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What the Future Can Hold

December 28, 2016

As the West seems to be revitalized with victories in the UK, Italy, and the USA, it’s time for me to do some navel-gazing.

Our Founding Fathers studied government to a depth I doubt any people have ever studied it since. They achieved something that has never been seen in the history of the world by creating a republic that stands (more or less) to this day. More importantly, they started a cultural revolution where they were able to program their children to carry the seeds of liberty on to the next generation and then the next. Despite all of the efforts of government to extinguish this seed, here we are today, 200 years later, with vast hordes of unwashed masses demanding their God-given rights be recognized and protected by government, rather than petitioning government for rights as if it were a god.

The internet brought the world together, and it has spread that culture far and wide. Now there are likely billions of people who realize that government is a creation of the people, intended solely to protect rights, rights that it is incapable of creating or destroying or modifying one whit.

As this realization spreads throughout the world, or in terms the Donald Trump camp might us, people are “red-pilled” or “woke”, the demand for government services will diminish. People will stop asking their government to feed, clothe and shelter them and instead demand that their government enforce immigration controls designed to keep bad guys out, to build walls, to defend their ideas and their humanity rather than attack the enemy of the day.

Political leaders will rise up in every corner of the world capturing this feeling and using it to propel them into office. Once in office, they will have a choice: maintain the status quo or shake things up. If even a small fraction of those so-elected decide to shake things up, it will be enough to set in motion a long, downward spiral of totalitarianism and statism. One voice becomes two, and two become a million. Who would have thought that Nigel Farage could’ve stood up to the entire EU and shouted “Stop!” and be heard, not just by his native Englishmen, but by Italians and people from all corners of Europe?

The question that lay ahead for us is not whether our culture will consume the world (it will). It is what to do about it in the meantime, how to properly wield power without letting it corrupt our leaders. This is the question that the Founding Fathers struggled with. They knew that no matter what, eventually, bad people would get into office and consume the government, and so they had to program in a way to have a bloodless revolt. You who read this blog world-wide should know that you need to come to the same conclusion. When the war’s over and we’ve one, and we all head back home to enjoy our families and our fortunes and freedoms, remember that you’re going to have to fight the same fight again and again until you can lock things in place like has been done in America, more or less. Here in America, we need to make those locks more secure.

Let me share the simple formula that our Founding Fathers stumbled upon.

  1. Government must be representative but not democratic. The people choose representatives who consider the weight issues and make decisions and answer to their voters at home.
  2. Government must be federalized, such that you have government set against government. America, which hates government, sure has a lot of them. We have city councils, county councils, state legislatures, governors, judges at the city, county, state, federal, and more. The reason why we have so many governments is because only a government is effective in opposing another government. More government is bad, more governments is good. Take advantage of whatever ethnic, cultural, or geographic divides to create as many governments as possible.
  3. Government must have strong central authority, but with limits. Here in America, we practically elect a king every 4-8 years, and we give him pretty much dictatorial powers, except for the powers of the purse, the powers of the law, and the power of declaring war. He is, in short, a fighting dog, trained to kill and ready to do so, but kept on a short chain. The reason why we fight wars so well is because when we declare war, the representatives can do little more than check in once in a while to see how progress is being made.
  4. Government must have an independent judiciary, with constraints. Having the judges be their own man, unanswerable to any other government except God, means that our judges have to think really hard about what is right and wrong, and try really hard to find justice. But our judges are not free to do what they want (despite our Supreme Court’s assertion that they can). We can impeach and replace, or change the law, or do any number of things to keep our judges in check. Story time: In the 90’s, the judges were taking black criminals who dealt drugs and slapping them on the wrist and putting them back on the streets. The people got sick of that, so congress passed mandatory sentencing guidelines. That’s why our prisons are filled with drug criminals: The judges can’t let them go.

Fundamentally, you must remember that you cannot impose freedom on anyone. They must grab it for themselves. They must stand up and fight to defend their own rights, and not let others speak for them. Your first fight is against the idea that government does anything good except protect rights. Once you have eliminated that idea, then you must teach people what their rights are: the freedom to speak out against evil, the freedom to worship, the freedom to assemble, the freedom to bear arms to protect oneself and one’s family and friends from others and the government, the freedom to kill people who would kill them first, and so on. Get these basic rights recognized, hold government accountable for protecting them, and you will have won the most important battle.

Good luck, and God speed. Do not listen to the statists who would have you be subject to your government, who fills your head with lies designed to ensnare you and trap you. Do listen to those who have a different message: You have God-given rights, and government only exists to protect those rights.

John Kerry, Liar

December 28, 2016

John Kerry is our current Secretary of State. He said this recently:

They told the stories at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.

Oops, I’m sorry. That was a long time ago, when he got back from Vietnam and lied about what he saw and did there. Look up the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” if you’re wondering what I am talking about. The Left uses “swift boat” as a verb to describe when someone comes in from the side with an attack on someone’s character. We on the Right use it for when a group of quiet citizens can’t take the lies anymore and decides to sacrifice their peace to take on a powerful political tyrant.

Anyway, if there’s one thing John Kerry is good at, it’s lying for the enemies of America.

Lately, he’s been on rampage against Israel:

The truth is that trends on the ground, violence, terrorism, settlement expansion and the seemingly endless occupation, they are combining to destroy hopes for peace on both sides and increasingly cementing any reversible — an irreversible one state reality that most people do not actually want.

Today, there are a similar number of Jews and Palestinians living between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea. They have a choice. They can choose to live together in one state or they can separate into two states. But here is a fundamental reality. If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both. And it won’t ever really be at peace.

Moreover, the Palestinians will never fully realize their vast potential in a homeland of their own with a one state solution.

No, John Kerry, the truth is that you lie and have lied and will likely lie again.

Terrorism in Palestine is entirely one-way. The people of Israel do not send their children out with bombs strapped to their chests to blow up young Palestinians in their pizza parlors. They do hunt down and kill the people who do that to the Palestinian children, though.

The truth is that Israel owns that land. The UN said as much when they created the state of Israel. The Palestinian refugees left their homes of their own free will, and never returned. Israel welcomes people of all faiths, as historically, the Law of Moses demands. There is a political party in Israel that is pro-Islam and they even have a few seats.

Israel is democratic because they are Jewish. Look it up. The Lord commanded Moses to organize the tribes by having them select their own representatives. The Lord selects their kings based on who they want to represent them. The Law of Moses is the foundation for the Common Law and it is the foundation for our republic here in the US.

If we wanted peace in the Middle East, we would give Mecca to Israel and let them govern all the Arabs and Muslims there. Out of all the countries in the Middle East Israel is the only democratic republic, the only one where Muslims get to choose for themselves.

John Kerry, I hope you have to account for your crimes against America. If you don’t get served in this life, may you be held to account before God for what you have tried to do to my country. My Dad still believes that we actually did those things you accused us of doing in Vietnam, even though I remind him that you are the only one to say such things and it has come to be known that you lied about your service in Vietnam.

You Have Been Indoctrinated

December 28, 2016

I was (trying to) read an article in the Washington Post about how a George Ciccariello-Maher at Drexel University tweeted “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide”, but it wasn’t two words in and I realized there was more truth in Tariq Aziz than in that blog. In other words, I knew I was reading Fake News on the Washington Post.

The heart of the story is this. Someone wants to kill all the white people. That’s what “genocide” means. “Suicide” means “kill oneself”, “patricide” means “kill one’s father”, “fratricide” “kill one’s brother” and “genocide” “kill a race of man.”

Of course, the left would like to change the meaning of genocide to include the extinction of a race of man through interbreeding, or whatever, but at the heart of the word is “-cide”, which means “kill”. And that is, of course, hiding a more fundamental truth, that the professor wants the white to disappear.

I am not a belligerent man. In my religion, I believe that all mankind may be saved, and indeed, should be, that my primary role is to bring salvation to everyone through. I don’t seek war, I don’t want war, I abhor war as it’s really hard to convert people to true Christianity while you’re shooting them dead.

However, I cannot deny the fact that I am at war. I, as a white person, am beset upon all sides by enemies that want me and my ideas to die. They may not be shooting bullets at me at the moment, but I cannot deny that many of them, if they had a gun loaded with bullets, would pull the trigger.

The type of war we are fighting is not unlike any other type of war ever fought on the planet. We think of war as that thing we do to kill each other, but that’s not what wars are about and that’s not how you win wars. If you end up killing all of your enemies, you haven’t won the war, you just committed genocide. Wars are fought in the hearts and minds of the people. The point of war is to convince someone else to give up the fight and let you have your way.

This is why the ultimate war machine throughout history, the most winning-est ideology, the most impervious to enemy attacks and the most successful at obtaining victory (often without shedding a single drop of blood) is Christianity itself. While the Romans were slaughtering our brothers and sisters in ancient times, they were fighting the war right back but not with swords. They were silently converting the entire Roman empire through good works and charity and simple daily kindness. Yes, there were mobs and uproars and I cannot say that all people who claimed faith in Christ had clean hands and pure hearts, but the major action, the major fighting of that war meant it was won long before Emperor Constantine saw the sign of the cross.

The simple fact is this: Christianity cannot be purged. The only way to lose as a Christian is to convert away from it.

The professor at Drexel University who called for my death, and my family’s death, and the death of many people who I love and deeply care about, is simply irrelevant. Let him rant and rave at “White Culture”, which is simply Christianity. Let him complain that we do him some great injustice by creating the greatest society ever seen on the face of the earth, and unstoppable economy and military and the ultimate persuasive argument that simply cannot be beaten. Let him call for fire and brimstone, and let him rant and rave like a lunatic.

We have already got our Satan, and we have already beaten him.

One day, perhaps the professor will realize how wrong he has been about everything, how he has let hate fill his heart, how he has refused to see the alternative position and recognize his enemies as fully human. Hopefully it will happen long before he has to account for his behavior to God himself, or more truly, has to face reality with perfect comprehension of it and who he really is.

Christians, we have already won these wars. We have won them a thousand times and we’ll win them a thousand more. There is nothing more we can do than be faithful to that which we know is true, and be bold in our testimony of Christ, and be unwavering in his service. Let them call us racists, or sexists, or homophobes, or whatever name they’d like to invent. It merely draws more attention to us as sincere seekers of truth want to find out the truth of what we have said and done and believe.

The title of this post is not misleading. It is a fact. We are all indoctrinated in one system of beliefs or another. The question isn’t and hasn’t ever been how to avoid being indoctrinated, it is simply a matter of which indoctrination you wish to adopt for yourself and your kids. I choose to embrace truth, logic, reason, and the belief that nothing is greater than God and nothing is worth worship, and that he sent his son to die for us, so that we can become like him despite our flaws. That’s what I choose to teach my kids and what I choose to believe for myself. And that is what gives me the strength to laugh in the face of the enemy who calls for my death.

If You Truly Believe in Evolution…

December 27, 2016

If you truly believed in evolution…

Before I complete that sentence, let’s examine what evolution is. Evolution is the idea that species change over time. As those changes are beneficial, meaning, they help the creatures create more offspring which will in turn create even more offspring, they spread throughout the species. As those changes are not beneficial, meaning, they create less offspring or those offspring are less capable of creating more offspring, the changes die off.

If you truly believed in evolution, you would first have as many children as possible, and then see that they are raised in a way to have as many children as possible. That means by the age of 40, you should start seeing your first grandkids, and by 60, you would see your great-grandkids. And there would be more than a few of them. Perhaps you and your spouse would give birth to 20 kids, certainly possible with today’s medicine, especially if you get an early start (sometime around the time when you become fertile, so your late teens), and you would ensure that your kids would be raised in such a way that they would get married early and have lots of kids too.

If you truly believed in evolution, you would use every mutation you had to your best advantage. You would take everything that makes you human and multiply that by a thousand to give yourself the edge against all other species, even different branches of your own species. That means, while you are raising twenty kids, you would be embracing your mind and using it to your fullest. You would be reading books ancient and modern, and thinking thoughts that have never been thought before.

From a cultural and religious perspective, you would use your parents and grandparents culture and religion as the de facto standard of living. You would identify and eliminate threats to your culture and religion. Think of what the crusaders did. You’d be doing that and a lot more to ensure that your evolved culture and religion dominated all the others.

In short, if you truly believed in evolution, you would be a God-fearing, red-blooded conservative American, waging wars of subjugation against all other inferior cultures and religions that threaten yours. You would have twenty kids, hundreds of grandkids, and thousands of great grandkids. You would ensure that your genetic code would not only pass on to the next generation, but your cultural “genetic” code, along with your religion.

Those godless atheists who are trying to ruin Western Civilization are the cancer, at least if you truly believe in evolution. They tend not to marry, they tend not to have kids, and when they do have kids, they fail to pass on to them their parent’s culture and religion, thinking somehow they know better than thousands of years of unguided gradual mutations and survival of the fittest. The modern western atheist thus makes the worst sort of evolutionist, since their ideas will last about as long as it takes for them to die. When they are gone and buried or cremated, there will be a billion mormons, catholics, and muslims battling over the ground they once inhabited but were incapable of keeping.

Why God Cares About Us

December 27, 2016

Atheists or agnostics find the entire concept of God intensely horrifying, absurd, and entirely illogical. I propose that the concept of God is entirely logical, just like science; and just like science, it is simultaneously horrifying and absurd to our primitive notions.

A classic example of how atheists try to point out the foolishness of God is restating the nature of God in terms that sound absurd. In this grand universe of ours, they begin, there is a tiny fleck smaller than a piece of dust, and around that fleck of dust is another even tinier fleck of dust and upon it sits all of humanity. And somehow, this Being, who is infinitely wise and powerful, cares whether each individual on that planet follows a precise order of worship, and if they fail, even though they may have never heard of this order of worship, they will be tormented by God for eternity.

This is a classic fallacious misunderstanding of Christianity. Christianity is simply not that thing at all.

Here is Christianity in a nutshell. God, this terrifying, immortal and absolutely perfect being, exists. He, in his infinite love and wisdom, created the universe and this world so that we can live on it. He placed on this earth Adam and Eve and gave them a choice, and they chose to embrace mortality and sin so as to allow humanity to exist in its lost and fallen state. God sent our souls down to earth to experience this state of being for ourselves. This was a critical lesson we all needed to experience first-hand so that we can become like Him. In his infinite love and mercy, he provided a Savior, Jesus Christ, whose mission it was to redeem every one of us from our lost and fallen state. The way he does this is through not only his own self-sacrifice as a payment for our sins, but also in organizing and leading his followers to find each one of us and to present us with a sample of God’s love. This love is so contagious that it will convince anyone to leave aside their imperfections and embrace a new lifestyle of faith in God and repentance. Although we do not understand how it is all possible, what we do know is what we’ve been told, and that is that what is most important in life is to love God and love each other, and to serve one another as Christ did, and to lay down our own lives if need be for the people around us. Eventually, the entire world will be changed into a paradisaical state, and further on yet, a grand judgment will take place.

The judgment is not God going over every one of our actions and questioning our motives, but it is simply this. God will bring us into his perfect state and we will have to face our own past without any lies or deception. And in that moment, either we will have embraced the atonement of Christ or we will have not. If we have not, there is no escaping our own guilty conscience, but if we have, our account will be settled and we will be able to experience the glory of God without it destroying us. After that, the next question he will ask is whether we wish to live like Him or if we are satisfied as we are. If we chose to live like him, then we can become joint-heirs with Christ, gods in our own right, and participate in God’s mission of love and mercy for the rest of eternity, but if we choose not to, then we will be fine where we are.

The judgment isn’t God shouting at us how wicked we have been. We will accuse ourselves. We will either be able to withstand the truth or we will not, and without Christ’s help, we will all surely perish because none of us have a perfectly clear conscience.

You might say you don’t like my version very much at all, that you’d prefer Odin and Thor or some other story such as Hercules and Zeus. You forget that this is all part of our mortal experience, to live without God or with false gods surrounding us. Our ancestors may have believed in those things, but as heirs of Western Civilization, at some point, they gave up on those fairy tales and embraced modern Christianity. We fought magnificent wars trying to keep modern Christianity close to the truths we find in the Bible, and that was only the wars we fought on the outside.

It is up to each of us to decide what kind of reality we would live in, whether we accept the message of the Bible or not, and whether we even admit that there is something beyond the material world. I, myself, have experienced God in such a deep and profound way I am absolutely sure of His existence and his message of peace and hope. I cannot give you my experience but I can give you the formula I followed to receive it. I prayed, I worked, I fasted and struggled to know God, and he has made himself known unto me in his own time, just like he will with you. Patience, faith, hope, charity, all of these things are real concepts that we need more of in this world, not less.

I chose to believe that God created me and you, and God wants to make us like Him, and so He sent His Son to show us the way.

Materialism Is Anti-Science

December 27, 2016

A lot of materialists wander around the world, telling everyone how smart they are, when they can’t see the blatant ignorance they embrace as intelligence.

Materialism, for purposes of this article, is defined as the idea that only the material exists. Logic, reason, science, all of these clearly non-material things are only brainwave patterns in our brain tissue, and not representative of something that transcends the material.

It is trivial to disprove materialism. All I have to do is show that the above statement transcends the material world and so itself is not part of the material world and thus contradictory.

This is not an easy task to do, because materialists are insistent that the patterns of brainwaves are something important, when they are really just patterns of brainwaves that can sometimes emulate something far greater and supernatural, but nothing more.

To illustrate the core issue, suppose I offer you a sheet of music. I ask you, “Is this music?”

What say you?

If you say it is music, then I suppose we don’t need any performers to actually read the music and actually sound the notes and sing the tunes. We can sell tickets to amazing concerts and just hand out sheets of paper with bits of ink on them, or even just project it to a giant screen. Or better yet, we can just write the words “Really good music” on a piece of paper and be done with it.

Of course, the bits of ink on paper are no more music than the words on your screen are actual words. They are symbols of music, just like the words you are reading are symbols of people actually talking to each other.

Suppose I handed out those pieces of papers to a symphony orchestra and they played it most extraordinarily. Is that music?

Unfortunately, it isn’t music either. See, all it is is sound, something we can actually record and move through time and space, as we regularly do. Keep in mind, however, that the sound is entirely physical, something you can store in the material world and something you can create a machine to replicate. But it isn’t music.

Where is the music then?

The music is not contained in the sound, but it is something that happens when we listen to it. We perceive the sounds to form some kind of musical message which may delight or taunt us, or any number of a thousand emotions music can place directly into our hearts and minds.

The key concept here is that sound is not music anymore than notes on a page are music or the bits that encode an MP3 file are music. Music is an experience that we share when our minds engage and share in listening to it. Music is carried well beyond the lifetime of the sounds in our hearts and minds. Music is, as the Greeks knew so long ago, something so magical it can only come from the gods.

There is the famous philosophical question. Suppose I created something that was exactly like a human except it had no mind, no soul. Would it be alive? Would it hear music? If I could recreate everything down to the molecule so perfectly that no physical measuring device could tell the difference, but I failed to put into it a soul, would it be alive? Suppose it moved and talked and said that it loved and felt music: would that mean it is alive and feeling and loving or is it just emulating those things?

The real question is, are we more than our matter? As we shed our skin cells and our blood cells recycle themselves and our physical, mortal bodies regenerate and completely replace every atom over time, are we those bits of dead things that fall off of us or expelled, or are we the thing that temporarily comes together but for a moment, and then something else the next moment? There is the famous paradox of the Ship of Theseus: Could we be copied as long as we are meticulous enough to do it?

Here I will prove to you that we are nonphysical, nonmaterial beings trapped inside our physical bodies. It’s not hard to do at all. All you have to do is have an immaterial thought, something that weighs nothing and has no way of registering in the physical, material universe, and you know you exist well beyond the material realm and the laws that govern its behavior.

What kind of thought should it be? It doesn’t matter. It can be the perception of music as you listen to entirely physical sounds. It can be you repeating the words I write here in your head. It can be the thought that “materialism is the concept that only material things exist”. Any thought at all proves to yourself and, for yourself, to the universe, that you exist entirely independent of and superior to the universe. You can perceive the material world, but it cannot perceive you. There is no test that I can invent to check to see if you are a thinker of thoughts or just a machine built to deceive me, but to you, the fact that you even thought such a thing means you are entirely real.

This is the kind of thinking that gave us modern science. It is the thought that Descartes had as he said, “I think, therefore, I am”. Meaning, “Because I am a thinker of thoughts, I know that I exist; the universe I perceive, I am not so sure about.”

The fact that we can argue about logic and reason, the fact that we can conceive of illogical or unreasonable ideas at the same time we can conceive of logical and reasonable ones, the fact that there are universally agreed upon descriptions of our human-ness, our souls, such as “You’re stupid” or “You’re smart” — these things all point to the fact that the material universe is not all there is that exists, that there are things way beyond the material universe that exist independent of it, in fact, that reality itself is predicated upon.

Take, for instance, the entirely made up number pi. This represents the ratio of the diameter of a perfect circle to its perfect circumference, something that can only be done outside of the material universe, since circles, at least perfect ones, cannot exist in the material universe. This number is found throughout physics and is a description of it, nay, the formula for its entire behavior. The fact that the universe can’t exist without pi existing is proof that the universe is a construct of the supernatural, immaterial universe. If you want to truly understand the universe, you have got to understand pi. And in order to understand pi, you have got to understand perfect circles, and in order to understand perfect circles, you need to understand perfection. And that, my dear readers, is where you should be focusing your attention. Not on the universe, not on pi, not on circles, but on perfection itself. That should be the ultimate goal of every thinking person themselves, how to understand perfection and even how to engage it to one’s own benefit.

I’ll talk more about that later.


The World Needs Christianity, Now More than Ever

December 23, 2016

As I watch leftists freak out over Donald Trump’s victory over their rotten ideals, when I see them lash out at Trump supporters and Trump’s family and burn down their own churches and mosques and make up stories of abuse, one can’t help but wonder why they have seemingly devolved, how far they might go, or how they might be saved from such an end.

The answer is they are full of hate. Hate swallows everything good and turns it into evil. Hate can consume you, make you drunk on rage, make you commit acts of violence that are unthinkable.

Radical Islam is a philosophy of hate, and shows the end result of allowing hate to dominate your thinking. They don’t think twice about blowing up their retarded children as long as if means taking out a few of their hated enemies. Their hated enemies, are, of course, everyone who doesn’t think exactly like them, even other Muslims who don’t share in their interpretation of the Koran.

Leftists in America need to wake up and realize what inter-generational hatred can do. They need to realize that eventually, they’ll be sending their retarded children to blow up as long as they can take out a few republicans or Trump supporter if they allow hatred to continue to swallow them wholesale.

God, knowing these facts about human nature, provided a way out. God proclaims himself to be the ultimate judge between good and evil, promising rewards to the good and punishments to the evil. In numerous times in the Bible he repeats that he will take vengeance into his own hands, and it is not necessary for men to do so, only in explicit circumstances such as rape or murder where you have clear witnesses, and then he says it is not vengeance, it is punishment to meet the crime.

As God sat on his throne contemplating the fate of mankind (as there were none who could call themselves righteous compared to Him), he put into motion a plan to rescue us from our own short-sightedness and emotions.

Two thousand years ago, he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to be born on the earth, in the most incredibly humiliating way possible. Jesus spent his life serving the people around him, rather than being served, performing miracle after miracle and reiterating the message of the gospel, which is simply this: None of us are good, and none of us can do anything about that except to turn our lives to point to God. And pointing to God, we move forward, following the example of Christ.

If we hate our enemies, and love our friends, Jesus said, that makes us the same as the people we hate. Instead, we should love our enemies and love our friends.

If we fight with people, there’s a good chance one or the other of us will end up dead, and what good does that do? No, we should find a way to agree so that we don’t end up killing each other and throwing each other in prison.

Before we approach God in prayer, we should think really hard: Am I holding a grudge against anyone? If I am, then I need to resolve that before talking to God.

If someone is really, really mean to us, we shouldn’t fight back. Turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, give them more than what they demanded. This is how you turn an enemy into a friend.

Christ ended his ministry by allowing himself to be raised up on the cross, between two thieves. As he die, his thoughts turned towards his mother, but also to the people who put him on the cross to be tortured and die. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” are his famous words.

Jesus, resurrected, walked the earth again, and as he departed from his disciples, gave his final message: “Baptize the nations.” That is the Christian charge, not to exact vengeance or justice, but to baptize everyone.

We can let ourselves be consumed with hatred, we can teach it to our kids and grandkids, but what will that get us? That path has only one final destination. That is death. Eventually, our enemies will have to pick up arms to protect themselves from us, and they will have to fight until they are exterminated or we are.

Or we can listen to the words of Christ, forgive each other for our trespasses, beg God for forgiveness, and live the type of life he lived, loving and serving and blessing everyone around us. If our primary goal is what Christ said it should be, baptizing the nations, then we won’t have time to hold grudges or teach hate to our kids or lash out against our enemies. We’ll be too busy helping them prepare for baptism and turning their hate into love.

A few thoughts on the revolution…

December 16, 2016

We’re witnessing a world-wide revolution unfold. Donald Trump isn’t leading the revolution: people who can see how the media is trying to manipulate us and how they use government to suppress our God-given rights are.

Something similar happened around the events of the American Revolution.

Back when the English Civil War happened, the effects were felt all throughout the colonies, but especially in America. After the civil war ended and the king once again took his throne, work was done to bring the English people back in line under his rulership, but no similar effort was made in the colonies. They were practically ignored. And so the sentiments that lead to the civil war still boiled in America.

When Britain was formed and turned into a world-wide empire, officials begged not to be sent to America. The American colonies were hardly British, and they behaved like savages. “Indianization” was the word they used. Besides, the Americans were mean and didn’t like the king very much, and they kept talking about things like the “constitution” and “rights”. It made it really hard for the officials to abuse their powers, and so only the worst of the worst ended up in America, and there, the colonial governments practically made them a slave to the people.

Things came to a head after the Seven Years War. (In America, we call it the French-Indian War, because that’s who we fought.) The Americans wanted the king to do his job by protecting his subjects from foreign aggression. At the same time, they really didn’t like the idea of paying taxes, calling even the smallest tax an injustice, a form of slavery, because the Americans had no representation in England. To top it all off, the Americans loved the pirates who bypassed all of the carefully drafted legislation designed to keep rich people rich and poor people poor.

When Grenville became PM under King George III, he decided enough was enough. He was going to reign in those nasty foolish Americans and tell them the way it was going to be. But he wasn’t going to be cruel about it, no. Instead, he would offer compromise. See, without actually asking the Americans what they wanted, he would pretend to understand their needs and bend over backwards to write fair laws that were more than just yet compassionate towards the Americans.

When the Americans heard of the new laws, they rose up in fits of anger and violence. They didn’t just ignore the laws they didn’t like (as they usually did), they actually went out and showed the king exactly how they felt about the laws, and started talking as if the English Civil War was never fought.

I am sure you can trace the events after this, but notice the key ingredients for rebellion:

  • A government that is largely irrelevant and completely incompetent
  • A government that is unwilling to seriously consider ideas not their own
  • A people who are used to living outside the law but on whom the government decides it is time to exert the law
  • A people who know that they are entitled to certain things, among them, respect and rights.

All across the world (or rather, Europe), watch as these kinds of governments fall and new ones rise up. Watch as people start shouting “Make America Great Again!” but substitute their own country. Watch as they call the English who voted for Brexit and the Americans who voted for Trump brothers.

My sincere question to those who are horrified by recent events, namely, the election of Donald Trump: What did you think was going to happen as you continue to pontificate from your ivory towers and ignore the roars from the masses below? How do you intend to impose government on anyone, let alone someone who distrusts you and dislikes you?

Government cannot be imposed efficiently. To do so requires far more treasure than you would receive by doing so. Government must always be self-imposed for it to work at all.

I supposed if I could jump back in time and explain these things to Grenville and King George III, they would’ve taken a different tact. If they had accepted the American colonies as fully British and not at all equivalent to India, if they had invited representatives from each of the colonies to come and discuss the state of the empire with them, perhaps we would all be singing “God Save the Queen” today.

But I doubt they would’ve listened. I am sure there were people telling them the same things back then.

Amazon and Anti-trust Laws

December 12, 2016

Day 1 of Amazon was Jeff Bezos’ idea that he could create an internet marketplace where people come to buy and sell things. In short, he wanted to own all of e-commerce. He’s done a pretty good job at that.

Investors in Amazon invested because they knew that Jeff Bezos was going to make a lot of money by convincing people to shop online versus shopping at the store. They wanted to help him realize that dream in exchange for a share of his profits.

Jeff Bezos has, by all measures, been wildly successful. So successful, in fact, that he’s shifted the vision from owning all commerce to owning all the computers in the world with AWS. AWS makes it so ridiculously cheap and easy to rent a computer that no one in their right mind buys computers to run their business anymore.

I get worried like anyone else does when people like Jeff Bezos realize their dreams of world domination. But I remember a few things:

  1. They got there by making life better for people.
  2. When there is a better option, they will disappear and we’ll use the better option.

Amazon is the biggest company around when it comes to e-commerce, but they are not lacking competitors. In addition to companies like Jet, there are thousands of retail stores and distributors who know exactly what Jeff is trying to do and what he has done and are trying to undo it, at least enough that they get the advantage.

Does the government need to step in to accelerate this process? I say no, they don’t. Amazon didn’t get big by government fiat. If they were a company like, say, Comcast, which makes their money by using local governments to grant them monopoly powers, then I would say we need government to step in to undo the damage, but Amazon doesn’t maintain their market dominance by rule of law.

Some people say that Amazon can abuse their great power. True. But everyone can abuse their power, and we have laws that tell us what is and is not acceptable. If Amazon breaks the law, let them answer to a judge. But simply being so good at something that you dominate a market is not breaking a rule.

What if Amazon is the only game in town? I am sure Amazon would like that a lot, because then they can raise prices. But what happens when they raise prices is they send out signals that there is not so much competition here. It is basically an invitation for competitors and investors to challenge them.

I trust the free market to resolve these kinds of issues when they arise. I don’t mind one person having a huge amount of power because he is simply really good at what he does. I mean, we don’t complain when talented athletes or musicians dominate their industries. I think they do a tremendous amount of good by being so popular and so loved that the vast majority of people use their services.

I do fear the government stepping in and mucking things up. Amazon is a great service at a cheap price, and if government were to try and ruin that, it would make all of our lives worse.

University v2.0

December 12, 2016

If you trace the history of the modern university, you’ll have to go all the way back to Benedict and the monastery movement he founded. It was this sort of mindset, the idea that by separating yourself from society into a new society with high ideals and principles, that you can elevate your thinking, that lead to people forming the first universities. In fact, the very first universities were created by the pope.

The modern university has evolved since then, but many of the traditions and roots are still present. One of the reasons why modern universities were so important in the advancement of our civilization is because they were a store of knowledge and a place where people could get together to communicate quickly and efficiently. If you wanted to pursue higher learning, you had to separate yourself from the rest of society and hole yourself up in some university with like-minded individuals for a period of several years.

However, the indisputable facts are that modern, American universities are no longer centers of learning or communication. They are, at best, degree mills, churning out bits of paper with ink on them in exchange for very large sums of money. The promise of the modern university is, “If you spend several years here, you will have a good job that can provide for your family.” Increasingly, that promise has not been kept.

The internet was created by the military, but it was put into popular use by the universities. Professors knew what was coming when they realized they could collaborate with people halfway across the world in an instant. The private sector has taken the internet and turned it into a roaring profit machine, but the potential of the internet to enable instant communication for the purposes of learning are still being explored. It won’t be long before we realize you can get a better education online than in a classroom.

All the elements necessary for an advanced education are already present in the internet. You have the sum total of human knowledge available with a few keystrokes. You can instantly message anyone in the universe. You can participate in any discussion group on any topic you like. You can publish your thoughts and have them critiqued instantly. The world is now a giant university, and we’ve all been promoted to professor. What we do with that is up to us. We can use the power of the internet to become and expert researcher into the phenomena of the world around us, or we can spend all day watching cat videos.

The one thing the internet cannot provide that a modern university does is access to cutting-edge technology. Large corporations can afford to buy, build, and staff advanced equipment, but small businesses cannot. That’s why businesses often start near a university: they can get access to those tools. The university can become a workshop of sorts, a place where people can go to get access to machines they otherwise wouldn’t even see, and where they can hire experts to either train them on their use or have them use it for them.

Those who truly care about higher learning would do well to redirect their time and efforts into developing the internet as a free source of advanced learning and let the universities die their inevitable death. While we should maintain the labs, equipment, and experts, we have no more need of the classrooms and lecturers.