To our new liberal allies


It’s come to my attention that a lot of people who considered themselves moderate or even liberal voted for Trump and proudly wear that as a badge of honor.

Now that you have abandoned the Democratic Party, I think it’s time to let you in on the deepest, darkest secrets of the American Right.

Lesson 1: There are a lot of different ideas over here, and we don’t agree with each other, and we probably never will. And that’s OK. See, I align with conservatives, and I think everyone should be conservatives and I am going to try to persuade everyone to be conservatives. But I acknowledge and respect the fact that there are many people on the American Right who are not conservative and probably never will be.  Rather than shouting at them and calling them names and shaming them, I respect them and debate them and try to persuade them, and they tend to return the favor. So, on the American Right, we welcome debate and disagreement. It is in our lifeblood, and we love it. Bring your liberal or moderate ideas and let them stand against our ideas and let us both grow together to develop superior ideas.

Lesson 2: We have all been lied to. The idea that the media tells the truth is such an absurd one I don’t know how it can possibly stand on its own. The genius who thought of this lie and first propagated it deserves credit for being one incredibly evil genius. See, some people lie, and those lies get told and retold as truths, until in the end it’s really hard to distinguish lies from truth. Science is not about building up a set of facts and truths so much as finding out which things we believe in are really lies. So you’re going to have to put on a big-boy scientist hat and use logic and reason if you want to find a way out of the lies. It’s not fun, and it hurts sometimes to realize that something you’ve always believed in may not be true, but after a while you find the journey of discovering lies exhilarating and fun. If you don’t, then you just end up surrounded by lies.

I’m going to list a few lies you’ve probably been exposed to. I won’t attempt to discredit them, you’ll find plenty of ways to do that on your own.

  • The American Right is racist.
  • The American Right is misogynist. (That’s a fancy word for “we hate women.”)
  • The American Right hates poor people.
  • The American Right controls the government, the banks, the economy, the rich, etc…
  • The American Right hates individual liberties and rights.
  • The American Right has a bunch of Christian whack-jobs who just want to kill the infidel and teach only Christian theology in school.
  • The American Right is made up of uneducated neanderthals who don’t understand the first thing about science. (And we somehow control the world at the same time?)
  • The American Left thinks everyone is equal.
  • The American Left loves the poor and disadvantaged and wants to empower them.
  • The American Left is a reactionary and revolutionary movement designed to put people in power rather than corporations.
  • The American Left loves individual liberties and rights and respects everyone’s freedoms.
  • The American Left is made up of tolerant, rational, logical people who see the world as it really is.

These are just a few lies out there. As you get exposed to more and more people and ideas on the American Right, you’ll see why these things are lies.

Lesson 3: Religion is really, really important. Religion is defined in two ways. The first way is as a group of people who all happen to share a similar set of beliefs. This is “religion” as in the “Catholic Religion”. The second definition is a common set of beliefs shared by many people. The second definition is what I am referring to. Fundamentally, what you believe in ultimately determines what you will do and what you will think and what will happen to you. For instance, if you believe you are powerless and other people control you and make decisions for you, guess what? You will be powerless and other people will control you and make decisions for you. On the other hand, if you believe that you are the captain of your ship and you can change the course of history, guess what? You will be in control of your own fate and you will change the course of history.

This really isn’t a hard concept, but it’s an incredibly important one. Beliefs shape our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings motivate us to action. And actions determine our future.

You have two choices: Believe in nonsense, or believe in things that are actually true. If you believe in nonsense, then, well, you might as well leave your life and the lives of everyone you care about up to the fates, because your actions will not bring about the intended results. On the other hand, if you are very careful and find the truth and insist on believing in those things which actually work, you’re going to find that you are in control of your own life and fate or chance has little or nothing to do with anything.

Now that you are on the American Right, you’re going to rub shoulders with people who understand this and take religion very seriously. Christians have, for nearly 2,000 years, shaped the course of history. I think that alone is witness to the fact that there is something in Christianity worth pursuing. If you’re going to rub shoulders with sincere true-blue believers in Christ, you ought to spend some time studying what these people actually believe in. That means you have to learn all about Christianity, whether you intend to follow or not. Think of it this way: If you were a soldier sent to Iraq, wouldn’t you like to know about Islam so that you understand what the people around you are thinking and feeling? I definitely would. Well, on the American Right, you are going to be surrounded by Christians, so whether you like Christianity or not, you’re best off if you learn all about it.

Lesson 4: It all boils down to rights. In today’s world, we have confused the word “right” with “freedom”. “Freedom” are simply those things you can choose to do with your own body. For instance, I can choose to write this article or to eat a bowl of ice cream or to do something evil. We all have plenty of freedom despite what the government would have us believe. In fact, there are certain things that no one can stop us from doing unless they kill us first. IE, you are free to believe whatever you like. Obviously, just because you have a freedom doesn’t mean government would or should leave you alone. If you decide you want to blow yourself up in a shopping mall, I think we all agree that government should stop you from doing that, killing you if necessary.

Rights, on the other hand, are things you should do. Like freedoms, government really has no say in what rights you have. It really boils down to your beliefs and what those beliefs say about what is good and what is evil.

Where does government enter in? The American Left tells us that our rights and freedoms come from government. And so, when they feel like we don’t have a right or a freedom, they petition government to give it to them. But, even the simplest understanding of what a right and a freedom is leads the logical person to understand government cannot grant or revoke a single right or freedom, no matter what it does. All government can do is acknowledge them.

In the Declaration of Independence, the foundation of all law in the United States of America, it says simply that governments exist to protect the rights of individuals. That is, to make it possible so people can do the things they should do without being molested. An example of this would be the right to worship. Government should protect congregations from violence so that they can meet together and they don’t need to have a militia to protect that right. Understand this concept, and you’ll start to understand some of the things we are talking about. You’ll understand why, when I say, “Marriage is between a man and a woman”, I am not saying I hate the gays or I think government should put them into concentration camps. I am merely admitting a fact that two same-sex people are incapable of creating the same kind of relationship a heterosexual couple can create, and whatever relationship they do create will never compare to marriage. In fact, by acknowledging this fact early on, I am saving homosexual people from a lot of heartache and sorrow as they try and fail to recreate marriage with someone of the same-sex.

Lesson 5: Government is evil.

This lesson is perhaps the hardest lesson for a newly born American Right to understand. See, you were told that government is full of people who just want to help and who are capable of performing miracles similar to Jesus, but the corporations and private charities are a bunch of evil and sick idiots who want to destroy the world. A little logic exposes why this idea is fundamentally flawed. Are not humans all pretty much the same? What causes a human to become an angel when they enter government? Won’t they treat their government job the same way as everyone else who has a job will?

When you look at what makes government different and special, you uncover a core fact. Government is the place where we, the people, put all those nasty things we’d like to do evil people. Government has guns and people willing to shoot them. They have prisons and people willing to beat prisoners into submission. Government has cops ready to blow a bad guy’s brains out. We, the people, could’ve said “We’d like to do those things on our own”, but we instead chose to let government do those things for us.

Now, if we had some way of knowing that government would always use this power to do good, I would have no problem with government. But the simple fact is we know from science that people will do amazingly evil things if there is someone in authority that tells them to do it. And we know that government has the exact amount of authority to give that kind of order. We are naive if we think that government never, ever abuses that power and we are naive if we think government isn’t doing that right now.

Instead, we must treat government with the proper respect it deserves. We must treat it as if it is evil, because it is likely evil. And we must question every order we are given by government, and think whether it is in our best interests, whether it is something we would do if government weren’t there.

Now, some people say government is good when it does things like feed the poor or shelters the homeless. Let me explain why this is erroneous.

First, government does nothing. Government has people, individuals, do things for it, just like corporations can’t do anything except someone does something in its behalf. So, only individuals do anything, but government is that thing that people give almost god-like authority to.

Second, when government orders someone to do something, it always has the threat of “or else”. “Pay your taxes, or else you will go to jail.” “Don’t murder, or else we will find you and kill you.” “Don’t rob, or we will find you and throw you in prison.” The “or else” bit is something that regular people don’t have to do. For instance, when I go to the store to by food with my money, I don’t say, “Give me that food, or else!” Instead, I say, “Give me that food, and I will give you this money.” That’s called trade and when it is free, everyone benefits. But government doesn’t trade. Well, they might trade, but they are always trading with things they got by saying “or else”. Those homeless who are sheltered, the hungry who are fed, are not fed and sheltered by someone giving it away freely, but by something collected at the point of a gun by government.

So, keep telling yourself and others that government is evil. Remind yourself that when you ask government to do something good, it is always because it has done something evil first.

Now, having government around is not a bad thing. As long as you keep government under control, within tight limits, the evil of government can do amazing things, such as making sure you are free to go to whichever church you want on Sunday. Or Saturday if you prefer. That’s what the constitution is all about: Putting the evil of government in chains and keeping it within limits. Now you see why we think the constitution is so important, and why people who don’t feel like the constitution is important scare us when they get into government. The last thing we want is an unlimited government, because that would mean unlimited evil with no way to restrain it.

Hopefully these 5 lessons will help you understand your new neighbors on the American Right. Over time, you may find your ideas and beliefs changing, and I’ll be honest, that’s a good think. “Flip-flopper” isn’t a pejorative to me. So if you decide you don’t believe in something you used to believe in anymore, I’m fine with that. I change my beliefs all the time too.

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