Why are so many democrats pedophiles?


You may be watching in shock and horror as what used to be a case of a government official moving top secret information to an insecure server just to avoid FOIA requests is turning into accusations of child sex trafficking.

Before all the news hits (which it is likely to hit very soon) let me speculate on why there are so many pedophiles among the Democrat elite.

First, let’s examine their philosophy. They are pragmatists, meaning, they do whatever they need to take and keep power. They have no moral code they follow. Morality is a tool they use to beat up their opponents, not govern themselves. It is clear that they subscribe to this philosophy just based on their public statements and actions.

Second, let’s examine the political philosophy they adopt, or rather, claim to adopt. Communism is a brutal political philosophy that treats people as if they are powerless and incapable of governing themselves. The logical consequence of communist philosophy is that you need a strong, central government to protect the people from themselves, to punish their natural tendency to create and build and organize, so that everyone can “own” the means of their production. The “lower class” of the political spectrum, the college students and the union members, who believe in communism believes it will make them more powerful and things more fair and they will get more money or whatnot, but we know that they are being manipulated by rich and powerful interests.

That is, they are mere tools in the hands of their political masters. A means to an end, not the end itself.

Third, what has been the behavior of the politically powerful throughout history? It isn’t any mystery that the rich and elite have always practiced forbidden sexual behaviors such as homosexuality, adultery, and pedophilia. It is well-documented, and crosses all cultures and societies. It doesn’t matter if they are Chinese, Arab, European, or whatever, if they are rich and powerful, there’s a much higher chance they participate in sexual deviancy.

The Clintons match all of the above. They are pragmatists. That means they will do whatever it takes to satisfy their lusts. They publicly espouse communism, and use it as a means to and end: to further their power. And they are wealthy and the political elite in this country, and well-connected at that.

It is a simple matter to show that once someone rejects God, they will embrace gross and vile sins, if not at first, eventually. Roman society can be considered one giant witness of this, since they were so brazen in their rejection of the most basic form of morality that they put it on display regularly and celebrated it in multiple ways.

I believe that over the next few days, the true extent of the Clintons depravity will be revealed.

Finally, one more thing.

The way you create connections among these kinds of perverts is you get them to commit them with you. Once you have done these gross misdeeds together, you know that if you go down, the others are coming with you, and so it is imagined that you will all stand together. The problem is that this never works. Eventually, someone cracks, and next thing you know, you’re either killing a lot of people or you’re facing justice alone.

It saddens me that the highest levels of the US government is occupied by a large number of pedophiles and other miscreants. This is why it is so important that when they are caught in a little sin, we hold them accountable. The things we catch them with are nothing compared to what they are actually doing.

Anyway, hold on to your hats, this ride is going to get even more wild. Trump, even if he does nothing in office, will have caused one of the biggest corruption rings in the US to fall. Thank him for that.


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