What do I think of the candidate’s plans?


I think an interesting feature has come to light this election. In short, I don’t believe Hillary or the Donald. So I don’t really see why we should consider their plans for the country since I doubt either of them are going to do anything they promise to do.

What I do consider is what the plans and motives are behind the factions they represent.

In the corner of Hillary Clinton is all the establishment politicians, the bureaucrats, the bankers, the plutocrats, the elite of every sector. I think we all know what they want and what they intend to do with their power should their candidate get elected. In short, good-bye to individual rights and economic freedom.

In the corner of Donald Trump is pretty much everyone else. What do they intend to do? I don’t think it really matters. Whatever it is, it’s not what the elite want. Maybe he’ll end up protecting individual rights and economic liberty, maybe not. I know I’ll have a better chance with him though.

So I’m voting for Trump.


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