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A New Political Party

November 17, 2016

Apparently, some people think now is the ideal time to start a new political party.

So let me throw my idea in the ring. (And maybe you’ll see why forming a new political party to oppose the existing political parties is a really dumb idea.)

My political party will be the absolute bestest. It will ensure that everyone’s individual rights are protected.

For starters, we stand for the abolishment of parties. So, we don’t have a formal party you can join, because that’s the exact opposite of what we stand for.

But we do have ideals. Let me list some of them:

  1. The purpose of the government is to secure individual liberties. Anything beyond this is pure tyranny, and should be fought tooth and nail.
  2. The government should be limited in power and scope, and no government should be supreme. That is, the states should have power over the federal, and the different branches of the federal should have power over each other.
  3. Although democracy is a nice idea, in practice, it never works. Same for aristocracy, plutocracy, monarchy, and pretty much any -archy or -cracy. Instead, we should find a way to balance them.
  4. When we find a way to do this, we should write it down on a piece of paper that cannot be changed outside of an explicit amendment process. (I know, this has already been done, but bear with me.)
  5. The people should be represented by representatives at the various levels of government, rather than be allowed to take direct action. Politics should not be a popularity contest, in other words.
  6. Representatives should represent the people they are supposed to represent, not the government. In other words, they should go into government and say really mean things about the people in government, and should shout about how corrupt government has become and do things like shut it down and defund it and impeach people. (Now we are getting to radical ideas.)
  7. The senate should be composed of senators who are basically politicians-for-life who don’t care what the people think. Their job is to make sure the government continues to exist despite the fact that the people want to burn it to the ground.
  8. The president should be kind of like a king, and go around beating up bad guys and throwing them in jail. When he sees that something isn’t right, he should say so and tell people they need to fix it.
  9. The courts should handle all the cases, and that’s pretty much it. They should be almost entirely independent of the government except for the fact that they can’t change the law. That means they can’t write new laws and they can’t erase ones they don’t like. All the can do is make decisions in individual cases. They certainly can’t say something is “unconstitutional” or anything like that, let alone talk about individual rights.
  10. When senators misbehave, the states should be able to call them back home.
  11. When the president misbehaves, the representatives should impeach him and the senate should remove him.
  12. When judges and justices misbehave, or when they think they can say what is constitutional or not or what is or isn’t a law, they should be removed and sent home by the representatives and the senate.
  13. I know, this stuff is pretty radical!
  14. When the entire federal government misbehaves, then the states and the people should just ignore them. Basically, they get a “time out” where they can ponder why they have suddenly become irrelevant.

That’s the political platform. I call it, “Americanism 101”. It’s all in the constitution.

Here’s how to run as an American.

  1. Be wise. Idiots need not apply. If you are an idiot, go home.
  2. Have a real job. Career politicians and government workers are automatically disqualified.
  3. Understand the constitution. For instance, if you run as president to change the laws, you’re disqualified because you are an idiot.
  4. Learn when enough is enough. After a few terms, you probably don’t belong in the house of representatives anymore. You were sent there to represent us, not become entrenched in the ways of the government.
  5. Learn how to say “No!” to the federal government. If we send you to DC, and you can’t seem to find anything wrong there, that means you’re part of the problem.
  6. Impeach like a zillion people every day. Any time anyone steps out of line, I want you pushing articles of impeachment. Let’s not play games. Let’s actually do what we sent you to do.
  7. Learn how to balance the budget by lowering taxes and eliminating spending. Hint: A lot of that spending ends up funding career politicians! That money will NOT help you get re-elected!
  8. Behave like a good Christian. I don’t care what religion you are, if you don’t know how to act as a decent human being, you don’t represent me.

That’s my new party, the “American” party, or the American Anti-Party if you prefer.

You know what to do.