If You Truly Believe in Evolution…


If you truly believed in evolution…

Before I complete that sentence, let’s examine what evolution is. Evolution is the idea that species change over time. As those changes are beneficial, meaning, they help the creatures create more offspring which will in turn create even more offspring, they spread throughout the species. As those changes are not beneficial, meaning, they create less offspring or those offspring are less capable of creating more offspring, the changes die off.

If you truly believed in evolution, you would first have as many children as possible, and then see that they are raised in a way to have as many children as possible. That means by the age of 40, you should start seeing your first grandkids, and by 60, you would see your great-grandkids. And there would be more than a few of them. Perhaps you and your spouse would give birth to 20 kids, certainly possible with today’s medicine, especially if you get an early start (sometime around the time when you become fertile, so your late teens), and you would ensure that your kids would be raised in such a way that they would get married early and have lots of kids too.

If you truly believed in evolution, you would use every mutation you had to your best advantage. You would take everything that makes you human and multiply that by a thousand to give yourself the edge against all other species, even different branches of your own species. That means, while you are raising twenty kids, you would be embracing your mind and using it to your fullest. You would be reading books ancient and modern, and thinking thoughts that have never been thought before.

From a cultural and religious perspective, you would use your parents and grandparents culture and religion as the de facto standard of living. You would identify and eliminate threats to your culture and religion. Think of what the crusaders did. You’d be doing that and a lot more to ensure that your evolved culture and religion dominated all the others.

In short, if you truly believed in evolution, you would be a God-fearing, red-blooded conservative American, waging wars of subjugation against all other inferior cultures and religions that threaten yours. You would have twenty kids, hundreds of grandkids, and thousands of great grandkids. You would ensure that your genetic code would not only pass on to the next generation, but your cultural “genetic” code, along with your religion.

Those godless atheists who are trying to ruin Western Civilization are the cancer, at least if you truly believe in evolution. They tend not to marry, they tend not to have kids, and when they do have kids, they fail to pass on to them their parent’s culture and religion, thinking somehow they know better than thousands of years of unguided gradual mutations and survival of the fittest. The modern western atheist thus makes the worst sort of evolutionist, since their ideas will last about as long as it takes for them to die. When they are gone and buried or cremated, there will be a billion mormons, catholics, and muslims battling over the ground they once inhabited but were incapable of keeping.

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