Conservatism Doesn’t Lose


Some people think conservatives are simply the “other team” compared to liberals. Nothing is farther from the truth. The liberals might be playing some sport with politics, but we are doing something else entirely.

The conservative philosophy can be summed up, in essence, as “Don’t change things unless you really know what you are doing.” It demands people educate themselves on history and philosophy, science and religion. It demands people govern themselves first, and then only turn to the people around them appropriately. It is entirely self-centered, anchored in the hearts and souls of its millions of practitioners.

Conservatism does not demand change in others, only change within ourselves. Conservatives don’t expect the government to change and we don’t expect others to change. We will wake up tomorrow living in the same kind of world no matter what happens. Any “victory” is temporary. Any “defeat” likewise.

Suppose Hillary wins. She governs more or less competently, and the federal government survives another 4 or 8 years. To conservatives, this is a big win. We get to keep our jobs, we get to raise our families, largely left alone, and we get to continue to teach ourselves and others about what we understand.

Suppose Hillary wins, and she governs like she said she will and leads us into World War III and the utter collapse of the federal government. To conservatives, this is also a win. Yes, we’re going to suffer along with our neighbors, but we are better equipped to handle this kind of catastrophe because we know it is coming and we are familiar with history and philosophy and economics and know how to rebuild society. If society entrusts us to rebuild the government, we will do so carefully and cautiously, building on the lessons we learned from the past 200 years. The end result will be a limited government focused on its sole duty of protecting individual rights.

Suppose Trump wins, and governs like a true blue conservative, despite his campaign promises. This would be the preferable case of all possible cases, and would also be considered a conservative victory. Our principles and morals have brought vast fortunes of wealth to the American people, and entrusting us with 4 or 8 years of the presidency where we can apply these same principles again will lead to a boom that would make the 1920s and 1980s look like hiccups.

Liberals simply don’t understand. We don’t hate them because they are evil (all are evil, of course). We don’t oppose them because we hate them. We simply know a lot more than they do about human nature and the way the world really works. We are already using this knowledge to live our lives, which is why we are perfectly content if they are in power and we are not. Government doesn’t rule us, because we know what government really is. And when we get our chance to pull the levers of government, it doesn’t take much work to put it back the way it should be, and unlock the tremendous blessings of a sane, limited government.


2 Responses to “Conservatism Doesn’t Lose”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    Conservatism means constantly losing and not ever having to question why. Let it sink in. Conservativism has been on a one way losing streak since the 60s. Not a single win in the whole deal.

    Even when there was a “win” (e.g. Reagan) it wasn’t really a win because we still were flooding the country with foreigners, allowing moral degenerates to make our movies, and encouraging our women to be whores and our sons to be maidens.

    “We simply know a lot more than they do about human nature and the way the world really works.” – You don’t. You have a sprinkling of an idea that you got second hand from the Bible. You need to be open to seeing the world as it really is.

    For example, evolution. Evolution is happening now. To humans. In fact, evolution is so perfectly aligned with logic, game theory and experimental data that it has to be one of the most beautiful discoveries of all times. A cursory understanding of evolution would give you a great understanding of human nature and allow for much more solid arguments than “my bible says.”

    Granted biogenesis is a mystery but so was quantum mechanics a hundred years ago.

    “We are already using this knowledge to live our lives, which is why we are perfectly content if they are in power and we are not.” – Life is competition. It is embedded into the very essence of every living creature. It is not acceptable to allow others to win under some assumption that you’ll win some day. Are you saying that your ideas are not important? That any old ideas will do? If your ideas are correct why are you content with other ideas winning the culture war?

    “Government doesn’t rule us, because we know what government really is. And when we get our chance to pull the levers of government, it doesn’t take much work to put it back the way it should be, and unlock the tremendous blessings of a sane, limited government.” – Sounds like loser talk. And, you cannot put back together a reasonable society from the ashes of this current cultural decline.

    You will soon live in a country where you are the minority. Where your vote does not count. Where you are surrounded by people that despise you and wish to take your political power away. This is currently happening in Sweden. Sweden is not one election from everything being hunky-dory. They are in deep shit that only a ton of violence will correct, if it is correctable at all. THEY LOST. PERMANENTLY LOST. There is no coming back for Sweden without a reconquest of Sweden by the ethnic Swedes.

    Watch this video to understand what is going on.

    And you think this is cool?

    You need to fight it but you can’t fight properly using only the bible. Conservatives are losing because they rely on the bible. They need to use science and rational thought.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      A political philosophy that relies on victory fails when those victories no longer come. Remember the Romans, how they would have a man riding in the chariot telling the victorious general “You’re only a man, you’re only a man.” Victory is nice, it is sweet, but it is temporary.

      Conservatism is a movement of ideas, not people. We don’t rely on political polls to tell us where to go or what to do. When we lose, we win. When we win, we win. When it’s tied, we win. It doesn’t matter what happens. We are in control of our own lives as long as we stick to our ideals and live our lives rightly. The Bible is a document in how to survive the worst kinds of governments, how to get your heart and mind and soul right so that people can do anything they like to you but you still win. Christ’s salvation isn’t imaginary. It is very, very real.

      The people in Sweden are in trouble exactly because they aren’t living conservatively. They expect the government to protect them, or believe the government has their interests in heart. They never grew up thinking that the government is spending all of its time trying to think how they can control them and take their money and turn them into slaves. That’s what conservatives believe governments do. We’re more than happy to tell everyone everything wrong with governments. Sweden turned over their arms and their right to life to the government, and now they have no means to protect their daughters. Conservatives own guns, and know how to use them. Do you think a bunch of muslims could do those things in my neighborhood? Remember during occupy wall street, the police faced away from the protestors. They were there to protect the protestors from the Americans, not the other way around. I am not expecting the government to protect me from terrorists. I don’t live in fear of them. I live in a city where there is real crime, but I live in such a way that it doesn’t affect me or my family.

      Had Hillary won, conservatives would’ve had the answer for that. We may not be the most popular or we may not have our ideal candidate, but that doesn’t matter. We have guns, we have our voice, and we are willing to use them. We were gearing up to help and assist the people who were outing Hillary Clinton. I was having a field day sorting through all the wikileaks and pointing out the fraud and corruption that she was. It turns out there are enough people on the inside that we can destroy them. Should Hillary have won, she would’ve been the first impeached president to be impeached before she took office. If we couldn’t get impeachment, we were making plans to dissolve the federal government, make it irrelevant. We have no loyalty to the government or the people in it, only to our ideals. Barack Obama is one of the best things to have happened to the conservative movement. Look at gun sales. Look at how many people are willing to speak out against government, to question their motives.

      That’s real power, that’s strength, and that means you’re not even playing the game with them. Yes, we vote, we have our candidates, but our way of life and living is far more effective than those things. If the people don’t want us in power, that’s fine. Let them burn in their own fires. When they’re ready, we’ll be willing.

      Look at Ted Cruz. Watch that man. He gets it. He isn’t popular, but he’s right. Also, keep your eye on Chaffetz and Gowdy. With Trump in office, there are going to be a lot of government employees sitting on the inside of jail cells. I wouldn’t be surprised if that purge went across party lines. There are a lot of so-called republicans who need to be outed and need to go away.

      I don’t know if you remember this, but after the 94 republican revolution, a lot of democrat senators and congressmen began retiring. What was happening was a group of former SEALs or somesuch had dug up dirt on them and said, “You go or this gets published.” That ring might have been busted up, I don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter. As long as there are people willing to choose ideals over practicality, willing to put their lives on the line for what they believe to be right and true, the corrupt should be afraid.

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