This is what it looks like when liberals lose


The riots and violence happening across the country don’t surprise me in the least and are barely worth mentioning. This is what happens when liberals lose. It’s because liberals are, simply put, evil. At the heart of their philosophy is violence. When they feel like persuasion and kindness aren’t working, they fall back to their roots and engage in violence. If you are one of those liberals who truly believes violence is not the answer, think carefully about what you do believe in. If you think you can use laws to control people, you are really violent at your core. Laws are violence. Keep that in mind. It may wake you out of your stupor.

I believe that there is not enough money in the world to have a violent upheaval in the US. Soros can spend all the money he has trying, but it will not work. Let him try, though. It just makes it that much easier to prove his guilt as a traitor to our country.


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