President of the World


I wish I could say that the election for the president of the United States was a matter that only concerned people who live in the United States. Unfortunately, we can’t say that. And here are two reasons why.

First, the US is, for better or worse, the economic center of the earth. Nothing happens economically unless the US is part of it. A free trade deal with the US is enough to take any country from the stone age to the modern age, oftentimes, in a matter of decades. Other countries rely on the average US worker being the most productive worker in the world, the US dollar being the most sound currency in the world, and the fact that they can always rely on trade with the US.

If you care about money, then you care about who gets elected president. It doesn’t matter where you live.

As evidence, it is clear by reading Wikileaks that Hillary Clinton has received numerous and large donations from foreign governments. The only reason they would do such a thing is if there was some greater benefit in exchange.

Since the US is so important in the world in terms of economics, I have two suggestions to get other countries out of our hair. One, stop playing favorites among other countries. Don’t give special treatment to them. If they are our allies, then allow true free trade with the country. If not, then shut them down. Each country should know that it doesn’t matter how much money they spend, they can’t get a better deal with the US.

(I know people disagree with free trade, thinking it only benefits the rich and powerful, but I remain steadfast in my conviction that the best way to see wages rise and cost of living lowered is to open up our borders to free trade. It benefits the little guy far more than the big corporations, which is why you see big corporations campaigning for trade limitations.)

The second reason why people get involved in US politics is because we are the center of freedom. We are the only country on planet earth that has ever understood what freedom means and has had the political will to actually endorse it as government policy. If they oppose freedom, then they will try to influence our government to do the same. If they endorse freedom, then likewise.

As I wander the internets, I saw a curious pattern emerge. With the breaking of Gamergate, suddenly it became cool to speak your mind, even when you had unpopular things to say. Over time, people began to realize the point of free speech and even began to defend it. They become open in criticizing their own government’s policies towards free speech and looking towards America to set an example of how it could be.

After all, if you’re living in a foreign country, and you say, “But that’s how the US does it!” it’s a pretty convincing argument.

Take, for instance, gun control. People know we have pretty lax laws about guns in the US compared to the rest of the world. (Some places are even more lax, but most aren’t.) So when you argue in, say, Australia, that people should be able to carry semiautomatic rifles, you can always say, “America allows people to carry semiautomatic rifles, and they seem to be doing pretty well.”

With that, I think America can really do a lot more in exporting freedom. As Rush Limbaugh famously said, we’ve been exporting liberalism and places like Japan have eaten it up so much so that their economies are falling apart. But honestly, we should be exporting freedom.

How do we export freedom? It’s rather simple. We Drain The Swamp. We clean house and kick butt in our own land. One by one, all of those villainous voices that lie and deceive will be silenced. We won’t have to throw them all into jail, just enough to make the rest go into hiding.

And then, we stand up proudly, defiantly, and heroically in defense of freedom and America.

People outside the country are watching Donald Trump. He is running for more than the president of the united states. Should he win, they are going to crown him king of the world, at least in their own eyes. Should he vigorously campaign for America as he has done so far, then we will see a political movement emerge outside of the US, across borders, language and culture, and people will pay attention.

I have a great vision that one day America won’t be so special anymore. One by one, the people of each country will demand and earn through blood, sweat and tears their own independence from their own tyrants. Bit by bit, territory will be added to the American country, not by admitting through congress, but through a shared heritage of ideas and ideals. We’ll look across the globe and discover that the ideas that made our country great are the same ideas making every country great.

In this future, there won’t be any more war because there will be no one who wants to fight. We’ll be united through shared hard work, each country, each individual, finding something they do better than everyone else, something they are proud of. We’ll see ourselves not as a bunch of people competing for the same slice of pie, but people who bake pies and share them with our friends and family.

I believe that when Christ comes again, sure, a lot of seriously bad people will die, but before then, a lot of seriously bad people will have already died, and Zion, a land where people enjoy perfect freedom because they live by perfect law, will have already infected a large portion of the human race. Whether that’s only in the American continent or whether we have beachheads in Africa, Asia, or Europe, it doesn’t matter. As long as there are people willing to point the way to truth and right, we’ll be fine.

Remember, God was willing to spare Sodom for the sake of only a few righteous people. If you stand up and stand rightly, you’re not just saving yourself and your family, you are sparing your country too.


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