Vote “No!” – Vote Trump


This election season, heading in, my feelings were that it’s time to get rid of the federal government, shut the whole damn thing down, and let us start over again from scratch. Any candidate that would propose a $0 budget for the entire fiscal year, that would end social security and welfare and medicare and every program would not only get my vote, but I would donate the maximum allowable under law, and then get all my friends to do it too. And I would quit my job to campaign non-stop, even if it meant putting myself in poverty. I would rather be poor and truly free than rich and enslaved like I am today.

I want to see the Federal Government burn down to ashes, to return back to hell from whence it came, and to end all the greed and corruption that inhabit Washington DC. I want to see a new government rise from the ashes, one which carefully iterates what its limits are and lives by them, and pronounces its first and last duty is to secure individual rights and individual rights alone.

I am not alone in this sentiment. There are a lot of us out there, and it’s liberating to be able to say publicly that that’s what I truly want.

Donald Trump isn’t saying that’s what he’ll do. In fact, he’s proposing a larger, more invasive government. Granted, he wants to rearrange some deck chairs, and some of the rearrangements sound slightly appealing. However, he simply isn’t going to go nearly far enough.

What Donald J. Trump will do, however, is end the political elite as a powerful faction. By electing a populist, we send a message to DC that it had better understand there are a lot more of us than them, and we vote, a lot. A Trump presidency would send the corrupt elements of our government into CYA mode. They would have to actually try a little bit to not appear so obviously corrupt.

Trump may do “irrational” things like Andrew Jackson. I can see several things he might do that he doesn’t need congressional approval for. Let me list a few:

  • Unshackling our troops so they can finish the wars we are in, wars that Obama desperately tried to make us lose.
  • Unshackling the CIA, FBI, and other investigative bureaus to seek out and unmask the massive corruption in our system.
  • Sending all of the IRS agents and staff on permanent, paid vacation.
  • Sending all of the veteran’s affairs agents and staff on permanent, paid vacation, so that veterans can get actual help from the private sector rather than being used as pawns to generate favors and votes for sitting politicians.
  • Calling out the inept and incompetent republicans who refuse to do their job and hold the executive branch accountable. Having someone like Trump in charge of the executive means that no one will feel shame for actually looking into the executive branch.
  • Calling out world leaders for their idiocy. A good example of this is the kinds of things the president of the Philipines has been saying. A little truth, shouting that the emperor has no clothes, is a good thing.

So if you want to vote ‘NO!’ this year, vote Trump. It will get you as close as possible to the actual results you want to see.

4 years from now, there’ll be another election. We’ll have a lot better chance convincing people that the federal government should have limited, enumerated powers when someone like Trump is in charge.


5 Responses to “Vote “No!” – Vote Trump”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    My comment is why do we have to be in any wars? Why is it in our best interest to fight ISIS? Who honestly cares?

    I can see no evidence that the american population has benefited from Iraq or Afghanistan. I certainly don’t see how we will benefit by getting entangled in the middle east again with ISIS.

    I can’t stress this enough. ISIS has no Navy. ISIS has no Marines. No heavy infantry. No troop transport ships. No landing craft. No satellites. No Air Force. No bases worldwide. No logistical networks.

    They cannot invade the United States. They are not a threat to US security. They are a bunch of crazies running around the middle east. But, the middle east is full of crazies running around. What are we going to do about it? Why do we care?

    And why the f*ck are we starting a war with Russia?

    The idea of fighting the US government is misguided. For sure the government needs to be re-directed to serve the people. We need a government. We need it funded. It should, however, have our best interests in mind. Right now it doesn’t.

    Similarly, we shouldn’t fight wars that are not in our best interest. Witness Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria. We had and have no national interest there. Simple.

    But, we have basically started a war with every country in the middle east. Can someone please explain why?

    Oh, that’s right. We take massive money from Saudi, Israel and other assorted Semitic crazies. Our government appears to serve the interests of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait in that order.

    If none of the previously mentioned countries have any objections the American government will, from time to time, act in the best interest of America. When it does it is truly touching.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I wish I could excuse all the wars we fought, but I can’t.

      We don’t need to fight wars with terrorists. We just need to hunt them down and kill them, and seal our borders so that they are secure. If the terrorists were truly as dangerous as we are told, then a few nukes should clear up the problem once and for all. There’s no need for us with our technology to fight any prolonged wars, and certainly no reason to drop our troops into these countries. I believe part of the reason we fight wars is because we are unwilling to truly fight wars because we know we are not in any danger. We put on kid gloves and get on our knees so we can have a “fair” fight with our enemies, when the truth is we could crush them in a few milliseconds if we simply had the guts to do what is needed to be done.

      I have a friend from Iran and he is fairly liberal all things considered. He is absolutely convinced that Saudi Arabia has the US wrapped around their little finger. Watching Hillary Clinton transfer $1.8 billion to the Middle East today and I can’t say that he’s wrong.

  2. Jason Gardner Says:

    That’s the key. We can get rid of terrorists by simply not allowing them in our country. Shocking idea, I know. I did a whole bunch of partial differential equations and I found that the more Islamic crazies we allow in our country the more Islamic terrorists attacks there will be. I was blown away but the results are clear.

    In all seriousness, why do we need to take refugees? What’s in it for your kids if we do? I hear the argument that we have a “moral obligation” to take refugees but don’t you have a moral obligation to not leave your children and grandchildren a country filled to the brim with terrorists? Why must we turn the country into a brown cesspool of religious factions? Can’t we simply say that this plot of land is our plot of land and tell them to go take crazy somewhere else?

    In terms of fighting in the middle east, the question, is what do we do after? ISIS is wiped out, what did that accomplish? Will they re-appear, will someone else worse take their place? Nobody knows…

    The reason you see the confusion about this question is that there are three factions in the middle east: Shia (Iran), Sunni (KSA) and Jew. The Jews have an interest in keeping the Shia and Sunni at each other’s throats so that they don’t invade Israel. The Sunni need to keep strong to keep the Shia from basically killing them. We take the sides of the Jews and Saudis against Iran based on historical inertia.

    So… we take money from the Sunnis and the Jews to fight the Shia right now. Assad is Shia and ISIS is Sunni. Ergo… We are very reluctant to side with Assad (Iran backed) against the Saudis. But we are happy to have a proxy war between ISIS (= KSA and Israel) and Syria (backed by Iran) and Iraq (government is mostly Shia backed by Iran).

    If we fight ISIS, that means we are taking the side of Iran. We won’t do that because Iran is our enemy. So ISIS stays, and we make enough hay about defeating them to scare the average member of the public and to show that we are “tough” and “doing something” about ISIS. Reality is that we are on their side.

    In fact, so much so that we are willing to cross swords with Russia (who is on the side of the Shia and an traditional adversary of KSA and the Jews) to protect ISIS.

    But remember, ISIS is really just Shia Iraq. They were formed out of persecution of Sunnis by the dominant Shia government. What this means is that Iraq has, in all but name, dissolved into three parts: Kurdistan (Turkey hates that), Iraq-Sunni (ISIS) and Iraq-Shia (recognized Iraq).

    What a world! Anyways, ISIS (or their equivalent) is here to stay and we back them so tough talk about them is just mental masturbation.

    The only extra on that list is that Iraq is predominantly Shia run now and we do feel a sense of obligation to them. This puts us in a weird spot in that we are an ally of Iran (!) to help Iraq defeat ISIS who our buddies (KSA and Israel) are wanting to keep around.

    So we do nothing but tough talk about ISIS. Which is fine by me.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Re: Refugees. Agreed, literally no point in taking them in aside from some sort of sense of morality. Churches should be telling people to receive the refugees with love and compassion, but government should be pointing out the fact they are going to stab us in the back the first chance they get. Government sets the policy and laws.

      In the Book of Mormon, when the Anti-Nephi-Lehites left the Lamanites due to persecution, they offered themselves up as slaves to the Nephites. The Nephites graciously offered them up a piece of land where they could keep to themselves. Since they had an oath of non-violence, the Nephites agreed to fight for them in exchange for food and such. This lead to a healthy relationship where both cultures maintained their identity over many generations (until they assimilated into the Nephite culture).

      Why can’t we do something similar? If you’re really a refugee, you should be coming to us asking to be a slave. Literally, being our slave should be preferable to living in your country. If you’re not coming in that mindset, we should seal our borders to you.

      Since we don’t keep slaves, we do the next best thing. Give you a piece of land where you can be you and we can be we, and then either arrange for some sort of contract for military protection or something like that. Integrating foreign cultures into our society on a mass scale is madness.

      Integrating refugees by spreading them out across the country isn’t a bad idea, but it relies on the idea that the refugees actually want to be American. If this isn’t the case, and honestly, I can’t imagine any first-generation immigrant even understanding what “American” really means let alone actually wanting to be American, then this could work. But since it is not the case, we should keep the separate and distinct. Let them build their own town in their own borders within ours.

      Regarding people who come here with a sincere desire to become American, or just here to do business and live among us, I am fine with that. Obey our laws, keep our culture, but the moment you start trying to change us or you express displeasure for the way we do things, we show you the door. If you don’t want to be here, no one is keeping you here, so leave.

      Being a citizen of this country implies that you are a shareholder, a part-owner, and we should jealously guard citizenship and ensure that the next generation is going to keep our traditions intact. You cannot earn citizenship simply by waiting out the clock while you stand on American soil. It’s much deeper than that. I’m of the mindset we shouldn’t grant citizenship automatically to people born here anymore.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      RE Middle East politics: When we finally get sick of sharing the atmosphere with the Shia and the Sunni, we know what we need to do. Until that time, you’re absolutely right: There’s no point in fighting their stupid wars.

      As for me, I hope that people understand why Christians in the Iberian Peninsula had the “Convert or die” mentality. Hint: They weren’t converting pagans to Christianity. When we see Islam for what it is, we’re going to implement the same policies the Spanish Inquisition had.

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