My Thoughts on the Election


It’s October 2016, and it’s about time I give my perspective as things really start heating up.

First, historical perspective: What you see flying around in the media, what you hear the candidates and the people around the candidates saying and doing — this isn’t new. It’s not even as extreme as it has been in the past. Back in the 1700s and 1800s, people said and did far worse. So don’t pay too much attention to that.

Second, I like to look behind the scenes and see what is really going on. Here’s the way I see it.

There are two factions at play here. Keep in mind, there are lots and lots of little factions throughout the US. Some of the factions are better organized or have better resources, and others are just disorganized movements that don’t even know they exist. But in a presidential election, two factions and two factions alone come head-to-head in a battle to the “death”, so to speak. If you are part of a faction, and you ever have the rare opportunity to have a presidential candidate that is a part of that faction occupy the nomination of one of the two major parties, you either win or your faction has to go into the background for decades or more until it can get another chance. So these factions are fighting to the death, more or less.

Hillary Clinton represents, as far as I can tell, the democratic party establishment as well as the political establishment. Everyone who has a job in the government, everyone who depends on the government continuing more or less the way it has for the past hundred years, all of them are firmly in the Hillary camp.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, represents the faction that wants none of that. His faction is the opposition faction. It is full of everyone who doesn’t like Hillary, and that’s about it. But at the head of the Donald Trump faction is the, how to say, retarded populist faction. This is a faction of people who are too ignorant to govern themselves let alone the entire country. They are the people who don’t even understand that they want contradictory things. They don’t know what wealth is, where it comes from, or how to get more of it. They don’t understand the first thing about the American system of government and why it is different from every other system in the world. I can go on. But there are other factions that have glommed onto this faction, sometimes only because they oppose Hillary but also sometimes because they think they can take advantage of Trump’s populist powers. I include myself among these people. When I go down the list of things Donald Trump wants, there is very little I agree with, but I don’t care. I am very certain that Donald Trump will not make good on even a fraction of his promises. And even if he does, it means the end of the establishment faction which is good for me.

My friends at work are mostly foreign nationals working on visas, or new citizens or people who just have a green card. They don’t understand the first thing about American politics and government. Some of them come from countries which are very low on my list of Countries I’ll Take Political Advice From. Some of them come from countries you’d be amazed to learn we have immigrants from. They are dominated by immigrants from China, a country where the political system works best as long as you agree with whoever stands tallest. These people don’t understand why Donald Trump made it so far and don’t even understand that there is a real chance he can win. They don’t understand what the big deal with Hillary Clinton is. I mean, she seems professional and capable and the newspapers say good things about her.

This is important, so I’ll repeat myself here. For starters, all of the news media is biased. All of it. It is hilarious to think that anyone can be unbiased in the news media, and I honestly feel pity for those people who think it can ever be so. There is no such thing as unbiased news reporting. It simply can’t exist. I mean, I deal with technical things all day long at work, and I know for a fact that it is impossible to be unbiased about technical things. When I like a particular piece of technology, I instantly become biased for it, and when I don’t like something, I become biased against it, and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that.

The trick is not to be unbiased, but to see the bias for yourself.

When someone tells me about some technology or a concept, I ask myself, “I know I am biased about everything. Can I spot the bias in this person’s message?” And sure enough, I can find it every time. When I point it out to people, they get upset, but it’s important they know how they are biased, and we are honest about our bias. Only when we acknowledge and admit to our biases can we even begin to communicate.

That said, it’s clear how the news media is biased. Maybe Fox News leans a little more towards Donald Trump than anyone else, but that hardly means that Fox News doesn’t lean more for Hillary. So, my friends, the first thing to understand is that all the news media is biased. Understand their bias, then you can start to hear what they are really saying.

The second bit I explained to my friends is because the news media is so heavily biased against Trump and for Hillary, you have no idea what Hillary has done and the extent of her corruption. I don’t have to make up conspiracy theories here: They are documented as fact. The FBI stated her conspiracy as fact. Let me list the key findings of the FBI:

  • Hillary Clinton illegally and intentionally maintained an insecure server with classified secrets on it.
  • Hillary Clinton did this to hide her business from Freedom of Information Act requests.
  • Hillary Clinton directed staff at the state department to illegally copy classified information to her insecure server.
  • As far as we can tell, the server was intentionally kept insecure, and we know for a fact that foreign countries had access to the classified information on the server. It was so insecure that the FBI could not find out who accessed the machines and what information they accessed, so as far as we know, it could be anyone and everyone.
  • Hillary Clinton lied about everything when questioned.
  • When congress, who has constitutional oversight over Hillary Clinton’s business as secretary of state demanded information, she knowingly directed people to destroy evidence.
  • The FBI is all but an accomplice in this, granting immunity to people who had no business getting immunity and destroying computers that had incriminating evidence on it.
  • The White House also helped in hiding the corruption and evidence of corruption.

Any ONE of these things would instantly qualify a person as incapable of holding any kind of office for the crime of being hopelessly corrupt. With Hillary Clinton, the corruption is so bad I don’t even know who we can possibly compare it with in the entire world. Literally, I think of her as the most corrupt person on planet earth, throughout earth’s history.

Moving on, the other thing they need to know about Hillary Clinton is the role she played in the Bill Clinton Rape Saga. I say saga, because the list of people Bill Clinton sexually abused and raped is long, long, long and the number of people who have been willing to come forward despite what Hillary Clinton has told them is few and far between. Hillary Clinton actively persecuted people who accused Bill Clinton of rape, destroyed their lives and their careers, and mocked them in public when they were unwilling to hide. Hillary Clinton is the very thing wrong with our rape culture in America! If you hate rape, then Hillary Clinton must die for the crimes she has committed against rape victims. When it comes to criminal behavior, regarding rape, I cannot imagine anyone worse than her other than the actual rapist. Being an enabler like she is, willing to sacrifice everyone else’s life but her own for her rapist husband, she is an accomplice and worse to the rapes Bill Clinton committed.

I could stop here. There’s really no point in continuing, but I shall anyway.

The Clinton Foundation is, obviously, the processing house for graft and bribes. “Graft” is a word we throw about but we don’t really explain what it means. Graft is when someone who holds authority abuses their authority for personal gain. For instance, let’s say I am a powerful executive in a company and I use company resources for my personal business. That’s graft. It doesn’t sound so bad, because when you are a company executive, it’s kind of expected that that’s one of the perks of being in charge. When you own the company, this is true, but as an executive who doesn’t own the company, this is pretty bad stuff and if you’re caught doing it, you could lose your job.

In the political context, it’s much more tricky and devious. Let me explain how it might work. Let’s say I am a politician and I’m voting for a massive project that is going to cost billions of dollars. I arrange it so that some of the contracts go to companies who happen to make donations to my favorite charity which is run by my wife. Thus, I know that I’m really voting for more money in my charity. If I were completely honest in my charity and none of the money ended up in my household, then this might be fine, but if even a tiny fraction of it were appropriated for my own purposes, this is graft.

Now, graft is bad, but it’s kind of expected that that’s what’s going to happen when you have powerful people making decisions. Of course some of the money is going to end up helping the people who voted for it.

What happens when the project we voted for is so important that people’s lives at stake? Well, here things get a bit more dicey. When you’re taking money that was intended to, for instance, keep soldiers alive or treat veterans, that’s pretty bad stuff. I’d be much more angry if Hillary Clinton were dipping into that pot.

What if the project were designed to save the entire economy from collapse? Maybe you see where I’m going here. TARP was passed in 2008 and it was nearly a half trillion dollars in relief for people who couldn’t pay their home mortgages. It was supposed to save our economy from certain collapse and doom. Now, I didn’t believe we needed it, and I thought it would be better to let the economy burn and rebuild on firmer ground. But Hillary Clinton and others said that we were all going to die and we had to spend that insane amount of money otherwise we’d be worse off than Cambodia!

But here’s the thing: She LIED to you. See, she, among a whole long list of other democrats, took a large chunk of that money for themselves. That’s right, they knew it wasn’t necessary, and they used the financial collapse to get even richer. Or, worse, they thought it was necessary but didn’t care enough to use it the right way! When people play with your emotions like that just to get a little richer: What should we do with them? I tell you, if life were fair, they would rather die than live another day with that scarlet letter.

Bribes are another thing, and it is clear now that the Clinton Foundation, hosted in Canada, is there to receive bribes from countries where they kill homosexuals and torture their wives. It’s how Clinton can get “help” from a few of her friends, friends who stand for everything she says she is against. And then she uses the money to bribe others. It’s an important tool for getting business “done” in the world for Hillary Clinton, conveniently kept out of the reach of US oversight.

Which is funny, because now we know some of the things Hillary Clinton has been saying in those secret meetings with Wall Street bankers. She has been saying, the entire time, “Whatever I say in public is a lie. I am saying those things to get elected. The truth is I love you guys and I am going to help you get richer and even more powerful.” If you love what the bankers have done with our country and want them to be even more wealthy and powerful, vote for Hillary!

All of these things are out there and available for anyone who wants to see it. Wikileaks and others like Guccifer 2.0 have been very effective at getting these secrets out and about. And the sad part is, they haven’t even begun to start to launch all the stuff they have on her. There’s so much, we can’t even process it as fast as it is being released. Everything we read is even more damning than the last stuff.

Which brings me to a little more history lesson. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were hopelessly corrupt in the 90s. It turns out that, the internet bubble, was inflated and burst by the Clintons. The Clintons had a clear pattern of abuse of power, graft, and bribes, and they also had a long list of people who disappeared or ended up dead by shooting themselves in the back of the head. The most famous of these are Vince Foster. Remember that the reason why Drudge Report even became a thing was because he released the news that the news media hid: Bill Clinton was being investigated for having sexual intercourse with an intern and then lying about it in front of a judge. Bill Clinton got disbarred for that little act of perjury, but we learned something else in the 90s: The news media hasn’t found anything yet on the Clinton’s that isn’t worth burying. Just now, CNN has ordered that the story on Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son be buried. So there is a whole lot more about the Clintons we may never know, mountains and mountains of things that have been buried by the news media.

I could go on. I could talk about whitewater, or how the Clintons got right through cattle trading, or the white house travel bureau, or any number of things. The Clinton strategy when it comes to their corruption is to do so much of it that their critics can’t keep up. I mean, I could spend my entire life trying to document everything on them, but it would be a waste of my life and they’d be long dead before I even made it a fraction of the way through it all. And that would just be published news stories on them.

With all that said about Hillary Clinton, what can we possibly say about Donald Trump that would make him at least comparable to her? He’d have to cover up and persecute a very large number of rape victims. He’d have to corrupt an entire state and the federal government to such a remarkable degree that we could have dumptrucks dumping information all day long. He’d have to have corrupt business deal upon corrupt business deal, along with a long list of missing and dead people associated with him. He has such a high bar to climb, that I can literally say that if we found out Trump murdered and raped 20 people tomorrow, I’d still vote for him as the lesser of two evils.

But think of this: The entire news media hates Trump and loves Clinton. And what do they have on Trump? Oh, he talked crudely about women one time.

It’s like the old Kennedy machine. When Mitt Romney ran against Kennedy, Kennedy was famous for coverups and scandals and finding dirt on his opponents. So the joke is that Kennedy dug through all of Romney’s life and found the worst things he could, and came up with this: He once lied to his mother. Now, keep in mind the “scandals” we heard about Romney, about the dog on the top of the car with diarrhea, about shutting down failed companies, about this and that. That’s the worst they could find. Trump is closer to Romney, who is practically a saint, than Clinton, and I’ll be honest, if Trump came to visit me, I’d hide the kids.

This is the state of the election. It’s up to you to decide what to do with this information.


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