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What do you call a socialist who puts their own nation first?

November 11, 2016

I suppose it won’t be long before the left puts 1 and 1 together. Yes, Donald Trump seems to be a national socialist, or as you would say in German, Nationalsozialist. We call them “Nazi” for short.

Before you hyperventilate, let’s first turn our minds to the real reason why we hate Nazis. Hint: It has nothing to do with nationalism or socialism.

Where Hitler went (very) wrong was not in his protection and enthusiasm for all things German. (It is never wrong to be proud of who you are and of your heritage, language, and culture.) It was not his desire to link the government and business together to create an ideal working economy for the middle and lower class. (Socialism is bad for its own reasons, reasons which Hitler would have discovered in time.)

Hitler went wrong when he started to round up and kill people. He also went wrong when he decided it was a good idea to invade his neighbors.

Let’s just keep that clear. That’s what we think of as Nazism, not the nationalist or the socialist part, but the “kill all the Jews” and the “invade Poland, France, and Russia” parts.

Couple of questions before you go around calling Trump a Nazi:

  • Has Trump ever said or insinuated that he wants to kill people who are of a different ethnic background? Yes, he has said we should build a wall, he has said we should carefully scrutinize immigrants from Muslim countries, but he has never called for their murder nor has he insinuated in any way that it would be nice if they did end up dead. (Of course he wants to kill terrorists, but over here on the right we can tell the difference between a terrorist and a Muslim.)
  • Has Trump ever said or insinuated in any way that he wants to invade another country? In fact, Trump has come out openly and said he simply wants to live in peace. He doesn’t want to create a no-fly zone in Syria. He doesn’t want to send our troops to the Middle East. He doesn’t want to inflame passions in Russia or China.

By these two measures alone, we cannot call Trump a Nazi, even though he is most definitely a nationalist and most definitely a socialist.

Now, a bit of a history lesson. Had Hitler not invaded the other countries, had he not exterminated the Jews and other less desirables, he might have ruled for a very long time. His nationalism had the effect of bringing the German people together as a new nation of a single culture and language and heritage. (You must understand that the German people did not see themselves as brothers until Hitler.) His socialist policies would’ve worked great at mechanizing Germany, but if the US and other countries weren’t doing the same (we were doing far worse in terms of socialism that Hitler ever did at the time), they would soon be outpaced. They would’ve joined a large number of other European countries that gave up on socialism in the 90s as they saw the more capitalist countries running right past them.

I like to keep things in perspective, and while socialism is really, really bad, it is nothing compared to what Hillary was trying to bring to our country. Selling out our government in the name of globalism would’ve been far worse. Not only would we be stuck with socialism, but we would have to change the entire world to get unstuck. And at the same time, we would lose everything that makes us different from the rest of the world, thus disarming us in such a fight.


Here we go! Round 1: Trillion dollar infrastructure plan

November 11, 2016

Trump wants to spend a trillion dollars building infrastructure.

Hoo boy.

Let me note that I think congress should approve this, even though it is the wrong thing to do and will hurt us greatly. Why? Because this is not the fight worth fighting with Trump. And this will bring a lot of democrat expats into the republican tent, where they belong.

I’m not going to explain why it is the wrong thing to do here. If you’re truly interested why it is wrong, go study Austrian markets and the writings of Bastiat, Hazlit, and Milton Friedman. If you don’t, then let me explain with a simple sentence that requires some thought. If having the government buy things is really better for us, then maybe you can just send all your money to your local congresscritter and have him buy all your groceries and such.

OK, with that out of the way, let me explain where the real fight is. The real fight is on 3 fronts.

  1. Taxes. We need to lower taxes, a lot. By lowering taxes, we will increase tax revenue. It sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but right now, the USA is one of the most heavily taxed countries in the world, and it is driving business out. We have the highest corporate tax rate. We have death taxes AKA inheritance taxes that are way too high. And our personal income tax rate is also insane. Unless you are very rich, you don’t understand how bad things are on the tax front and how easy it is to just move your company and your assets somewhere far more tax friendly. The best part about lowering taxes is it will instantly bring jobs back to America, increase the average income, and lower the cost of living. It’s a win-win-win for everyone, even though the rich win a lot more than the middle class and lower classes will.
  2. Regulations. We need to reign in regulations. Simply put, there are way too many regulations and they are retarded. We need a small set of reasonable laws that rarely change and have all been argued about in the halls of congress. That’s it. By changing regulations, it will save us countless billions in enforcement and prosecution, and at the same time, become a major incentive for businesses to form, stay, and move back to America.
  3. The Federal Reserve. It’s time to get rid of it, fractional reserve banking, and let congress print all the money.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me explain why ending the Fed and fractional reserve banking will bring in untold vast sums of wealth into the coffers of congress, money that they must spend or else everyone will be hurt. And it almost doesn’t matter what they spend it on, whether it is Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure plan or building shelters for the homeless.

Idea 1: Money is not real. Money is an idea. Money has value because we (individually) say it has value. We talk about gold-backed or silver-backed currency, but really, all we’re doing is saying those elements have some kind of value but only because we say so.

Idea 2: We need to keep the money supply increasing with economic growth. If we print too much money, we get inflation, and the prices of goods increase while savings and investment decrease. This is bad. But if we print too little, then we get deflation, where the prices of goods go down, savings and investment increase, but all the cash flows into the hands of the rich, leaving the lower classes literally penniless.

Idea 3: Who gets to print new money and who gets to spend it? As of today, the Federal Reserve prints the money and the banks get to spend it. That’s right, thanks to fractional reserve banking, the banks are the true “printers” of today’s money, which they loan out and collect interest on. It is the people of the United States who grow the economy so that more money needs to be printed, but the bankers who get to pocket the increase, not us. What if, instead of the banks, we did what the constitution said and let congress print and spend the money? Why, then the people of the United States would get to pocket the growth in the economy.

When you do the math, it is quite clear that if we simply ended the Fed and ended the practice of fractional reserve banking, the banks would practically disappear but congress would have a whole lot of money they need to spend else we would have deflation. Congress could spend that money by lowering taxes or by buying things like trillion dollar infrastructure plans. I prefer lowering taxes first, as that will drive greater growth and mean congress has to print and spend even more money. Once we get the tax rate all the way down to zero, then we will have to spend it on other things since there will no longer be a better investment for that money.

By the way, what should we do with the national debt? I have several ideas:

  • Sell all the federal land in the West.
  • Suck it up and just print enough money to pay it all off. We’d have massive inflation for a short period of time, but it would be worth it.
  • Just go bankrupt. What can our creditors do to us to make us pay?
  • But above all else, we should NOT pay it down gradually before lowering taxes to 0. We need to increase our economy first before trying to pay off the debt.

OK, here’s plan B. I told you that conservatives always win, no matter what people choose to do, so let’s suppose Trump ignores all of my advice and does the exact opposite. In that case, I would support him. By spending the US into a blackhole, by raising taxes and regulations even higher and worse, it will cause people to move into the black market, where government cannot influence or tax or control. I’m all for that. It will be strange as we get used to the black market, because everyone will be happily employed but the IRS won’t be able to see where all the money is coming from or going to. (HINT: We’re already doing this as a country.) So go ahead and try to ruin the economy. All that will happen is the white market will disappear and the black market will consume everything.