Defund the Democrats


Trump and the republicans should realize that now is the time to strike, now is the time to completely defund the democratic party and give liberals a chance to form a party that actually represents them rather than represents criminals, thugs, and globalists.

There are four areas where I see democrats getting their campaign dollars from. I’ll list them in order of priority.

Priority 1: Public sector unions. The scandal here is the same people who fund democrats who win state houses and governorships are the same people who sit down to negotiate salaries and thus union dues. It is a vicious cycle where regular folks are excluded from participating. Not only does it give power to public sector employees, but it makes the democrats who are elected beholden to their interests, above all others. This explains why in so many states where democrats have virtual carte blanche, progress is not made towards the goals that democrats claim to support. Instead, public sector employees are given first shot at the trough of the taxes on the hardworking people in that state.

Republicans can correct this by a nationwide ban on public sector unions. It should be illegal for any money paid to a public employee to go to a public employee union. It should be illegal for public employee unions to participate in politics in any way. And it should be illegal for public employee unions to negotiate with elected officials behind closed doors. Scott Walker has demonstrated that this vicious cycle is not unbreakable, despite the hollers and shouts and death threats and violence that will be on display.

Mr. Trump, for the sake of conservative and liberal alike, defund the public sector employee unions all across the country.

Priority 2: Education. The education cartel is another vicious cycle. Do you know why we spit out people who are ill prepared for the real world, yet saddled with mountains of debt that cannot be forgiven from our public universities? It’s because of this vicious cycle, not unlike the vicious cycle of the public employee unions. Democrats use universities, colleges, high schools, and other institutions of education, including education boards and organizations, to further their political ends. They are nothing short of indoctrination centers. It seems most of the money and time that should be spent actually educating students is spent indoctrinating them instead. This needs to end.

The reason why this happens is because the government is basically signing the check for every student to go to college. Since the government pays, the teachers, professors, administrative staff and others have almost no interest in actually making the students happy with their education, nor do they care whether they leave college with mountains of debt or even an education worth enough to repay that debt. Instead, they are solely focused on increasing funding and making it possible for students to take out ever larger loans. That means that priority one for most educators is lobbying the government for more resources rather than actually doing their job. You can see this throughout the system because unlike other professions, educators seem hyper-focused on politics and especially political outcomes. If only they cared half as much about delivering effective and quality education!

Breaking this cycle is simple. Stop paying for education. Stop guaranteeing loans. Stop making student loans immune from bankruptcy.

Instead, the government can do the following things:

  • Give every citizen a budget for education they can spend as they please. Do not increase the amount of the budget if they decide to go into “higher learning”. Just give them a fixed amount, enough to get them started. If they want more or higher quality education, they can obtain private loans or petition charities for surplus cash. Or they can simply work their way through their higher education, or take a hiatus to earn money in the private sector. There are a number of ways to present this education budget. My favorite is in the form of tax credits. The first $500k you earn, for instance, is tax-free, to help you get an education. After you’ve earned $500k, then you are taxed at the normal rate. Or, an annual education stipend that can be accumulated or assigned to a charity. For instance, give everyone $1,000 dollars every year they can direct towards education. If they don’t want to use it, they can bank it for a later day or they can give it to a scholarship foundation which can direct it to someone who needs it now.
  • Ensure that the government policy on education is no policy. End favoritism in education.
  • Ensure that money the government spends on research is directed towards pure research and not education. Confusing these two means you take people who should be focused on education and have them focus instead on filling out grant applications in the hopes of getting more money.

Some might say this is extreme. I say it moves education back to where it belongs: In the hands of the state, local communities, and especially individuals.

Priority 3: Ending the health care cabal. You probably don’t realize this, but some of the biggest donors to the democratic party are the very health insurance companies that democrats villify. Why is that? It’s simple. Behind the scenes, democrats write bills like the ACA which are designed to empower and enrich health insurance companies. In exchange, the health insurance companies direct some of their newly found profits into the campaign coffers of democrats. The way to break this cycle is simple: Free health care. By “free” I don’t mean “free as in beer”, but “free as in speech.” Let people, not the government, decide what kind of health insurance policy they want, or whether they want one at all. Disband the FDA, and let the health care industry advance as rapidly as the smart phone industry. Let doctors and patients decide appropriate treatment plans. Let people negotiate for themselves, and let the free market work its magic, turning scarcity into profit and profit into plenty.

Priority 4: Vigorously pursue corruption wherever it may be hidden. This is important: If democrat leaders feel like they get a “free pass”, they are going to break the law, just like we saw Hillary Clinton do. They are going to gather campaign funds from foreign countries, they are going to sell America out. Hold democrats and republicans to the same high standards. The law is there, and it must be obeyed. If you want to change the law, do it through constitutional methods. Don’t think you can ignore it.


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