Does Soros have enough money to bring about a collapse of the US?


It’s a well-known fact that most if not all of the protestors rioting are bought and paid for by Soros-funded groups. Their ads were everywhere on Craigslist and it isn’t hard to prove the connection.

What sad is that it turns out they might be paying women less than the men.

Anyway, for those of you who are all concerned that Soros might be able to buy his way into collapsing the US, let’s review a few things, shall we?

  1. What does it matter if a few liberal cities go up in smoke? The protestors are basically burning up their own backyard. If the liberal cities become uninhabitable, that’s bad news for liberals.
  2. When the riots come to conservative neighborhoods, the cops won’t be protecting anyone but the rioters. I guarantee there will be little or no property damage, and the protests will calm down a lot really quick, especially when the protestors know that $15/hr isn’t enough to stand against someone who could be carrying a loaded gun.
  3. America is far stronger than the government. Suppose the entire federal government and all the state governments all go up in smoke all at the same time. Since most Americans don’t rely on the federal government to feed them, and since we have strong communities, including churches, we’ll be able to govern ourselves.

The fact of the matter is America simply can’t be destroyed that way. It may have worked in Russia or other countries where everyone was dirt poor and they didn’t have strong communities where people trusted each other, but not here.

What will destroy America are things like the following:

  1. Destroying the family through immorality in the media and everywhere.
  2. Teaching people to hate each other rather than work together.
  3. Teaching people that without the government, they are going to die.
  4. Teaching people that money is the most important thing and without it you will die.
  5. Disrespecting the basic laws of nature and morality, such as property rights and industry.

All of the above really hinges on #1: Destroying the family through immorality.

In fact, if you read the Bible, although it isn’t mentioned explicitly, it’s clear that the prophet Balaam, who was hired to prophesy against Moses and the children of Israel by the Canaanites, and couldn’t do it, told the Canaanites how they could destroy Israel. They sent their women into the camp of Israel to commit fornication and adultery. Moses, in response, had to execute all of those who broke that basic law in order to hold off a destroying angel.

Soros and people like him who obviously hate America and want it to go away or be changed forever know what they are doing. These riots and protests are nothing but news headlines. The real crime against our society is the seemingly limitless fountain of filth that has become popular media. So if you are worried about the riots, why don’t you speak out against immorality in the media? We already know all the news stations were practically bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign. It isn’t hard to show the rest of the media is in on it too, given their reaction to the election of Trump.


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