Trump wins. Hillary and her cronies lose. She is going to jail, and a whole lot of other people are going to jail with her. GOOD.

Now, on to serious business.

Conservatives: This is not your victory. You did not win this. You fought Trump every step of the way. You did not win the presidency. We have a nationalist for a president, a populist.

We have a choice: We can fight him, split the republican party, and watch the democrats eat our lunch in 2 and 4 years. Or we can join him, focusing on the areas where we agree, and leave the areas where we disagree for a later date.

I vote for the latter.

As of today, I am a little-c conservative big-N nationalist big-P populist. Build the wall 10 feet taller! Make America Great Again!

I will NOT let the mainstream media derail the Trump train nor will I let them convince me that Trump is my enemy. No, THEY are the enemy, and they must be stopped.

Our task is now to completely dismantle the democratic party power structure. We should never, ever see them win ever again. They rely on government and power to get their power, let’s pull out the rug from them. Let’s hang the traitors, imprison the crooks, and warn the rest. Let’s end any dime of government money flowing into their coffers. If there is a group of people who vote democratic, take away all money that goes their way. This isn’t a political witch-hunt, this is draining the swamp in DC of corruption and greed. No longer should government funds be used to get people elected and keep them in office.


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