Get Based: Understand the Culture War


There’s a lot of liberals supporting Trump. They understand something is horribly wrong on the left but they can’t quite put their finger on it. All they know is that if they disagree with anything the left stands for, they are immediately vilified by the left. So they support Trump.

Now that they find themselves among the herd of red “Make America Great Again” hats, they are exposed to new ideas and things are rather confusing.

Let me help explain something that many people haven’t understood.

A long time ago, the Romans ruled the Mediterranean and most of Europe and built the largest empire with the most populous city. China would later grow far larger, but at this time, 1/5th of the world’s population lived in the Roman Empire. In those days, in a tiny little town in a remote province on the edge of the empire, a baby was born. About thirty years later, that baby was a man and he was executed for treason and rebellion or something like that. It wasn’t long until the empire was in chaos as the things this man taught began to permeate every level of the Roman Empire, and it wasn’t long after that the the Roman Empire had fully adopted this man’s teachings.

What happened? How did a baby born in the most humble circumstances overthrow the most powerful empire in the world?

If you don’t know, this baby was Jesus Christ, and the things he taught are called Christianity.

If you trace history, you see a common pattern. Empires rise, empires fall, and empires rise in their stead. In between is a whole lot of fighting. For thousands of years, history repeated itself. Then the Roman Empire came, then Jesus Christ, and then something started to change.

The world you live in, with its cars and planes and skyscrapers and democracy and civil rights, didn’t exist before Roman times. It didn’t exist during Roman times. It wouldn’t exist for a very long time until people started to understand more about what it was Jesus taught and they more fully applied it in their lives. If you had to put your finger on the one thing that made our modern world and life possible, it would have to be Jesus Christ.

I’m not talking religion here. There is nothing I’m asking for you to put your faith in. This is a matter of history. Go look at every revolutionary thought that gave rise to the modern world, and you will see a devout follower of Jesus Christ trying to apply the principles Jesus taught. As a Christian living in this modern world, I can testify that we’re still trying to figure out what he taught and we’re still trying to put it into practice.

Christianity is the key to understanding the modern world. It’s why no matter how hard the Chinese try, they cannot replicate what was built in the West. They cannot seem to get people to behave in the right way to make modern life possible. They can get close, but with the increase in wealth, they see an increase in corruption, and they cannot figure out how it is that America could be so wealthy and yet not totally corrupted.

Christianity teaches that there is Satan, the great evil one, whose job it is to stand opposite to everything good. Satan tries everything he can to stop Christianity from spreading, but he hasn’t had much success. He’s killed millions of Christians, he’s infiltrated the churches and taught false doctrines, he’s corrupted leaders of the church, but Christianity always pulls through.

After World War II, the communist leaders of Russia decided they wanted to fight the United States. They felt threatened by us and our inexplicable ability to create vast fortunes of wealth. They knew that their people, should they learn the truth about America, would abandon communism.

As they made plans to destroy the US, they realized that they could not win a military victory against us. They would build one atomic bomb, we would build ten. They would build one tank, we would build twenty. They would train one scientist, we would train a hundred. Their victory could not come through physical or economic or scientific means. So they turned their attention to the one place they could get us. They tried to destroy our soul.

In the 40s and 50s, America was steeped in Christianity. Christianity was the very essence of life. By the 60s, 70s, 80s, you could see that begin to crumble as our old style of Christianity was replaced with a new one that was entirely different, and as atheism began to rise. In the 90s and 2000s, it seemed atheism would be the dominant religion in the US, but here in the 2010s, something strange is happening: People are rediscovering Christianity. No, not the type of Christianity you read about in the newspapers or see on TV, but the real kind of Christianity.

The Soviets waged war on Christianity on a number of fronts. The most effective method they found was shaming Christians because they were Christians. This is not unlike how whites are shamed because they are white, or males are shamed because they are male. This is the essence of Cultural Marxism. (Go look it up.)

Let’s take a case in point: Homosexual marriage. Marriage has been an integral part of the Christian faith, something so extraordinarily important that I can’t imagine Christianity without it. Some of the first words in the Bible are about how God created us male and female and commanded us to leave our families and marry. Much of the Bible deals with how you are supposed to raise your children and such as well. For instance, when Christ said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, he wasn’t just talking about business deals or how you deal with strangers. He was talking also about how you treat your wife.

Marriage creates families, independent families that rely on themselves and not the government. The sole key determining factor for wealth is simply this: Did you get married and stay married before having kids? If you did, then you are guaranteed to get wealthy. Or, in other words, the sure way to poverty is to have kids outside of marriage.

Families that don’t rely on government don’t vote for socialist programs. Why have social security when grandpa is being taken care of by his children who all have careers and jobs and are productive members of society? Why have health insurance when you can all pool your resources to buy doctors and medicine when one of you gets sick?

Family men are not easily corrupted. What can you give a man who has a loving wife and kids that will convince him to betray his country? Why would a business man violate his conscious to make a few more bucks when he has a home where he is always welcomed and always loved?

If you’re going to overthrow the Americans, you have got to destroy the family and make people independent from one another. Divide and conquer, as they say.

So the shaming began. First, we were told that it’s OK to have kids if you’re not married. Then, we’re told that if we have parents who love us, that we are somehow bad because we have something most kids don’t. Or, we’re told that we shouldn’t be romantically interested in our wives our whole lives because that’s suppressing your natural sexual desires. Or we tell the women that it’s more important that they leave their kids to strangers so that they can work in an office building just like a man. You can see in our culture how we are being programmed to think marrying young, having a lot of kids, and settling down is a bad thing, an undesirable thing, when the truth is there is no greater happiness than to have your first love be your last love and your life to revolve around the raising of the next generation. And the reward for doing a good job is you get to have babies around you all the time, babies whose diapers you don’t have to change.

But this wasn’t enough. There needed to be something more.

Despite the fact that for thousands of years, gay men decided to get married and have children despite their sexual attractions, despite the fact that everyone knows that following your lusts are the only sure way to find unhappiness, we were told that somehow, our marriages were a violation of some imagined right. See, unless we make our marriages the same as two gay men cohabitating, we were somehow evil and sick and racist or something. A lot of people fell for this, but not enough, so the Supreme Court had to impose their will upon our federal republic by unconstitutional fiat. See, the Supreme Court has no power to change a word of law, despite what you were told on TV. The Supreme Court hears cases and appeals, that’s it. It is up to Congress to change laws, and the constitution explicitly forbids congress from making any such law on marriage except in how marriages transfer between the states.

Now we live in a world where if a woman decides she doesn’t want to bake a cake for a gay marriage, she must be evil and we have to throw her in prison. Or if someone says, “Marriage is between a man and a woman”, they are labeled a bigot (which apparently, according to Reddit’s CEO, is a form of harassment). Or worse, if someone says, “Even though you feel attraction to members of the same sex, if you act on those feelings, you will never be happy. True happiness lies only in exercising self-control”, they are subject to all sorts of abuse.

This example should help you understand the depth and severity of the culture war.

See, Christianity is the driving force behind Western Civilization. The strong Christian is an unconquerable spirit, able to overthrow the mightiest of empires. The last thing your real or would-by oppressors want is for you to find true joy and happiness and lead a life that changes the world through Christianity. So they do whatever they can to discredit and disenfranchise it, and when that fails, they try to make it illegal.

If you are one of those sorts who wants to stay on the sidelines, at least understand this. We Christians do not want any laws to make non-believers illegitimate. We are just as happy living next door to atheists, hindus, and muslims as we were living in Rome next to pagans. We know that through our quiet actions, our simple expressions of love, we will change hearts and minds. We don’t need the government to validate us, and indeed, when the government turns its foot against us, we know who will win that fight because we’ve already fought it countless times on countless battle-fields. Kill us if you must, but know that you cannot kill Christianity.

Instead, we beg you to consider which side of the culture war you want to be on. Do you want to fight against history and progress, and turn us back to the age before Christianity, when war was common and illegitimate emperors imposing their will on the powerless people the norm? Or do you like Western Civilization, with its individual liberties and freedoms and democracy? You choose. Stand with the Christians, or stand against us.

As for the enemy: Let them spread their lies and their perversions far and wide. It makes no difference to us. But let us also explain to you why they are lies and why they are perversions, and give us a chance to explain ourselves.

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