No filibuster for appointments


Remember when Harry Reid was majority leader of the senate and he invoked the nuclear option so Obama could appoint known terrorists, communists, socialists, and criminals to his cabinet?

I do.

And that’s why Donald Trump only cares about the opinions of 51 senators when it comes to his appointments.

We warned you, democrats. You invoked the nuclear option, and now you are never going to see the light of day. A simple majority is now all that is needed to run the government.

There’s rumors that the senate is going to be a different place now. Simply put, Trump ain’t going to put up with the shenanigans of the democrats, and will probably demand the nuclear option be invoked on other things as well, such as the supreme court nominee. He has the bully pulpit, and he’s willing to use it. If the 49 perhaps 48 democrat senators want to face down Trump, that’s their call, but I doubt the 51 or 52 republican senators are going to have enough spine to stand up to him.

Before you scream “Constitution!” you might want to read the thing first. Barack Obama was many things, and a constitutional scholar is not one of them.

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