Why are leftists endorsing Trump?


Jill Stein, candidate for the Green Part, which gets about 4% of the vote, recently said that she’d rather have Trump than Clinton, because Clinton will bring nuclear war with Russia.

Tezlyn Figaro, a Bernie Sanders campaign director, also had kind words for Trump recently.

What’s going on?

What’s going on is the Democratic Party is made up of several factions. There are two big factions, one the war-mongers and the other the peaceniks.

The war-mongers have used bellicose language and warfare and have been responsible for most of the wars the US has ever fought in. You might remember people like LBJ who ramped up action in Vietnam. These people wear the mask of peace and friendliness and openness, but inwardly, that is a mere cover for what they truly want: war.

Why do they want war? It is exactly what President Eisenhower warned us about. There is a lot of money to be made in war. And when the government spends a lot of money, some of that money ends up helping the people who decide how to spend it through graft.

The democrats who support war are far worse than the republicans who support war, since they really don’t care who we fight or why, and they certainly don’t want the wars to end. Republicans fight moral wars, wars that have a reason, and generally that reason is only ever the security of the US. Take, for instance, Bush and war. Did he start off promising war to his people? No, he wanted to see 8 years of peace. However, after the 9/11 attacks, it became clear that we can’t live in this world with terrorists, and so he launched and all-out offensive against them, and literally drove them into the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and then called them out to the fields of Iraq to be mowed down by our troops. Thousand and thousand and thousands of young terrorists were killed during his presidency.

Look at other republican presidents. We have Nixon who practically ended the Vietnam War, securing a peace deal with the Vietcong that was subverted by the democrats who came into office on the coattails of the Nixon watergate scandal, turning our victory into a loss. Or George HW Bush who fought a brief, fierce war against Saddam Hussein with clear goals and international support. President Reagan’s “wars” were always short and specific, quick decisive victories.

Democrats like to think of themselves as peace-lovers, which I believe the vast majority of democrats are. The problem is they are being manipulated by people like Hillary Clinton who has yet to find a war she didn’t want our young men and women in uniform to die in.

Pay attention to what Hillary Clinton says and does. Everything she is doing is calculated to bring us closer back to the Cold War than we’ve been in the past 30 years. Everything she has done as Secretary of State has destabilized the Middle East and dragged Russia to becoming a leader in the military actions there.

The dirty secret of socialism is communism is that they are not peaceful. Socialists gain power by integrating the economy into the government, and there’s no better excuse to do that than a painful and quixotic war. Communists believe that if they can get the people to rise up in open rebellion against government, they can replace it with a peaceful communist totalitarian environment where people won’t fight anymore. Both of these philosophies see war as the answer to almost every problem they have in achieving their political ends.

Vote against war, vote against Hillary, and vote for Trump.

Trump knows how to prevent war. One thing women don’t understand about men is that we have a need to be “macho”. We need to exert ourselves and make ourselves seen and heard. Trump know this. He does it himself. But the other thing is we know we need to know where the lines are. If there’s a line, and behind it is someone who will fight tooth and nail to preserve it, we are going to leave it alone. If there’s a line, and behind it is someone who is wishy-washy and flexible, we’re going to push it. Trump’s approach to Russia is spot on. He presents a clear line, he defends that line, and he merely asks Russia to respect it. He doesn’t want to take anything from Russia, he just wants to have that line clearly marked. And by having those secure borders, people know where the line is and they won’t push us into war.


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