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What is Conservatism?

November 13, 2016

There’s been a lot of people throwing around the term “conservatism” and I don’t think people know what it truly means. Let me try to describe the landscape and show you where Donald Trump lies.

To begin with, conservatism is really simple to explain. It is the political philosophy that our Founding Fathers have, that gave us the constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and all sorts of other things. Conservatism is thus really Americanism boiled down to its essence. There are conservatives in Europe, but they share almost nothing with our philosophy.

For better or for worse, this definition of conservatism means that it really can’t change. Just like the Ancient Greek and Ancient Latin languages are set in stone, the things our Founding Fathers believed in and supported are set in stone. This is why you can’t take Christianity out of conservatism, or why abortion will never be a protected right under conservatism.

Let’s look at some of the other political philosophies associated with the right. But before we do, let me air out some grievances I have with this “right” vs. “left” nonsense. Reagan said it best: We are not right or left, but up or down. Up towards liberty, or down to captivity. That’s the real question that we have to answer: Do we want more freedom or less? Now,  different political philosophies have different ideas about “freedom”, “liberties” and “rights”, but really, at the end of the day, you have to wonder whether you are more or less free.

The “right” vs. “left” are really a broad categorization of these political philosophies. The right has gravitated towards the Republican Party, while the left has gravitated towards the Democratic Party. The philosophies on the right tend to emphasize individual liberty and limited government, while the philosophies on the left emphasize collective liberty and unlimited government. If I were forced to name the single issue that divides the left from the right in America, that would be the definition I would use.

On the right, in addition to conservatism (which I believe is not a majority but perhaps a plurality), you have the following ideas:

  • Nationalism
  • Hawkism (AKA Neo-Conservatism)
  • Establishmentism
  • Protectionism
  • Libertarianism

I did not add “populism” because that is the political philosophy of whatever is popular at the time among those who don’t spend a lot of time thinking about this kind of thing. I believe populism as of 2016 is nationalism, protectionism, and libertarianism, while conservatism, hawkism, and establishmentism are out of favor. This can and will change, and perhaps some of the philosophies on the left will become popular some day.

Nationalism is associated with a lot of bad things, but here in America it means the idea that there should be nations at all. It is directly opposed to Globalism, which believes we should have one world government where all are together. Nationalists like their national identity, their language, border, culture, and customs. They hang on to these things out of a sense of tradition and even duty. For instance, Christians might feel compelled to defend Christianity because if they don’t no one else will. The policies nationalists want are to secure and entrenth our culture in government, ensure that foreign cultures and languages do not dilute ours, and to maintain strong, secure borders. Nationalists also want to treat other nations as peers and be treated as a peer. Nationalists oppose world governments.

Hawkism, sometimes called Neo-Conservativism, is the idea that we should fight lots of wars all the time, and be aggressive on the world scene. These are the people we accuse of wanting to be the world police. Hawkists justify their belligerence with ideas about bringing our American Culture to faraway lands or just taking threats seriously and nipping them in the bud before they become a problem. Hawkists like to talk about how we could have prevented the Soviet Union or Communist China or even World War II had we simply asserted ourselves with military might. Hawkists want a strong military and feel that they should be stationed all over the world, ready to fight anyone and everyone.

Hawkists are out of favor because Americans do not perceive a real threat at this time. Oh, how it was different on 9/11/2001!

Establishmentists are the educated aristocrats who occupy government. They understand the importance of conservatism and the other philosophies but feel it is most important to win and maintain election victories. They are willing to do almost anything to get elected and to stay elected. They fear change. They simply want to maintain the status quo, since we seem to be doing ok and we could do a lot worse. They fear Trump, because Trump is an unknown quantity they can’t influence or control. I should note that although the establishment on the right is now out of favor, there are times when the American people turn to them for guidance, particularly when there is social disorder or trouble. Unfortunately, the Establishmentists lately seem to be working for the other side, and have been just as useful at changing the social order of things as the liberals.

Protectionists are people who feel strongly that we need government to step in and protect our economy. They want trade barriers, they want tariffs, and they want to make sure everything is Made in the USA.These tend to be working-class folk but there are some educated people among them. Unfortunately, it is sad to say, that the protectionists have gotten little more than lip-service from the other parts of the right. They are simply not as powerful as they think. Far too many people like free trade and want more of it.

The Libertarians are the last element of the right, and among these I include the “ancappers”, or Anarcho-Capitalists. These people believe government has very little or no role except in setting the most basic rules to ensure free markets. Libertarians find enemies among the protectionists, the establishment, the hawks, the nationalists, and the conservatives, each disagreeing with various parts of their platform. If it weren’t for the fact that the libertarians were so good at explaining and defending free markets, they might not be around on the right at all.

I can’t claim I know the left a well as I know the right, but let me make an attempt. On the left, we have the following factions:

  • The Unions
  • The Aristocrats
  • The Elitists
  • The Globalists
  • The Communists
  • The Minorities
  • The Deplorables

Notice that I don’t use philosophies to describe them? That’s because the left works on identity politics, and there is no clear vision for any of these groups other than to maintain their identity and their purity.

The Unions are all the hard-working folk who happen to belong to a union but still vote Democrat. It’s sad to say, but they have been taught and they believe that without unions, we’d be no better than slaves. Their union bosses control them with fear and violence, which they don’t seem to mind. Lately, a lot of union members have broken the spell and unions are on the way out. The only place where unions are thriving are among the relatively few places where they don’t abuse their power and also in the halls of government (where they do abuse their power.) The unions have bled one industry after another dry, and they have lost their jobs for it.

The Aristocrats are those people who try to live the most virtuous way possible (but haven’t really spent a lot of time pondering what is truly good and virtuous.) These people are vegans (vegetarians aren’t extreme enough.) They apologize for racism and slavery (of other people, because their ancestors are too pure.) They point out all the flaws in society and wonder why everyone hates them. Then they scream and shout at every perceived injustice and refuse to debate or engage in reasonable discussion because they know they are right. The only crime they can’t see is their own.

I don’t have much to say about these people. The scariest people are those who do evil thinking it is good. What more can be said?

The Elitists are Hillary Clinton and her allies. They are aristocrats among aristocrats, the demi-gods the aristocrats worship. Not only do they have money and power, but they have Hollywood and primetime media to ensure that their image is never desecrated. As has been exposed through Wikileaks, their elitism is their downfall. People know that they are the emperor without any clothes, and now we enjoy pointing it out daily.

The Globalists want a one-world government to rule them all. They have concocted a number of schemes to see it happen, and if it weren’t for the people on the right in America, America could’ve been that one-world government. I don’t need to say much about these people. George Soros is the face of this group for me.

The Communists are those who want to see communism or socialism brought into practice. The communists want to see America fall so that we can rebuild it on communism. The socialists want to put communism into practice right now. If it weren’t for the fact that they never learned how to get along, they might actually be more effective. There are a lot of socialists on the right, but that is not their primary motivation. They just happen to hear the socialists and like what they hear, so they try to put it into practice without questioning the source. I believe Obama is a member of this group.

The Minorities are all those who think they are defined by their sex, sexual orientation, or their skin color or heritage. They believe people like me wake up each morning with a new idea of how we can exploit them. Unfortunately, they are under a spell, which thankfully a very large minorities have broken. Their hatred of the White Man captivates them and makes them prisoner to their masters, who abuse them and use them for their own purposes. If the minorities could see what their leaders really thought of them, they would never vote democrat again. Think of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their followers and you see who I mean.

I include among the minorities the poor. In a way, poverty has become a skin color in America. You can wear your poverty the same way a black person can boast they are black.

The Deplorables include all those who want to commit gross crimes but find it impossible in our ultra-puritan country. These include pedophiles and worse. I lump drug abusers in here as well because they are ultimately controlled by their passions like the other deplorables. The democrats enable these people and encourage them, but really, they, like many other groups, are simply prisoners in a game they don’t see yet. The truth is these people need help, and government can and probably should step in to provide that help, but the democrats have made it so that we believe that we all have a right to harm ourselves and others, which is a contradiction if there ever was one.

It should be clear why the democrats have lost power in America. Simply put, they built their side up on identity politics, and now there aren’t enough people who identify with them. They’ve alienated so many people that now their voters are willing to try an ideology or two. And once people start thinking about politics, why, they might just vote republican.


The Proper Way to Fund Socialism

November 13, 2016

Trump is a socialist. Let’s not kid ourselves: He thinks that government and business should be connected, and he’s going to try to spend a lot of money to stimulate the economy. I don’t know what he’s thinking as Keynesian Theory has been pretty much debunked and any economist worth their salt is a free-trade free-market capitalist. Nevertheless, Trump is apparently not paying attention to what they have to say.

Granted, Trump appears to want to cut taxes and regulations, or at least simplify them. That action alone may bring enough real economic growth to offset whatever his socialist spending plans are. And a growing economy would rather keep government far away from it, so if we do see America growing again, he will have a hard time finding good companies to “partner” with.

This post is about various ways countries can try to fund their socialist ambitions. I’m going to cover what happens when you try each one, and then make my amateur recommendation. I hope someone close to Trump is listening.

The first way to fund Socialism is, obviously, through taxes. You raise taxes, you spend it, and you do it again and again. The problem with this is, obviously, taxes hurts economic growth, and thanks to the Laffer Curve, we know that if you raise taxes too high, you get less revenue. So go ahead and try to raise taxes. I’ll tell you what will happen. First, you’ll see the black market boom. And second, you’ll see businesses close their doors and jobs disappear. The economy will be in shambles when you’ve hard your way long enough.

So taxes are out. You can only bleed so much money from the economy, and if you’re smart, you’ll find that magic number and set taxes there or perhaps lower to encourage growth. But that doesn’t solve the problem of funding socialist spending policies.

The next idea is to borrow the money. Hey, we borrow, we grow, then we have more money and paying back the loan is no problem, right? Wrong. Japan’s been doing this for a very long time and what has happened is they have had basically no growth except in their national debt. Unfortunately, when government borrows money, it basically sucks money out of the economy, the same as if they had taxed it. See, people would normally save their money or invest it in businesses, but because government is offering a better deal, they put their savings and profit into government bonds. (And if they didn’t offer a better deal, they couldn’t raise any funds by borrowing it.)

So, borrowing is out. It’s almost like government has a certain amount of money to play with and no more.

Well, there is one more way to get money without taxing and without borrowing. It’s called the printing press. Congress has the power to print money. They can print as much as they want, and they only need to pass a bill to do so. Government could literally print all the money it wants and no one can stop them.

Why don’t they? The answer is simple: The Federal Reserve. This privately-owned and operated “bank of banks” has been given permission by congress to print as much or as little money as they want, and then to graciously loan it out to other banks. Those other banks can then offer loans many, many times larger than their savings. This dishonest scheme is called “fractional reserve banking” and says that banks can loan money that they don’t have. It wouldn’t work if it weren’t for the Federal Reserve and its blank check that congress gave it.

You can fund your socialist projects with free money. The way you do it is you shut down the Federal Reserve and you end the practice of fractional reserve banking. You stop giving the banks the power to print money, and you let congress print the money.

There is a problem, though: If you print too much, you get inflation. Print too little, deflation.

Again, it’s almost as if you can’t really have more than a certain amount of money.

My recommendation is simple.

  1. Lower taxes to 0.
  2. Lower regulations to the bare minimum.
  3. End the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking.
  4. Print as much money as needed to ensure a very small growth in the money supply vs. demand. This would be roughly comparable to the economic growth in the economy.
  5. Spend that money as fast as possible.

This pattern should lead to infinite growth and maximum government expenditures. No debt, no borrowing, no taxes, but all the money you can possibly spend, no more or less.

Could you make more money by taxing businesses? No, in fact, I believe you would make a lot less.

What about borrowing? I have already established that borrowing is similar to taxes, so this is no good either.

Printing money is the safest bet, the easiest to enforce, and the sure gamble.

Now, here’s to some science and math. Well, not a lot, just a little. Let’s take apart what is happening in the economy to see why we need to print money at all.

The first rule of the economy is people will do what they think is best. The second rule is that as long as we let them do what they think is best, we can do no better. People in DC don’t know more about your job than you do, in other words.

Every time two people trade with each other, provided they aren’t lying to each other, wealth is created. See, each person goes into the trade with less than they come out with. That’s because if it weren’t so, they wouldn’t trade. Think about this for a moment: You go to the store, buy some food because you’d rather have the food than your money. The store, on the other hand, would rather have your money than the food. And so both of you profit from it.

These profits add up. A lot. And they add up really fast. As people give away the things they don’t want in exchange for the things they don’t want, they will increase the value of things already in existence. The best way to understand this is to think about how valuable food is when it is in the field, versus how valuable it is in the marketplace. Out in the field, you can probably sell your food for a little bit of money, but in the marketplace, you know you are going to get the best price you could ever get. As that food is moved from place to place through trade, it literally increases in value. And everything else increases in value as well. Granted some things are consumed, and they disappear, but what’s really going on is people are trading Mother Nature one thing to get another. For instance, a farmer “gives” Mother Nature his seeds, water, fertilizer, and some good ground to grow in, and in exchange, Mother Nature gives him a hopefully bounteous harvest. Or, a trucker burns up fuel shipping something from one city to another because those things are far more valuable at the destination than at their origin.

As the value of things increase, you need to increase the supply of money that mark the value of those things. If you don’t, then the limited amount of money will become more and more valuable itself. This is deflation. Under deflation, prices fall but people try to hoard cash and save it or invest it. The end result is the poor have no money and the rich have all of it. That’s obviously not desirable, so we need to make sure that at least the money doesn’t increase in value. And the only way to do that is to make more and more of it.

This is the reason, by the way, why no modern economy uses the gold standard. The supply of gold simply cannot keep up with the rate at which modern economies grow, and those economies who stuck to the gold standard saw deflation rob them of potential growth time and again.

Now, if you print too much money, then the value of money falls and the price of goods go up. People tend to buy more but save and invest less, which is bad for its own reasons. Too much inflation can lead to chaos and disorder.

Ideally, you’d peg the value of the money so that it does not change over time. If people knew and trusted that the money would not change in value, it would be a lot easier to do math and we wouldn’t have to talk about inflation-adjusted dollars.

Now, to what do we owe the fact that the money supply needs to increase? Who should be given those new dollars? We owe that growth to the people who made it possible through their shrewd trading practices and industry. We should probably just divide up the money and hand it out to those who have made the most profit over the past year. Since that would be really hard to track down, I think the next best thing is to give it to the government and let them choose how to spend it. It should be important to note that as a conservative, I really don’t care what they spend it on, as long as they spend it.

But I think the worst idea of all is to give all the money to the banks and let them choose who gets what. This is nothing short of a conspiracy designed to give power to a few at the expense of the many.

So there you have it, a simple explanation of why we need to print new money at all and why I think the government should do it.

Does Soros have enough money to bring about a collapse of the US?

November 13, 2016

It’s a well-known fact that most if not all of the protestors rioting are bought and paid for by Soros-funded groups. Their ads were everywhere on Craigslist and it isn’t hard to prove the connection.

What sad is that it turns out they might be paying women less than the men.

Anyway, for those of you who are all concerned that Soros might be able to buy his way into collapsing the US, let’s review a few things, shall we?

  1. What does it matter if a few liberal cities go up in smoke? The protestors are basically burning up their own backyard. If the liberal cities become uninhabitable, that’s bad news for liberals.
  2. When the riots come to conservative neighborhoods, the cops won’t be protecting anyone but the rioters. I guarantee there will be little or no property damage, and the protests will calm down a lot really quick, especially when the protestors know that $15/hr isn’t enough to stand against someone who could be carrying a loaded gun.
  3. America is far stronger than the government. Suppose the entire federal government and all the state governments all go up in smoke all at the same time. Since most Americans don’t rely on the federal government to feed them, and since we have strong communities, including churches, we’ll be able to govern ourselves.

The fact of the matter is America simply can’t be destroyed that way. It may have worked in Russia or other countries where everyone was dirt poor and they didn’t have strong communities where people trusted each other, but not here.

What will destroy America are things like the following:

  1. Destroying the family through immorality in the media and everywhere.
  2. Teaching people to hate each other rather than work together.
  3. Teaching people that without the government, they are going to die.
  4. Teaching people that money is the most important thing and without it you will die.
  5. Disrespecting the basic laws of nature and morality, such as property rights and industry.

All of the above really hinges on #1: Destroying the family through immorality.

In fact, if you read the Bible, although it isn’t mentioned explicitly, it’s clear that the prophet Balaam, who was hired to prophesy against Moses and the children of Israel by the Canaanites, and couldn’t do it, told the Canaanites how they could destroy Israel. They sent their women into the camp of Israel to commit fornication and adultery. Moses, in response, had to execute all of those who broke that basic law in order to hold off a destroying angel.

Soros and people like him who obviously hate America and want it to go away or be changed forever know what they are doing. These riots and protests are nothing but news headlines. The real crime against our society is the seemingly limitless fountain of filth that has become popular media. So if you are worried about the riots, why don’t you speak out against immorality in the media? We already know all the news stations were practically bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign. It isn’t hard to show the rest of the media is in on it too, given their reaction to the election of Trump.

What do you call a socialist who puts their own nation first?

November 11, 2016

I suppose it won’t be long before the left puts 1 and 1 together. Yes, Donald Trump seems to be a national socialist, or as you would say in German, Nationalsozialist. We call them “Nazi” for short.

Before you hyperventilate, let’s first turn our minds to the real reason why we hate Nazis. Hint: It has nothing to do with nationalism or socialism.

Where Hitler went (very) wrong was not in his protection and enthusiasm for all things German. (It is never wrong to be proud of who you are and of your heritage, language, and culture.) It was not his desire to link the government and business together to create an ideal working economy for the middle and lower class. (Socialism is bad for its own reasons, reasons which Hitler would have discovered in time.)

Hitler went wrong when he started to round up and kill people. He also went wrong when he decided it was a good idea to invade his neighbors.

Let’s just keep that clear. That’s what we think of as Nazism, not the nationalist or the socialist part, but the “kill all the Jews” and the “invade Poland, France, and Russia” parts.

Couple of questions before you go around calling Trump a Nazi:

  • Has Trump ever said or insinuated that he wants to kill people who are of a different ethnic background? Yes, he has said we should build a wall, he has said we should carefully scrutinize immigrants from Muslim countries, but he has never called for their murder nor has he insinuated in any way that it would be nice if they did end up dead. (Of course he wants to kill terrorists, but over here on the right we can tell the difference between a terrorist and a Muslim.)
  • Has Trump ever said or insinuated in any way that he wants to invade another country? In fact, Trump has come out openly and said he simply wants to live in peace. He doesn’t want to create a no-fly zone in Syria. He doesn’t want to send our troops to the Middle East. He doesn’t want to inflame passions in Russia or China.

By these two measures alone, we cannot call Trump a Nazi, even though he is most definitely a nationalist and most definitely a socialist.

Now, a bit of a history lesson. Had Hitler not invaded the other countries, had he not exterminated the Jews and other less desirables, he might have ruled for a very long time. His nationalism had the effect of bringing the German people together as a new nation of a single culture and language and heritage. (You must understand that the German people did not see themselves as brothers until Hitler.) His socialist policies would’ve worked great at mechanizing Germany, but if the US and other countries weren’t doing the same (we were doing far worse in terms of socialism that Hitler ever did at the time), they would soon be outpaced. They would’ve joined a large number of other European countries that gave up on socialism in the 90s as they saw the more capitalist countries running right past them.

I like to keep things in perspective, and while socialism is really, really bad, it is nothing compared to what Hillary was trying to bring to our country. Selling out our government in the name of globalism would’ve been far worse. Not only would we be stuck with socialism, but we would have to change the entire world to get unstuck. And at the same time, we would lose everything that makes us different from the rest of the world, thus disarming us in such a fight.

Here we go! Round 1: Trillion dollar infrastructure plan

November 11, 2016

Trump wants to spend a trillion dollars building infrastructure.

Hoo boy.

Let me note that I think congress should approve this, even though it is the wrong thing to do and will hurt us greatly. Why? Because this is not the fight worth fighting with Trump. And this will bring a lot of democrat expats into the republican tent, where they belong.

I’m not going to explain why it is the wrong thing to do here. If you’re truly interested why it is wrong, go study Austrian markets and the writings of Bastiat, Hazlit, and Milton Friedman. If you don’t, then let me explain with a simple sentence that requires some thought. If having the government buy things is really better for us, then maybe you can just send all your money to your local congresscritter and have him buy all your groceries and such.

OK, with that out of the way, let me explain where the real fight is. The real fight is on 3 fronts.

  1. Taxes. We need to lower taxes, a lot. By lowering taxes, we will increase tax revenue. It sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but right now, the USA is one of the most heavily taxed countries in the world, and it is driving business out. We have the highest corporate tax rate. We have death taxes AKA inheritance taxes that are way too high. And our personal income tax rate is also insane. Unless you are very rich, you don’t understand how bad things are on the tax front and how easy it is to just move your company and your assets somewhere far more tax friendly. The best part about lowering taxes is it will instantly bring jobs back to America, increase the average income, and lower the cost of living. It’s a win-win-win for everyone, even though the rich win a lot more than the middle class and lower classes will.
  2. Regulations. We need to reign in regulations. Simply put, there are way too many regulations and they are retarded. We need a small set of reasonable laws that rarely change and have all been argued about in the halls of congress. That’s it. By changing regulations, it will save us countless billions in enforcement and prosecution, and at the same time, become a major incentive for businesses to form, stay, and move back to America.
  3. The Federal Reserve. It’s time to get rid of it, fractional reserve banking, and let congress print all the money.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me explain why ending the Fed and fractional reserve banking will bring in untold vast sums of wealth into the coffers of congress, money that they must spend or else everyone will be hurt. And it almost doesn’t matter what they spend it on, whether it is Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure plan or building shelters for the homeless.

Idea 1: Money is not real. Money is an idea. Money has value because we (individually) say it has value. We talk about gold-backed or silver-backed currency, but really, all we’re doing is saying those elements have some kind of value but only because we say so.

Idea 2: We need to keep the money supply increasing with economic growth. If we print too much money, we get inflation, and the prices of goods increase while savings and investment decrease. This is bad. But if we print too little, then we get deflation, where the prices of goods go down, savings and investment increase, but all the cash flows into the hands of the rich, leaving the lower classes literally penniless.

Idea 3: Who gets to print new money and who gets to spend it? As of today, the Federal Reserve prints the money and the banks get to spend it. That’s right, thanks to fractional reserve banking, the banks are the true “printers” of today’s money, which they loan out and collect interest on. It is the people of the United States who grow the economy so that more money needs to be printed, but the bankers who get to pocket the increase, not us. What if, instead of the banks, we did what the constitution said and let congress print and spend the money? Why, then the people of the United States would get to pocket the growth in the economy.

When you do the math, it is quite clear that if we simply ended the Fed and ended the practice of fractional reserve banking, the banks would practically disappear but congress would have a whole lot of money they need to spend else we would have deflation. Congress could spend that money by lowering taxes or by buying things like trillion dollar infrastructure plans. I prefer lowering taxes first, as that will drive greater growth and mean congress has to print and spend even more money. Once we get the tax rate all the way down to zero, then we will have to spend it on other things since there will no longer be a better investment for that money.

By the way, what should we do with the national debt? I have several ideas:

  • Sell all the federal land in the West.
  • Suck it up and just print enough money to pay it all off. We’d have massive inflation for a short period of time, but it would be worth it.
  • Just go bankrupt. What can our creditors do to us to make us pay?
  • But above all else, we should NOT pay it down gradually before lowering taxes to 0. We need to increase our economy first before trying to pay off the debt.

OK, here’s plan B. I told you that conservatives always win, no matter what people choose to do, so let’s suppose Trump ignores all of my advice and does the exact opposite. In that case, I would support him. By spending the US into a blackhole, by raising taxes and regulations even higher and worse, it will cause people to move into the black market, where government cannot influence or tax or control. I’m all for that. It will be strange as we get used to the black market, because everyone will be happily employed but the IRS won’t be able to see where all the money is coming from or going to. (HINT: We’re already doing this as a country.) So go ahead and try to ruin the economy. All that will happen is the white market will disappear and the black market will consume everything.

Defund the Democrats

November 10, 2016

Trump and the republicans should realize that now is the time to strike, now is the time to completely defund the democratic party and give liberals a chance to form a party that actually represents them rather than represents criminals, thugs, and globalists.

There are four areas where I see democrats getting their campaign dollars from. I’ll list them in order of priority.

Priority 1: Public sector unions. The scandal here is the same people who fund democrats who win state houses and governorships are the same people who sit down to negotiate salaries and thus union dues. It is a vicious cycle where regular folks are excluded from participating. Not only does it give power to public sector employees, but it makes the democrats who are elected beholden to their interests, above all others. This explains why in so many states where democrats have virtual carte blanche, progress is not made towards the goals that democrats claim to support. Instead, public sector employees are given first shot at the trough of the taxes on the hardworking people in that state.

Republicans can correct this by a nationwide ban on public sector unions. It should be illegal for any money paid to a public employee to go to a public employee union. It should be illegal for public employee unions to participate in politics in any way. And it should be illegal for public employee unions to negotiate with elected officials behind closed doors. Scott Walker has demonstrated that this vicious cycle is not unbreakable, despite the hollers and shouts and death threats and violence that will be on display.

Mr. Trump, for the sake of conservative and liberal alike, defund the public sector employee unions all across the country.

Priority 2: Education. The education cartel is another vicious cycle. Do you know why we spit out people who are ill prepared for the real world, yet saddled with mountains of debt that cannot be forgiven from our public universities? It’s because of this vicious cycle, not unlike the vicious cycle of the public employee unions. Democrats use universities, colleges, high schools, and other institutions of education, including education boards and organizations, to further their political ends. They are nothing short of indoctrination centers. It seems most of the money and time that should be spent actually educating students is spent indoctrinating them instead. This needs to end.

The reason why this happens is because the government is basically signing the check for every student to go to college. Since the government pays, the teachers, professors, administrative staff and others have almost no interest in actually making the students happy with their education, nor do they care whether they leave college with mountains of debt or even an education worth enough to repay that debt. Instead, they are solely focused on increasing funding and making it possible for students to take out ever larger loans. That means that priority one for most educators is lobbying the government for more resources rather than actually doing their job. You can see this throughout the system because unlike other professions, educators seem hyper-focused on politics and especially political outcomes. If only they cared half as much about delivering effective and quality education!

Breaking this cycle is simple. Stop paying for education. Stop guaranteeing loans. Stop making student loans immune from bankruptcy.

Instead, the government can do the following things:

  • Give every citizen a budget for education they can spend as they please. Do not increase the amount of the budget if they decide to go into “higher learning”. Just give them a fixed amount, enough to get them started. If they want more or higher quality education, they can obtain private loans or petition charities for surplus cash. Or they can simply work their way through their higher education, or take a hiatus to earn money in the private sector. There are a number of ways to present this education budget. My favorite is in the form of tax credits. The first $500k you earn, for instance, is tax-free, to help you get an education. After you’ve earned $500k, then you are taxed at the normal rate. Or, an annual education stipend that can be accumulated or assigned to a charity. For instance, give everyone $1,000 dollars every year they can direct towards education. If they don’t want to use it, they can bank it for a later day or they can give it to a scholarship foundation which can direct it to someone who needs it now.
  • Ensure that the government policy on education is no policy. End favoritism in education.
  • Ensure that money the government spends on research is directed towards pure research and not education. Confusing these two means you take people who should be focused on education and have them focus instead on filling out grant applications in the hopes of getting more money.

Some might say this is extreme. I say it moves education back to where it belongs: In the hands of the state, local communities, and especially individuals.

Priority 3: Ending the health care cabal. You probably don’t realize this, but some of the biggest donors to the democratic party are the very health insurance companies that democrats villify. Why is that? It’s simple. Behind the scenes, democrats write bills like the ACA which are designed to empower and enrich health insurance companies. In exchange, the health insurance companies direct some of their newly found profits into the campaign coffers of democrats. The way to break this cycle is simple: Free health care. By “free” I don’t mean “free as in beer”, but “free as in speech.” Let people, not the government, decide what kind of health insurance policy they want, or whether they want one at all. Disband the FDA, and let the health care industry advance as rapidly as the smart phone industry. Let doctors and patients decide appropriate treatment plans. Let people negotiate for themselves, and let the free market work its magic, turning scarcity into profit and profit into plenty.

Priority 4: Vigorously pursue corruption wherever it may be hidden. This is important: If democrat leaders feel like they get a “free pass”, they are going to break the law, just like we saw Hillary Clinton do. They are going to gather campaign funds from foreign countries, they are going to sell America out. Hold democrats and republicans to the same high standards. The law is there, and it must be obeyed. If you want to change the law, do it through constitutional methods. Don’t think you can ignore it.

This is what it looks like when liberals lose

November 10, 2016

The riots and violence happening across the country don’t surprise me in the least and are barely worth mentioning. This is what happens when liberals lose. It’s because liberals are, simply put, evil. At the heart of their philosophy is violence. When they feel like persuasion and kindness aren’t working, they fall back to their roots and engage in violence. If you are one of those liberals who truly believes violence is not the answer, think carefully about what you do believe in. If you think you can use laws to control people, you are really violent at your core. Laws are violence. Keep that in mind. It may wake you out of your stupor.

I believe that there is not enough money in the world to have a violent upheaval in the US. Soros can spend all the money he has trying, but it will not work. Let him try, though. It just makes it that much easier to prove his guilt as a traitor to our country.

To my democrat friends: What now?

November 10, 2016

First, please keep in mind: I only want the party structure to go away and be replaced with something else, something more real. Democrats themselves are not evil, they are just deceived. You democrats deserve a party that isn’t bought and sold by globalists, and you deserve to have leaders who do not lie to you about everything.

Now, on to the plan. But first, a minor detour: Why destroy the democratic party? Because the democratic party is the party of everything evil in our country. It is the very thing it tells people we should hate. It is a hungry beast that devours good intentions and spits out destruction.

Let me show you what the democratic party really is and you’ll see why.

First, the democratic party is a coalition of several factions in American politics that don’t even like each other. Look at the Republican Party: we have nationalists and populists and libertarians and conservatives and Christians and we all live in relative peace together. I don’t hate libertarians or nationalists even though they’re wrong. We find common ground and we come together. To be honest, I am honestly flabbergasted by the diversity of opinion you’ll find among elected republicans. It’s a lot of fun to rub shoulders with republicans because if there’s an opinion, you’ll quickly find someone who shares it.

The democratic party coalitions are set at war one with another. A good example: The trade unions and the globalists. The trade unions need to shut down international trade, and the globalists need it. The globalists rise in power at the expense of the trade unions, and vice-versa. Do you want to know the real reason why government unions are the only successful unions nowadays? It’s because the globalists literally sold you out. No compromise, they just lied to your face and shut you out. Another example: Muslims and the LGBT movement. Seriously, you think you can write a single law that would not hurt one of those groups or another?

This is the heart of the problem: Democratic Party politics is built on identity politics. That is, you are either in a special group, or you are not. And that sets things in motion for conflict. People who are in just want to hurt the people who are out, and vice-versa.

Compare with the republicans: We divide our party based on ideals. The conservatives want a limited government that respects the founder’s ideals of separation of powers and protection of individual rights. Libertarians just want a government the barely exists, and ensures free markets and free trade. Nationalists want a strong nation. And populists just want to be heard. Notice how we don’t talk about people’s jobs or backgrounds or race or religion? You don’t have to be Christian to be a conservative, and you don’t have to be Atheist to be a libertarian, for instance. No dividing lines: just end goals. And when our goals are similar, we come together and work together. We generally try to avoid the we-win-you-lose type deals, which is why conservatives get mildly frustrated when nationalists gain the edge, or why populists get upset when conservatives write the laws, but we really don’t end up hating each other because it really doesn’t hurt us that much.

Second, the democratic party is not democratic. It is a top-down organization divided into fiefdoms that are passed around like chattel. There are extremely powerful players in the democratic party, and since it is all based on identity, you have to get “in” with the right people to get recognized by them. Take a look at Obama’s meteoric rise to power. First, he won a few elections, then he got the attention of some very well-connected people, then he got to speak at the convention and finally, a lot of people in very high places came together to shut Hillary out and get him in. That’s how you win in the democratic party: Make the right friends, grease the right palms, and kiss the right feet. Next thing you know, people are kissing your feet and asking you for favors.

Not so in the republican party. As a republican activist for many years (and I have waxed and waned), I watched as ordinary people went from literally nobodies to running districts and more. Yes, we have our power players at the top level, our Karl Roves and such. But Trump just showed that to win as a republican, you don’t even need republicans to support you. They can wage political warfare on you and you’ll still win as a republican. This is huge. Or as Donald would say, “YUGE!”

The top-down organization pattern means that if you join the democratic party and get to work, at best, you’ll be a pawn, given orders and barked at when you don’t jump when you are told. There is no one calling any shots in the republican party. Trust me, I’ve been watching them for a long time. If you tried to tell a republican what to do, they would look at you funny and wonder why you have such a silly idea.

It also means that you are bought and sold like chattel. They don’t see you as voters or delegates or PCOs or district leaders. They see you as sheep or serfs, working their land with their tools and their resources. And if you ever get the idea that maybe you’re more than a sheep and maybe you can build something without their blessing, well, they’ll grind you into the dust. I’ve been following internal democratic party politics for a while, and that’s the pattern I see. The moment someone shows up with different ideas, the attack dogs come out and next thing you know, you’re being told that they’re a bad person and not to talk to them.

Third, the democratic party is lying to you. Everything they say they are for, they are not. Hillary explained this brilliantly in her speeches to the banks in Wall Street. What they say on TV or at their rallies is not what they intend to do. One look at Barack Obama’s presidency should confirm that suspicion. But really, all you have to do is compare their campaign promises with their actions. It’s not hard.

It’s sad, really, to be the emperor of lies. Your subjects know you’re lying, so they believe whatever they want to believe. And if you actually had a good idea, no one would know. People just keep doing what they think you want them to do. Maybe Hillary ordered Vince Foster to die. Maybe she didn’t, and one of her “loyal” subjects interpreted some wink or nod as “snuff him”. We’ll never know.

Now that we have established that the democratic party is not what it seems and actually a great evil in our land, let me tell you, oh liberal, how you can have your own republican party, a party that represents you, a party where someone like Bernie Sanders could actually win.

First, you must point to the democratic party and call it out. Just like the child who saw that the emperor had no clothes, it doesn’t take much to totally discredit the emperor and ruin his reputation. Just a few true words spoken at the right time by the right people will break the spell.

Second, you must be ready for the violence that follows. As I’ve already shown, the democratic party works on anger, violence, and even fear. As the ivory tower collapses, there will be a large number of people who will lash out violently. The correct response is to defend yourself and stand back. Let law enforcement do its work. When you see violence, report it, immediately. Stand as a witness against evil, and evil will disappear. Use law enforcement. Trust me, there’s nothing more Trump supporters, the FBI, and the local police would love more than to throw violent democrats in prison for life.

With the immediate fallout gone and the threat neutralized, start to form your own coalitions around ideas, not identity. You’re not “women for communism”, you’re just “people who like communism a lot”. Learn how to explain your ideas in a way that doesn’t offend people who don’t share your ideas. Try to persuade them with gentle, kind, patient words. Demonstrate your ideals in real life. When your ideas are challenged and you have no response, politely say, “I have no response. Let me look into that and get back to you. You have given me some things to think about, and I appreciate that.” You’d be surprised how easy it is to build a coalition when people know you are not going to hate them for being different than you.

This is the reason, I believe, communism has largely failed in practice and failed to build momentum. You are all so busy talking about how evil people are and you didn’t spend the time and effort to tell people how much you love them and want to help them.

It doesn’t take much to bring people together in unity and harmony and in constructive ways. If you really need help, look to former military leaders and business leaders to help lead your movements. They really understand that when you can’t use force and violence to control people, you can use persuasion and leadership and motivate people to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Over time, you can build a peaceful, productive coalition that genuinely represents you. But be cautious: When you start to accumulate real political power, there will be those who will slip in and try to deceive your allies. How do you fight that? It’s rather easy. You innoculate your people with truth, facts, and education. If they can figure things out for themselves, they can tell who is genuine and who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Here in the republican party, we have learned through experience a few things, for instance:

  • If someone says they are conservative, they generally aren’t. Conservatives would talk about ideas, not their label.
  • If someone advocates violence (except to defend life and end violence), they cannot be trusted at all with any kind of leadership.
  • If someone tries to force someone to do something, they are not a good leader. If they yell and scream and shout, this is one of the many signs they try to use force.
  • If someone makes promises, they probably can’t keep them. Don’t support promises, support ideals and ideas.

It may take a while for you to build your political party, and it will take even longer to see national victories. Don’t worry, the recent republican victories nationwide have given you time to start now. We’re going to rule for the next decade or so, but then we’re going to slip up and it will be your chance to convince the people to trust you instead of us. A decade should be plenty of time to put together the perfect coalition to maybe carry you all the way to the white house. But you’ll have to win state legislatures and governorships across the country first.

Meanwhile, republicans within our party are working to see that our faction comes out on top, while at the same time, not breaking the coalition we already have. You can try to break us apart early, but unless you are ready to step forward on the national scene, all you’re really doing is giving the corrupt democratic party machine a chance to resurrect. So really, it is in your interests that republicans stay on top for a long time.

On secession: GO FOR IT!

November 9, 2016

Apparently some liberals think having California secede from the country is a good idea. I say, go for it!

Anything that will weaken the federal government is good in my book.

And besides, I wonder how California will feel when they no longer have free trade with the other 48 states. Or water.

Identity Politics: Bad idea

November 9, 2016

Watching the Hillary supporters mourn their loss, you’d think that there was some disaster that has claimed countless lives or something.

Folks, let me explain what happened.

For decades, the left has called us names. They called us racist. They called us sexist. They said we hate women, we hate blacks, we hate gays, we hate muslims. They said the churches we went to taught people to hate. They said we were teaching our children to hate. They called us bigots.

How much longer will you believe the lies?

How much longer will you let artificial labels like “woman”, “black”, etc… define who you are voting for?

If you think identity politics is such a good idea, let me explain why it exists and how it works, and why those who use it are absolutely evil.

Identity politics starts by creating a label. By making labels, you divide people into groups: “black”, “white”; “man”, “woman”; “racist”, “tolerant”. Etc…

Those who are in the “good” group get special, favorable treatment. And so people try to be a member of the “good” group. They pander to the gatekeepers of the label hoping that they will be called the right label by them and get accepted.

If they don’t, then they get the “bad” label, and they are cast out from society.

This is a game we used to play as children on the playground. “You’re my friend”, “You’re not”. And what does it lead to? It leads to violence. See, when the “good” group thinks they are superior to the “bad” group, they feel justified in doing mean things to the bad group. “It’s OK to beat him up, he’s a bigot”, for instance. On the other hand, the people on the out group grow in resentment and anger to the good group. A good example of this is the movie Carrie.

Inevitably, this divides America, and sets the two groups in opposition one to another, oftentimes violent opposition.

You can see where this goes. There’s a reason why people use identity politics, and the inevitable result is violence.

It need not be this way. If you don’t play the game, if you don’t see yourself as in or out of a group, then you don’t see any need for violence. As a kid, I figured this out rather quickly. I would play games with anyone. If they started to grow so attached to me that they labeled me as their friend, I knew it was time to move on, and oftentimes, the people I would move on to were the people I was told I shouldn’t be friends with. I didn’t make enemies, at least not knowingly. I didn’t play the games.  I wasn’t a jock, but I played football and did wrestling. I wasn’t a band geek, but I played the trumpet. I wasn’t an art freak but I liked drawing comics. I wasn’t a language nerd but I wrote stories. I hung out at the library, on computers, on the fields, it didn’t matter to me. What a better way to live!

When you see identity politics, you need to put a stop to it. If you see someone call someone else a name, especially a hurtful name, turn it around. Go be a friend to that person.

Trump won because he didn’t use labels. He didn’t try to get the white vote or the black vote. He just wanted votes. He didn’t care if you were gay or straight or whatever. He didn’t care if you were republican or democrat. He wanted your vote, he spoke to you on a personal level, and he didn’t use divisive language against his opponent’s voters.

Compare with the MO of the left: They call us racist and bigots because we voted for Trump. They think we won because we hate blacks or women or something. They simply don’t get it. We don’t care about those artificial labels, and we never will.

Let’s end on this note. “United we stand, divided we fall.” The true enemies of the US want nothing more than for us to consume ourselves in stupid infighting. They would love it if republicans and democrats, gays and straights, christians and atheists, fought each other all day long. If we are fighting, we can’t join together to protect our common interests. That’s how they work. See, as a country, if we are united, literally nothing is impossible, and nothing can stop us. We can beat cancer, we can beat diabetes, and we can end oppression everywhere. We just need to work together and stop listening to the siren song of identity politics.