It’s all based on lies. The Christians see through these lies and understand exactly how to take them down.

Case in point: During the Reformation, Christian zealots, armed with the Spirit of Truth, took down the single most powerful man in Europe. By the time their fields had been fertilized by the blood of the protestants and reformists, after the Treaty of Westphalia was signed, the pope himself decried it in unparalleled language, and not even the Catholic kings gave it three seconds of thought. The pope was no longer the ruler of the world. He was just a guy in a funny hat.

There are people today we believe are unstoppable, like the 5 liberal justices on the Supreme Court who think they can invent rights or take them away arbitrarily. They have a lot to fear from true Christians. We put down the emperor. We put down the pope. We put down kings and tyrants the world over. We ended slavery. We are armed with the truth and we are passionate enough to donate as much blood as is needed to bring you down. Is this a threat? Absolutely. To all those who think they can ally themselves with evil and get what they think they really want, you have a lot to fear because we’re going to expose the lie you wish was true.

Fourth, you can’t negotiate with Christians. What have you got to offer them that can compare to the mansions that Christ has prepared for them? What can you take that Christ will not give back? Show me the true Christian and I’ll show you a person who has no desires for wealth or power or glory and can’t be bargained with.

I remember working a till at the theaters when I was in high school. One of the workers pulled a five dollar bill out of the register and slipped it into his pocket. I told him, “If you don’t put that back, I’m going to report you.” He tried to negotiate, but he knew I couldn’t be bought off or persuaded to look the other way. So he put it back. See, I knew what was best, and I cared enough for him that I persuaded him to not ruin his career at such a young age on such a tiny amount of cash.

Our Founding Fathers lived in a society full of true Christians. They were flocking to America by that point, and the entire Revolutionary War was fought by them. They didn’t consider what would happen if they lived in a society without these true Christians because it seemed unimaginable that anyone would choose such foolishness.

However, they knew, as you do, that without true Christians, little else matters.

To those of you who want to carry the title of Christ in your name, act in such a way that if someone were to accuse you of being a true Christian, they could gather enough evidence to convict. Behave as if you actually believed the things you say you believe. Realize that if you were a true Christian, every person you know would either be your closest ally or worst enemy. There is no middle ground. The first and last words out of your mouth should demonstrate true love for God and man alike. You should wear “Christian” as a proud title, knowing that it will likely get you killed as so many have been killed before.

To those of you who still don’t get it, believe in Christ, repent, be baptized, or face damnation. I cannot describe to you a fraction of what you will feel when you stand before God at the last judgment day, except to say that you are feeling a portion of it now but it is ever so present that you think that’s the way the universe is. I testify that it is not that way at all. Christ is mighty to save. Let him save you too. I beg you to reconsider your ways.


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