Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead


Fidel Castro is a special sort of evil. The kind of evil who has no scruples against killing people because they disagree or they are out past 8PM or up before 5AM or because they just want to leave the hellhole he has created for them.

The Pope prays for the soul of Fidel Castro. Unfortunately, the fate of Fidel’s soul is not in our hands anymore. We had our chance to preach the gospel to him, and he had his chance to hear it. As a mormon, I hope Fidel will embrace the salvation of Christ in the next life. But at the same time, I know that the people he and his brutal regime murdered are there waiting to welcome him and ask him why he did what he did. The scriptures tell us that the blood of the innocent cries to God for justice, and the earth itself groans with sin.

Nevertheless, Fidel Castro is the sort of evil tyrannical dictator we don’t want running America. He is the kind of person we don’t want anywhere near any levers of power. The fact that he was a communist means he got a free pass in the popular media (the same media that congratulated the New York Times for sending a reporter to the Ukraine during the Holodomor only to report everything was fine.) We know where the loyalties of that media lie. I have no problem calling people who praise Castro a communist, and I have no problem saying that blood is on their hands.

I often wonder what passes through the minds of the people who wear Che Guevera T-Shirts and emblems. Do they know that the only reason Che is popular is because if you spoke out in Cuba about what Che actually did you would be killed?

You can google for the Fidel Castro body count. Very conservative estimates are in the thousands. More reasonable estimates put him in the hundreds of thousands. His connection to murderous regimes both in the American and African Continents link him with the death of millions of innocent people. If only Hitler had the same PR firm that communists had, we would be wearing Hitler T-Shirts and wondering why people get so upset when you shout “Sieg Heil!”

The Book of Mormon has stories of brutal dictators. We call them Gadianton Robbers. They work by colluding to hide their crimes from the people and presumably from God. On one such occasion, their numbers had grown so great that the people who actually kept the law had to come altogether in the center of the land to defend their flocks and fields. When the Gadianton Robbers ran out of food to feed themselves (because they don’t know how to work), they besieged the city and eventually were overthrown. Their leader was among those slain as they were cut down running from the law-keepers. They took his body and hung him from a tree and shouted “Hosannas” to God!

The communist movement is the Gadianton Robber movement. With no conception of where wealth comes from, they exist by stealing and promising their stolen goods to their supporters. They hide their crimes and collude and distort the truth about what they and others like them do. If only the world could see clearly, we might round up all those who profess communism and ask them to recant or else face the death penalty. Certainly, killing all the communists who refuse to recant would save more lives net sum, because communism already has beaten all the other evil ideologies in terms of sheer numbers of dead by many orders of magnitude. Hitler was a girl scout compared to Stalin, and Mao was Stalin evolved.

If anyone asks why I hate communism and communists, let me list the reasons here.

  • Communism has killed an extraordinarily large number of people, more than any other philosophy.
  • Communism is built on the lie that if we simply all shared (because we were forced to), we would be happy. The truth is that happiness comes from sharing voluntarily.
  • Communism is the exact opposite of Christianity. Christianity says share with the poor because you love God and you love Man. Communism says people won’t share naturally and so they need to be forced, thus depriving them of their right to worship.
  • Communism is a cover for all sorts of evil people. Think of any sort of deviancy and it’s trivial to find a large number of communists who actually do those things. This whole deal with Pizzagate — ask yourself, would a member of the Third Reich ever do such things? Sure, they murdered Jews and such, but seriously — child sex trafficking?

McCarthy was right. We, our society, has been inflitrated by the communists for a very long time. Except for a few institutions (and I wish I could say the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was totally immune to its siren song, but I can’t!) communists run the show. Hollywood is communist central. The democratic party and the majority of the republican leadership are open communists. They don’t even bother hiding anymore and they aren’t ashamed to talk openly about what they believe and think.

Make no mistake: Communism is synonymous with evil. Dig down into what your communist friend or neighbor thinks and believes, and you will find death and destruction and evil at the heart of it.

Remember: God commanded us not to covet, not to steal, not to bear false witness, and not to worship any other gods before Him. Is it hard to see how communism violates all of these commandments?

Fidel Castro is dead. And with him, dies his legacy. What will come in the aftermath? I suppose if we gave the people of Cuba, including the exiles, a chance to make a choice, they would choose something different. After all, Castro rose to power by force, he kept power by force, and he was happy to use his power by force. The people never willingly chose him.

Let all the communist leadership die a similar fate. Let them face their Creator and give an accounting of how they spent their time on earth, and let them face the people they thought they could eliminate by killing. Let them know.

By the way, the Clintons have a long body count list. When they finally die, I’ll celebrate their deaths too.

And if you’re wondering: The Cuban health care system was far inferior to ours, and their social services sucked. Their entire economy has been in shambles to such a degree you can barely imagine. People may blame the embargoes, but if you do that, let it be known you’re saying that only the USA is a source of wealth, and communism is incapable of sustaining itself.

Also: The Castros practically invented modern terrorism. They wanted to launch nuclear missiles against us. They hated Americans and had no qualms about killing innocent people.

I sincerely praise God that Fidel Castro is dead. Why it took him so long to do it, I don’t know and I can’t question, but I can praise the fact that it is now done.

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