The End of Reddit


I’ve been lurking in the background watching a set of events unfold on Reddit that spells its doom.

Reddit started off as a competitor to Digg. The appeal of Reddit was you could form your own communities and be your own moderator. And it was pretty cool. Reddit in the old days was the Wild Wild West. When they introduced draconian measures to put porn in the background and eliminate child pornography, some people warned that this was the beginning of the end, but hardly anyone protested because if there’s anyone we all agree on to hate, it’s child molesters.

Reddit saw the rise of the SJW (social justice warrior). These are the people who scream at you and berate you for having different thoughts. They are the ones who shout “Racist!” “Sexist!” “Homophobe!” and all sorts of nonsense, and who pretend that one who was simply born with the misfortune of being a white and a male and heir to a history of Western Civilization is the ultimate evil in the world. Reddit was a platform they could indulge themselves in, and for a time, it seemed like they had gained control of the entire platform.

However, in the corners of Reddit there were forums of conservatives and others who held on. Over time, their numbers grew, and their members became desensitized to the nonsense of the SJW and even engaged in addressing it with sick memes and mad pranks.

Then came The_Donald. One thing we conservatives do not understand nor will we ever is the power of popular appeal, the importance of political victories and things like that. We are content to sit in our homes and read philosophical works and engage in debate on the finer points of free trade and such, but it takes men of action who are willing to actually fight the fight and win the wars. (Since I am hardly a voice of effective persuasion, I can merely throw my thoughts at there and sail with the wind when it blows in a semi-correct direction.)

The_Donald dwarfed all of Reddit. See, The_Donald appealed to everyone everywhere who hated the SJWs and what politics had become. And in The_Donald, they got to learn from the best.

The_Donald dominated Reddit. New users of Reddit see a set of default communities and some of the top posts across Reddit, and The_Donald was regularly finding themselves on that top spot. Despite all the complaints of the SJWs, nothing could be done to make The_Donald any less popular.

Then came the emails. And in the emails, we learned all about how corrupt Hillary was, and nobody seemed to care. We even found out that Hillary’s people undulge themselves from time to time with good old-fashioned Satan worshiping and worse (and there is worse!).

Then came Pizzagate. See, in those emails, we learned that Hillary’s people have a fascination for pizza and some other foods. And we couldn’t understand the cryptic messages. As members of The_Donald started putting pieces together, they realized they were on to something huge because now Hillary was saying, “Don’t believe the emails! It’s all lies!” and other mysterious things. So the community for pizzagate was built.

Pizzagate took off. I refused to look at it (because it was closely related to child molestation) but I could read the reports coming from the community, the links made and all the mysterious things. The Clinton blood trail got longer and they seemed to be ready to link all the pieces together when you noticed things like massive arrests of child molestation rings in the US and Norway and all sorts of whisperings from the NYPD and FBI.

But it was not to be. On false pretenses, Pizzagate was shut down by the “Admins”. Who are the admins? These are the employees of the Reddit company, and whatever they want, they do. They were supposed to make sure that child pornography didn’t exist and pornography was put into its corner and people weren’t too mean to each other, but now the Admins, under a user named Spez (the current CEO of Reddit), Pizzagate was shut down. On Reddit. But Pizzagate did not end with them shutting down one of the forums. No, there are many forums for people interested in helping expose the largest child molestation ring in the world that includes Hillary Clinton and most of the leaders of the democratic party.

This isn’t the end. I think many people can understand why hosting something like Pizzagate on Reddit would be problematic, even if Spez wasn’t involved. The problem with investigating child molestation is there are things that are said and evidences presented that you don’t want the FBI to find on your hard drive. And if Reddit hosted such things, why, that would be deeply problematic. And besides, things were getting out of hand. One of the tactics the Clinton camp uses is to plant false flags. For instance, they’ll put someone wearing a Cruz T-shirt at a Trump rally and then that guy will start pushing people around hoping he gets beat up by some Trump fan. The next day, they can post pictures of how Trump fans beat up a Cruz supporter at their rally, or whatnot. The moderators of Pizzagate (who are not paid) were overwhelmed and they had a very difficult time maintaining an open community that adheres to all the community guidelines, particularly with obviously false flags being planted.

But what happened next is truly astonishing. After Pizzagate was shut down, people on The_Donald starting hurling insults towards Spez. And Spez, in a moment of drunken moderating (that’s what we call it when moderators let their emotions get the best of them) hacked his own database to change the comments. This, in and of itself, would be news and worthy of a large number of people leaving Reddit.

But it gets worse. There is a chat forum where moderators of the top communities (besides The_Donald, of course) and the admins can get together and chat. Now, the people most active in this small community are, of course, the SJWs. But not all of them. One of them took the transcript of the admins and mods celebrating Spez’s “drunken moderating”, and begging him to let them “accidentally” delete The_Donald and worse (such as making their votes count opposite, or letting people outside of The_Donald’s votes count more) and posted it for the world to see.

This transcript is as damning as it sounds.

SJWs are not interested in free speech, not even a little bit. They are as bad as any communist I have ever heard of, willing to use force if necessary to keep people who disagree with them from speaking.

What they don’t realize is we already knew this. But now we have documented evidence.

And now, Reddit is done.

Reddit is not a place for free speech anymore than Twitter or Facebook or YouTube are. It is just another forum heavily moderated by SJWs for SJWs where they can take out their frustrations on innocent people who simply have an opinion different from theirs.

I still browse Reddit for the opinions and views of people, and also to watch how SJWs act and what the next great social movement is.

If you’re wondering, they want to legitimize child molestation. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not smiling.

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