A few thoughts on the revolution…


We’re witnessing a world-wide revolution unfold. Donald Trump isn’t leading the revolution: people who can see how the media is trying to manipulate us and how they use government to suppress our God-given rights are.

Something similar happened around the events of the American Revolution.

Back when the English Civil War happened, the effects were felt all throughout the colonies, but especially in America. After the civil war ended and the king once again took his throne, work was done to bring the English people back in line under his rulership, but no similar effort was made in the colonies. They were practically ignored. And so the sentiments that lead to the civil war still boiled in America.

When Britain was formed and turned into a world-wide empire, officials begged not to be sent to America. The American colonies were hardly British, and they behaved like savages. “Indianization” was the word they used. Besides, the Americans were mean and didn’t like the king very much, and they kept talking about things like the “constitution” and “rights”. It made it really hard for the officials to abuse their powers, and so only the worst of the worst ended up in America, and there, the colonial governments practically made them a slave to the people.

Things came to a head after the Seven Years War. (In America, we call it the French-Indian War, because that’s who we fought.) The Americans wanted the king to do his job by protecting his subjects from foreign aggression. At the same time, they really didn’t like the idea of paying taxes, calling even the smallest tax an injustice, a form of slavery, because the Americans had no representation in England. To top it all off, the Americans loved the pirates who bypassed all of the carefully drafted legislation designed to keep rich people rich and poor people poor.

When Grenville became PM under King George III, he decided enough was enough. He was going to reign in those nasty foolish Americans and tell them the way it was going to be. But he wasn’t going to be cruel about it, no. Instead, he would offer compromise. See, without actually asking the Americans what they wanted, he would pretend to understand their needs and bend over backwards to write fair laws that were more than just yet compassionate towards the Americans.

When the Americans heard of the new laws, they rose up in fits of anger and violence. They didn’t just ignore the laws they didn’t like (as they usually did), they actually went out and showed the king exactly how they felt about the laws, and started talking as if the English Civil War was never fought.

I am sure you can trace the events after this, but notice the key ingredients for rebellion:

  • A government that is largely irrelevant and completely incompetent
  • A government that is unwilling to seriously consider ideas not their own
  • A people who are used to living outside the law but on whom the government decides it is time to exert the law
  • A people who know that they are entitled to certain things, among them, respect and rights.

All across the world (or rather, Europe), watch as these kinds of governments fall and new ones rise up. Watch as people start shouting “Make America Great Again!” but substitute their own country. Watch as they call the English who voted for Brexit and the Americans who voted for Trump brothers.

My sincere question to those who are horrified by recent events, namely, the election of Donald Trump: What did you think was going to happen as you continue to pontificate from your ivory towers and ignore the roars from the masses below? How do you intend to impose government on anyone, let alone someone who distrusts you and dislikes you?

Government cannot be imposed efficiently. To do so requires far more treasure than you would receive by doing so. Government must always be self-imposed for it to work at all.

I supposed if I could jump back in time and explain these things to Grenville and King George III, they would’ve taken a different tact. If they had accepted the American colonies as fully British and not at all equivalent to India, if they had invited representatives from each of the colonies to come and discuss the state of the empire with them, perhaps we would all be singing “God Save the Queen” today.

But I doubt they would’ve listened. I am sure there were people telling them the same things back then.

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