What the Future Can Hold


As the West seems to be revitalized with victories in the UK, Italy, and the USA, it’s time for me to do some navel-gazing.

Our Founding Fathers studied government to a depth I doubt any people have ever studied it since. They achieved something that has never been seen in the history of the world by creating a republic that stands (more or less) to this day. More importantly, they started a cultural revolution where they were able to program their children to carry the seeds of liberty on to the next generation and then the next. Despite all of the efforts of government to extinguish this seed, here we are today, 200 years later, with vast hordes of unwashed masses demanding their God-given rights be recognized and protected by government, rather than petitioning government for rights as if it were a god.

The internet brought the world together, and it has spread that culture far and wide. Now there are likely billions of people who realize that government is a creation of the people, intended solely to protect rights, rights that it is incapable of creating or destroying or modifying one whit.

As this realization spreads throughout the world, or in terms the Donald Trump camp might us, people are “red-pilled” or “woke”, the demand for government services will diminish. People will stop asking their government to feed, clothe and shelter them and instead demand that their government enforce immigration controls designed to keep bad guys out, to build walls, to defend their ideas and their humanity rather than attack the enemy of the day.

Political leaders will rise up in every corner of the world capturing this feeling and using it to propel them into office. Once in office, they will have a choice: maintain the status quo or shake things up. If even a small fraction of those so-elected decide to shake things up, it will be enough to set in motion a long, downward spiral of totalitarianism and statism. One voice becomes two, and two become a million. Who would have thought that Nigel Farage could’ve stood up to the entire EU and shouted “Stop!” and be heard, not just by his native Englishmen, but by Italians and people from all corners of Europe?

The question that lay ahead for us is not whether our culture will consume the world (it will). It is what to do about it in the meantime, how to properly wield power without letting it corrupt our leaders. This is the question that the Founding Fathers struggled with. They knew that no matter what, eventually, bad people would get into office and consume the government, and so they had to program in a way to have a bloodless revolt. You who read this blog world-wide should know that you need to come to the same conclusion. When the war’s over and we’ve one, and we all head back home to enjoy our families and our fortunes and freedoms, remember that you’re going to have to fight the same fight again and again until you can lock things in place like has been done in America, more or less. Here in America, we need to make those locks more secure.

Let me share the simple formula that our Founding Fathers stumbled upon.

  1. Government must be representative but not democratic. The people choose representatives who consider the weight issues and make decisions and answer to their voters at home.
  2. Government must be federalized, such that you have government set against government. America, which hates government, sure has a lot of them. We have city councils, county councils, state legislatures, governors, judges at the city, county, state, federal, and more. The reason why we have so many governments is because only a government is effective in opposing another government. More government is bad, more governments is good. Take advantage of whatever ethnic, cultural, or geographic divides to create as many governments as possible.
  3. Government must have strong central authority, but with limits. Here in America, we practically elect a king every 4-8 years, and we give him pretty much dictatorial powers, except for the powers of the purse, the powers of the law, and the power of declaring war. He is, in short, a fighting dog, trained to kill and ready to do so, but kept on a short chain. The reason why we fight wars so well is because when we declare war, the representatives can do little more than check in once in a while to see how progress is being made.
  4. Government must have an independent judiciary, with constraints. Having the judges be their own man, unanswerable to any other government except God, means that our judges have to think really hard about what is right and wrong, and try really hard to find justice. But our judges are not free to do what they want (despite our Supreme Court’s assertion that they can). We can impeach and replace, or change the law, or do any number of things to keep our judges in check. Story time: In the 90’s, the judges were taking black criminals who dealt drugs and slapping them on the wrist and putting them back on the streets. The people got sick of that, so congress passed mandatory sentencing guidelines. That’s why our prisons are filled with drug criminals: The judges can’t let them go.

Fundamentally, you must remember that you cannot impose freedom on anyone. They must grab it for themselves. They must stand up and fight to defend their own rights, and not let others speak for them. Your first fight is against the idea that government does anything good except protect rights. Once you have eliminated that idea, then you must teach people what their rights are: the freedom to speak out against evil, the freedom to worship, the freedom to assemble, the freedom to bear arms to protect oneself and one’s family and friends from others and the government, the freedom to kill people who would kill them first, and so on. Get these basic rights recognized, hold government accountable for protecting them, and you will have won the most important battle.

Good luck, and God speed. Do not listen to the statists who would have you be subject to your government, who fills your head with lies designed to ensnare you and trap you. Do listen to those who have a different message: You have God-given rights, and government only exists to protect those rights.

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