Lesson #1 of Politics: Socialism is Corruption


I have often thought how I would teach my peers or people slightly younger than myself the fundamentals of government. I suppose the first thing that needs to be done is to de-program all of the socialist and communist lies they have been programmed with since birth, and replace it with a bit of truth that can set them on the right path.

The first lesson, then, is to attack the very essence of these murderous and tyrannical philosophies.

Before I explain why socialism is corruption, let me first explain what those two words mean.

The word “socialism” describes a political movement where the state (the government) interacts closely with the economy. Now, a large number of people have a large number of ideas about what form this interaction should take, but to sum up, the government is asked to participate in the economy and to influence how the economy works. Anything that asks this is socialism in my book.

“Communism” is a sort of socialism amplified to its greatest extent. Communism demands that the state and the state alone be the economy, that the people themselves control the state and the state controls all economic activity.

Obviously, I’m missing a lot of subtleties with these definitions, but I think the essence is there. I’m happy to be shown to be wrong.

“Corruption” is another word that means taking something and using it for what it is not intended to be used for. Or rather, taking something that was useful and making it not useful. Similar words are “rot” and “decay”. Corruption is inevitable. As long as we are mortal humans, as long as we have flawed ideas, as long as we cannot trust our senses 100%, there will be a gradual decay in our institutions, which includes our political institutions.

Now, let me explain why corruption and socialism are the same thing.

For starters, there is no such thing as an actually socialist government. That is, every government which tries to implement socialism inevitably implements corruption instead.

Let me explain why that is, as well as how that is.

Suppose you want to spend government’s money to help the poor buy food so they don’t starve. That is a noble cause. That is socialism. The question is, how do we get the money, how do we spend the money, and how do we ensure that the money is not misappropriated? (Misappropriated is a fancy word for “spending it on something else”.)

The most naive approach is simply to give people money. Here, we are instantly confronted with an awful truth: Maybe some honest people will step forward and volunteer to receive the money, but we all know that a large number of people will be dishonest and gratefully accept the money.

So we immediately begin introducing some kind of test to see who deserves the money and who doesn’t. Perhaps you have them fill out a form. Or perhaps you hire investigators to see that the money isn’t ending up in the wrong hands. In either case, you’re already spending the money that was supposed to feed the poor on paperwork, bureaucrats, and investigations.

But it doesn’t end there. How do you know that the people you entrusted to spend the money aren’t setting some aside for themselves? As we saw Hillary Clinton and other democrats do with the $475 billion TARP bailout, we know that politicians inevitably dip their hand into the pot. So you need even more oversight and overseers, and then another level or two just to be sure.

Because the money is coming from the government, you know for a fact a large chunk of it is going to be spent on administration. That’s a fancy word for “everything the money is not intended to be spent on.”

This is the problem with socialism. It simply cannot work, not as long as there are dishonest people in the world.

Well then, how do you spend the money if you’re a private charity? See, that’s a huge differentiator. When the government is involved, you have mandates and laws and people end up in jail or worse. When it’s private entities, there’s no such thing as mandates and laws and people going to jail when they commit fraud against each other. They simply police themselves.

Oftentimes, what ends up happening is the giver and receiver come together and actually meet on another and form friendships that last a lifetime.

Moral of the story: When government sets out to spend money, it will always involved considerable overhead that will employ a lot of people whose job it is to make sure the money isn’t spent inappropriately.

Bonus fact: The people who tend to advocate socialism the loudest are also those who will get the richest off of it.


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