Why God Cares About Us


Atheists or agnostics find the entire concept of God intensely horrifying, absurd, and entirely illogical. I propose that the concept of God is entirely logical, just like science; and just like science, it is simultaneously horrifying and absurd to our primitive notions.

A classic example of how atheists try to point out the foolishness of God is restating the nature of God in terms that sound absurd. In this grand universe of ours, they begin, there is a tiny fleck smaller than a piece of dust, and around that fleck of dust is another even tinier fleck of dust and upon it sits all of humanity. And somehow, this Being, who is infinitely wise and powerful, cares whether each individual on that planet follows a precise order of worship, and if they fail, even though they may have never heard of this order of worship, they will be tormented by God for eternity.

This is a classic fallacious misunderstanding of Christianity. Christianity is simply not that thing at all.

Here is Christianity in a nutshell. God, this terrifying, immortal and absolutely perfect being, exists. He, in his infinite love and wisdom, created the universe and this world so that we can live on it. He placed on this earth Adam and Eve and gave them a choice, and they chose to embrace mortality and sin so as to allow humanity to exist in its lost and fallen state. God sent our souls down to earth to experience this state of being for ourselves. This was a critical lesson we all needed to experience first-hand so that we can become like Him. In his infinite love and mercy, he provided a Savior, Jesus Christ, whose mission it was to redeem every one of us from our lost and fallen state. The way he does this is through not only his own self-sacrifice as a payment for our sins, but also in organizing and leading his followers to find each one of us and to present us with a sample of God’s love. This love is so contagious that it will convince anyone to leave aside their imperfections and embrace a new lifestyle of faith in God and repentance. Although we do not understand how it is all possible, what we do know is what we’ve been told, and that is that what is most important in life is to love God and love each other, and to serve one another as Christ did, and to lay down our own lives if need be for the people around us. Eventually, the entire world will be changed into a paradisaical state, and further on yet, a grand judgment will take place.

The judgment is not God going over every one of our actions and questioning our motives, but it is simply this. God will bring us into his perfect state and we will have to face our own past without any lies or deception. And in that moment, either we will have embraced the atonement of Christ or we will have not. If we have not, there is no escaping our own guilty conscience, but if we have, our account will be settled and we will be able to experience the glory of God without it destroying us. After that, the next question he will ask is whether we wish to live like Him or if we are satisfied as we are. If we chose to live like him, then we can become joint-heirs with Christ, gods in our own right, and participate in God’s mission of love and mercy for the rest of eternity, but if we choose not to, then we will be fine where we are.

The judgment isn’t God shouting at us how wicked we have been. We will accuse ourselves. We will either be able to withstand the truth or we will not, and without Christ’s help, we will all surely perish because none of us have a perfectly clear conscience.

You might say you don’t like my version very much at all, that you’d prefer Odin and Thor or some other story such as Hercules and Zeus. You forget that this is all part of our mortal experience, to live without God or with false gods surrounding us. Our ancestors may have believed in those things, but as heirs of Western Civilization, at some point, they gave up on those fairy tales and embraced modern Christianity. We fought magnificent wars trying to keep modern Christianity close to the truths we find in the Bible, and that was only the wars we fought on the outside.

It is up to each of us to decide what kind of reality we would live in, whether we accept the message of the Bible or not, and whether we even admit that there is something beyond the material world. I, myself, have experienced God in such a deep and profound way I am absolutely sure of His existence and his message of peace and hope. I cannot give you my experience but I can give you the formula I followed to receive it. I prayed, I worked, I fasted and struggled to know God, and he has made himself known unto me in his own time, just like he will with you. Patience, faith, hope, charity, all of these things are real concepts that we need more of in this world, not less.

I chose to believe that God created me and you, and God wants to make us like Him, and so He sent His Son to show us the way.

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