Coming Together


I am a conservative. I don’t agree with nationalists. I don’t agree with populists. I am a Christian, and I don’t agree with Atheists and such.

HOWEVER, and this is HUGE, if you support Trump, you are my ally. We are BFFs. I am going to work with you. I am going to defend you. I will protect you.

Are you a homosexual atheist who hates Christians and especially mormons but voted for Trump because you want to Make America Great Again? Then you are my friend. Welcome, brother!

Do you believe free trade is evil and something only a globalist could support so you voted for Trump? Then you are my ally and friend. I disagree on the trade thing, but that is hardly as important to me as making sure Trump can run this country and get his policies in place.

I love you guys, I swear I am there for you, and I will stick up for you when liberals come to attack you. I will not let them divide us. Let us work together. I am putting aside all the issues where we disagree for the next four years so we can come together, united, and stand strong against the true threat to our country: liberalism and cronyism and globalism and marxism.

Let’s get this done!

Some day, in the future, when marxism and globalism and cronyism is a thing of the past, we’re going to part ways and we’re going to have a discussion on whether free trade (real free trade, not globalist “free trade”) and blah blah blah. That day is not today. It will not be tomorrow for at least 4 years, and when we do part ways, I will call you my friend and ally and I will tell you that despite the fact we disagree, I want to make america great and keep america great.

Until then, we are allies.

If you disagree with me on something, call me out. Yell at me. Curse me out and tell the world why I suck. But I am still your ally, and I will work with you to see we get our issues through.

Let’s come together!


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