The World Needs Christianity, Now More than Ever


As I watch leftists freak out over Donald Trump’s victory over their rotten ideals, when I see them lash out at Trump supporters and Trump’s family and burn down their own churches and mosques and make up stories of abuse, one can’t help but wonder why they have seemingly devolved, how far they might go, or how they might be saved from such an end.

The answer is they are full of hate. Hate swallows everything good and turns it into evil. Hate can consume you, make you drunk on rage, make you commit acts of violence that are unthinkable.

Radical Islam is a philosophy of hate, and shows the end result of allowing hate to dominate your thinking. They don’t think twice about blowing up their retarded children as long as if means taking out a few of their hated enemies. Their hated enemies, are, of course, everyone who doesn’t think exactly like them, even other Muslims who don’t share in their interpretation of the Koran.

Leftists in America need to wake up and realize what inter-generational hatred can do. They need to realize that eventually, they’ll be sending their retarded children to blow up as long as they can take out a few republicans or Trump supporter if they allow hatred to continue to swallow them wholesale.

God, knowing these facts about human nature, provided a way out. God proclaims himself to be the ultimate judge between good and evil, promising rewards to the good and punishments to the evil. In numerous times in the Bible he repeats that he will take vengeance into his own hands, and it is not necessary for men to do so, only in explicit circumstances such as rape or murder where you have clear witnesses, and then he says it is not vengeance, it is punishment to meet the crime.

As God sat on his throne contemplating the fate of mankind (as there were none who could call themselves righteous compared to Him), he put into motion a plan to rescue us from our own short-sightedness and emotions.

Two thousand years ago, he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to be born on the earth, in the most incredibly humiliating way possible. Jesus spent his life serving the people around him, rather than being served, performing miracle after miracle and reiterating the message of the gospel, which is simply this: None of us are good, and none of us can do anything about that except to turn our lives to point to God. And pointing to God, we move forward, following the example of Christ.

If we hate our enemies, and love our friends, Jesus said, that makes us the same as the people we hate. Instead, we should love our enemies and love our friends.

If we fight with people, there’s a good chance one or the other of us will end up dead, and what good does that do? No, we should find a way to agree so that we don’t end up killing each other and throwing each other in prison.

Before we approach God in prayer, we should think really hard: Am I holding a grudge against anyone? If I am, then I need to resolve that before talking to God.

If someone is really, really mean to us, we shouldn’t fight back. Turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, give them more than what they demanded. This is how you turn an enemy into a friend.

Christ ended his ministry by allowing himself to be raised up on the cross, between two thieves. As he die, his thoughts turned towards his mother, but also to the people who put him on the cross to be tortured and die. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” are his famous words.

Jesus, resurrected, walked the earth again, and as he departed from his disciples, gave his final message: “Baptize the nations.” That is the Christian charge, not to exact vengeance or justice, but to baptize everyone.

We can let ourselves be consumed with hatred, we can teach it to our kids and grandkids, but what will that get us? That path has only one final destination. That is death. Eventually, our enemies will have to pick up arms to protect themselves from us, and they will have to fight until they are exterminated or we are.

Or we can listen to the words of Christ, forgive each other for our trespasses, beg God for forgiveness, and live the type of life he lived, loving and serving and blessing everyone around us. If our primary goal is what Christ said it should be, baptizing the nations, then we won’t have time to hold grudges or teach hate to our kids or lash out against our enemies. We’ll be too busy helping them prepare for baptism and turning their hate into love.


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