To my democrat friends: What now?


First, please keep in mind: I only want the party structure to go away and be replaced with something else, something more real. Democrats themselves are not evil, they are just deceived. You democrats deserve a party that isn’t bought and sold by globalists, and you deserve to have leaders who do not lie to you about everything.

Now, on to the plan. But first, a minor detour: Why destroy the democratic party? Because the democratic party is the party of everything evil in our country. It is the very thing it tells people we should hate. It is a hungry beast that devours good intentions and spits out destruction.

Let me show you what the democratic party really is and you’ll see why.

First, the democratic party is a coalition of several factions in American politics that don’t even like each other. Look at the Republican Party: we have nationalists and populists and libertarians and conservatives and Christians and we all live in relative peace together. I don’t hate libertarians or nationalists even though they’re wrong. We find common ground and we come together. To be honest, I am honestly flabbergasted by the diversity of opinion you’ll find among elected republicans. It’s a lot of fun to rub shoulders with republicans because if there’s an opinion, you’ll quickly find someone who shares it.

The democratic party coalitions are set at war one with another. A good example: The trade unions and the globalists. The trade unions need to shut down international trade, and the globalists need it. The globalists rise in power at the expense of the trade unions, and vice-versa. Do you want to know the real reason why government unions are the only successful unions nowadays? It’s because the globalists literally sold you out. No compromise, they just lied to your face and shut you out. Another example: Muslims and the LGBT movement. Seriously, you think you can write a single law that would not hurt one of those groups or another?

This is the heart of the problem: Democratic Party politics is built on identity politics. That is, you are either in a special group, or you are not. And that sets things in motion for conflict. People who are in just want to hurt the people who are out, and vice-versa.

Compare with the republicans: We divide our party based on ideals. The conservatives want a limited government that respects the founder’s ideals of separation of powers and protection of individual rights. Libertarians just want a government the barely exists, and ensures free markets and free trade. Nationalists want a strong nation. And populists just want to be heard. Notice how we don’t talk about people’s jobs or backgrounds or race or religion? You don’t have to be Christian to be a conservative, and you don’t have to be Atheist to be a libertarian, for instance. No dividing lines: just end goals. And when our goals are similar, we come together and work together. We generally try to avoid the we-win-you-lose type deals, which is why conservatives get mildly frustrated when nationalists gain the edge, or why populists get upset when conservatives write the laws, but we really don’t end up hating each other because it really doesn’t hurt us that much.

Second, the democratic party is not democratic. It is a top-down organization divided into fiefdoms that are passed around like chattel. There are extremely powerful players in the democratic party, and since it is all based on identity, you have to get “in” with the right people to get recognized by them. Take a look at Obama’s meteoric rise to power. First, he won a few elections, then he got the attention of some very well-connected people, then he got to speak at the convention and finally, a lot of people in very high places came together to shut Hillary out and get him in. That’s how you win in the democratic party: Make the right friends, grease the right palms, and kiss the right feet. Next thing you know, people are kissing your feet and asking you for favors.

Not so in the republican party. As a republican activist for many years (and I have waxed and waned), I watched as ordinary people went from literally nobodies to running districts and more. Yes, we have our power players at the top level, our Karl Roves and such. But Trump just showed that to win as a republican, you don’t even need republicans to support you. They can wage political warfare on you and you’ll still win as a republican. This is huge. Or as Donald would say, “YUGE!”

The top-down organization pattern means that if you join the democratic party and get to work, at best, you’ll be a pawn, given orders and barked at when you don’t jump when you are told. There is no one calling any shots in the republican party. Trust me, I’ve been watching them for a long time. If you tried to tell a republican what to do, they would look at you funny and wonder why you have such a silly idea.

It also means that you are bought and sold like chattel. They don’t see you as voters or delegates or PCOs or district leaders. They see you as sheep or serfs, working their land with their tools and their resources. And if you ever get the idea that maybe you’re more than a sheep and maybe you can build something without their blessing, well, they’ll grind you into the dust. I’ve been following internal democratic party politics for a while, and that’s the pattern I see. The moment someone shows up with different ideas, the attack dogs come out and next thing you know, you’re being told that they’re a bad person and not to talk to them.

Third, the democratic party is lying to you. Everything they say they are for, they are not. Hillary explained this brilliantly in her speeches to the banks in Wall Street. What they say on TV or at their rallies is not what they intend to do. One look at Barack Obama’s presidency should confirm that suspicion. But really, all you have to do is compare their campaign promises with their actions. It’s not hard.

It’s sad, really, to be the emperor of lies. Your subjects know you’re lying, so they believe whatever they want to believe. And if you actually had a good idea, no one would know. People just keep doing what they think you want them to do. Maybe Hillary ordered Vince Foster to die. Maybe she didn’t, and one of her “loyal” subjects interpreted some wink or nod as “snuff him”. We’ll never know.

Now that we have established that the democratic party is not what it seems and actually a great evil in our land, let me tell you, oh liberal, how you can have your own republican party, a party that represents you, a party where someone like Bernie Sanders could actually win.

First, you must point to the democratic party and call it out. Just like the child who saw that the emperor had no clothes, it doesn’t take much to totally discredit the emperor and ruin his reputation. Just a few true words spoken at the right time by the right people will break the spell.

Second, you must be ready for the violence that follows. As I’ve already shown, the democratic party works on anger, violence, and even fear. As the ivory tower collapses, there will be a large number of people who will lash out violently. The correct response is to defend yourself and stand back. Let law enforcement do its work. When you see violence, report it, immediately. Stand as a witness against evil, and evil will disappear. Use law enforcement. Trust me, there’s nothing more Trump supporters, the FBI, and the local police would love more than to throw violent democrats in prison for life.

With the immediate fallout gone and the threat neutralized, start to form your own coalitions around ideas, not identity. You’re not “women for communism”, you’re just “people who like communism a lot”. Learn how to explain your ideas in a way that doesn’t offend people who don’t share your ideas. Try to persuade them with gentle, kind, patient words. Demonstrate your ideals in real life. When your ideas are challenged and you have no response, politely say, “I have no response. Let me look into that and get back to you. You have given me some things to think about, and I appreciate that.” You’d be surprised how easy it is to build a coalition when people know you are not going to hate them for being different than you.

This is the reason, I believe, communism has largely failed in practice and failed to build momentum. You are all so busy talking about how evil people are and you didn’t spend the time and effort to tell people how much you love them and want to help them.

It doesn’t take much to bring people together in unity and harmony and in constructive ways. If you really need help, look to former military leaders and business leaders to help lead your movements. They really understand that when you can’t use force and violence to control people, you can use persuasion and leadership and motivate people to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Over time, you can build a peaceful, productive coalition that genuinely represents you. But be cautious: When you start to accumulate real political power, there will be those who will slip in and try to deceive your allies. How do you fight that? It’s rather easy. You innoculate your people with truth, facts, and education. If they can figure things out for themselves, they can tell who is genuine and who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Here in the republican party, we have learned through experience a few things, for instance:

  • If someone says they are conservative, they generally aren’t. Conservatives would talk about ideas, not their label.
  • If someone advocates violence (except to defend life and end violence), they cannot be trusted at all with any kind of leadership.
  • If someone tries to force someone to do something, they are not a good leader. If they yell and scream and shout, this is one of the many signs they try to use force.
  • If someone makes promises, they probably can’t keep them. Don’t support promises, support ideals and ideas.

It may take a while for you to build your political party, and it will take even longer to see national victories. Don’t worry, the recent republican victories nationwide have given you time to start now. We’re going to rule for the next decade or so, but then we’re going to slip up and it will be your chance to convince the people to trust you instead of us. A decade should be plenty of time to put together the perfect coalition to maybe carry you all the way to the white house. But you’ll have to win state legislatures and governorships across the country first.

Meanwhile, republicans within our party are working to see that our faction comes out on top, while at the same time, not breaking the coalition we already have. You can try to break us apart early, but unless you are ready to step forward on the national scene, all you’re really doing is giving the corrupt democratic party machine a chance to resurrect. So really, it is in your interests that republicans stay on top for a long time.


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