Do I endorse Trump?


There is a lot of nerve-wracking on the right, particular the Christian right, about whether it is OK to support someone like Trump who is clearly a flawed man that is not a good example for our children.

Let me try to clarify some things for our Christian friends.

One, NONE of us qualify as worthy of being examples to anyone. Whatever righteousness we think we have, it is nothing compared to what it should be. All of us have a reason to feel shame for one reason or another, and all of use are going to get into heaven because of nothing we’ve done.

Two, we are to be wise like serpents. That means we are to use our brains. And our brains tell us that like diplomacy, politics is what you do before you end up killing each other. It’s how we prevent things from getting so bad that shooting your neighbors is preferable to not shooting them. Do you not understand this? Do you not see how there are powerful forces at work, one which is dragging us closer to internal unrest and civil war, and the other trying to settle the temperature of the nation? Who is the peacemaker in this race? Who is saying they will hunt and kill their political opponents, and bend the law to benefit their allies and punish their enemies? The answer is clear: Hillary is going to split our nation, while only Trump has a chance of bringing equality back into play.

When I think about the fact that I am called upon to join worldly forces, I have to think of Christ’s simple advice which could be summed up as follows:

  • Forgive others.
  • Render unto Caesar what is his. Bow to the king, submit to the rulers. There’s no point in fighting them, because you’ll end up dead and that’s not good.
  • Be a good example.
  • Love one another.

I can’t see on that list where it says you can’t join forces with people who are obviously not Christian. In fact, it sounds a whole lot like we’re supposed to integrate and assimilate in whatever country we find ourselves in! Indeed, Christ told his disciples to carry the Roman soldiers packs two miles instead of just the required one mile. If Christ can have his people ally themselves with Rome, which was doing things unimaginable in our day, then I can ally with Trump.

Three, what does it mean when I endorse a candidate for president? It means I simply think he’s the best guy to vote for, and nothing more. In the case of Trump, I am not voting for him as bishop of my ward, or president of the church, or even choir director. I am voting for him for president. No matter how badly I wish we had someone of indisputable character like Romney running, that’s not an option. So I choose the best option. We say things like “Choosing the lesser of two evils”, but really, that’s what we do every day of our lives. We choose the better part. We do what is right as opposed to what is wrong.

Really, at the end of the day, if you are older than 18 in our country, you have three choices. Vote for no one (or a third- or fourth-party candidate), vote for Hillary, or vote for Trump. I rule out “vote for no one” because that simply means the powers that be have absolutely no interest in what I think. I rule out “vote for Hillary” because she is obviously the worse candidate in every aspect I can imagine. So I vote for Trump.

Those of you who are concerned that Trump is not Jesus: Wake up! You’re a lot more like Trump than Jesus yourself, and Jesus told you that you’d better pull that beam out of your own eye before you can start picking motes out of Trump’s eye. Forgive, love, move on, and be the best example you can. But don’t think that standing off on the sidelines is going to prevent a civil war in our country.


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