Response to Vi Hart


I won’t link to the video because I found it boring and badly misinformed. There are some good ideas, but the bad ideas are too numerous to make it worth it.

Vi Hart is a popular YouTuber mathematician. Her schtick is she narrates a video of her drawing in her notebooks. The ideas she presents aren’t new but are interesting because math itself is interesting. She’s one of the few that understands that math is simply a game, and mathematicians enjoy playing that game.

Vi Hart has abandoned her schtick many years ago. The few uploads she makes are weird and cryptic and exposes her obvious bias towards liberalism and the current fads in politics enjoyed by them.

Her latest video is an attempt to understand why Trump won the election.

She starts off by showing her ignorance. It took her a very long time to realize that people think differently from her, and it seems like she is saying something taboo as she tries to tell people that that’s ok. What she doesn’t understand is that our ideals are not genetic. It doesn’t matter who we are born to, it matters what we are taught. The differences between Red America and Blue America is not genetic. It is cultural. She grew up never being told certain things that I tell my kids all the time.

For instance, I tell my little kids, “Everyone dies.” They know that they will die, I will die, their mom will die, and everyone they care about will die one day. This is a sobering thought, one that I don’t think liberals truly understand or appreciate. Our mortality means there is a clock ticking, and one day it will stop. Whether you think your life is in the hands of the Fates or God, knowing that you only have so much time wakes you up to an important second truth. That second truth is how you spend your time is the only real question you can answer in this life.

Liberals have eliminated God from almost all of their thoughts. I remember watching the DNC convention when it was proposed to remove God from their platform. Even though the people loudly protested in support, they chose to keep it and ignore what their delegates wanted. Not only was this a terrible example of their complete disregard for other’s opinions, but a witness to the fact that whatever the DNC says about God it is a sham and a fake, because their people don’t care about God at all.

I have been vocal in trying to explain why the first commandment is so important, and why the first great commandment is before the second great commandment. The first commandment, is of course, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” The first great commandment is “Love God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength.” The reason why these commands come first is because if you don’t get these right, nothing else matters. Once you let other gods stand before the true and living God, the God who gives you freedom and who grants you life, you start down a terrible path. That terrible path is the path of nihilism, where you succumb to the lie that life is meaningless and you don’t matter and so your actions don’t count and you might as well spend your life pursuing pleasure and ignoring morality.

I think this is the first great divide between Trump and Clinton. Clinton is the party of “We don’t care.” Trump is the party of “It matters a whole lot more than you realize.”

Her argument isn’t focused here. It’s merely a prelude to her conclusion, which is, “Old people voted for Trump, young people voted for Clinton.” That’s where the math ends and the philosophizing begins. She tries to walk down a path of trying to explain why old people are racist nazis who hate everything good like puppies and kittens and wants to send storm troopers to kill all the flowers and trees and burn the world down, while the young people understand that humans are humans and we have all just got to love each other and the planet is going to die unless you stop eating beef. (I’m exaggerating, of course, but you’ve all heard this song before so I won’t bore you with the words.)

Here, she misses a powerful point. The point is this: Old people are a lot smarter than young people. I say this as I sit at age 40, halfway between the beginning of my life and its end. Or maybe I’ll live to 100 and my half-way point is in 10 years. Regardless, my generation stopped having kids and now we are looking forward to grandkids and we care deeply about maybe having great grandkids and seeing us not be the weak link between the thousands of years before and the thousands of years to come. We don’t want our name to be remembered as the people responsible for destroying all that used to be good in the world and replacing it with something worse.

She also misses another powerful point. As old people, we’ve seen a lot of stuff. We’ve seen humans at their best and their worst. We don’t have to read history books to know what people are capable of, both for good and evil. We’ve seen it with our own eyes. You young people, you don’t know what evil is. You can’t fathom how deep evil can go and what it is capable of. We tell you stories of the Holodomor and the Holocaust and you wonder, “How can that happen?” and you don’t understand that we’re watching is happen all over again and we are trying to explain to you how you can prevent a very real Hitler or Stalin take power when your kids are turning into adults.

Let me spell it out for you in plain English so you don’t forget.

  • What you believe in is terribly important, because that and that alone will tell me what you will do.
  • There is a great evil in this world, and it doesn’t wear a black mask and it doesn’t kick puppies. This evil is far greater than you can possibly imagine.
  • The evil is really, really good at what it does, which is being evil. The way it works is it deceives you into thinking good is evil and evil is good.
  • However, if you pay attention to some warning signs, you can see that evil and call it out long before it becomes entrenched and in control.
  • Evil hates good. Evil hates it when people are self-sufficient and when they share with others and when they are kind. Hint: The people who want to ban you from sharing your food with the homeless are evil.
  • Evil hates freedom, real freedom, the freedom to say, “I refuse to participate in this” or “I think what you are doing is evil.” Hint: The people who want to ban people from saying certain things because those thing are mean are evil.
  • Evil needs support. It cannot stand on its own. Evil uses force, not persuasion. Hint: When people say you must give something up or else the planet will die are evil.
  • Evil talks a good game, but in reality, they are rotten to the core. It’s very important to look into people’s private lives to see if they walk the walk or just talk the talk. Hint: If people cannot keep their thingamabobs in their pants, they are evil.
  • Finally, the last thing evil wants you to do is get a classical education in what our Founding Fathers knew and understood. No, evil wants you to have a superficial knowledge about a large number of unimportant things rather than a deep knowledge of things that are actually important.

I wish I could write a book that will help you understand evil but also understand good. Since I can’t, I’ll just recommend a single book for you to deeply study and ponder the rest of your life. That book is, of course, the Bible. In it, you will find every preconceived notion you have challenged, and you will find a way to think about things you haven’t even considered yet.

Finally, I’ll close with this. Good is free, Good is fun, Good is easy. Accept Christ into your life, turn your life around to align with his, and enjoy the bountiful blessings of trying to walk a higher path despite your weaknesses.

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