You Have Been Indoctrinated


I was (trying to) read an article in the Washington Post about how a George Ciccariello-Maher at Drexel University tweeted “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide”, but it wasn’t two words in and I realized there was more truth in Tariq Aziz than in that blog. In other words, I knew I was reading Fake News on the Washington Post.

The heart of the story is this. Someone wants to kill all the white people. That’s what “genocide” means. “Suicide” means “kill oneself”, “patricide” means “kill one’s father”, “fratricide” “kill one’s brother” and “genocide” “kill a race of man.”

Of course, the left would like to change the meaning of genocide to include the extinction of a race of man through interbreeding, or whatever, but at the heart of the word is “-cide”, which means “kill”. And that is, of course, hiding a more fundamental truth, that the professor wants the white to disappear.

I am not a belligerent man. In my religion, I believe that all mankind may be saved, and indeed, should be, that my primary role is to bring salvation to everyone through. I don’t seek war, I don’t want war, I abhor war as it’s really hard to convert people to true Christianity while you’re shooting them dead.

However, I cannot deny the fact that I am at war. I, as a white person, am beset upon all sides by enemies that want me and my ideas to die. They may not be shooting bullets at me at the moment, but I cannot deny that many of them, if they had a gun loaded with bullets, would pull the trigger.

The type of war we are fighting is not unlike any other type of war ever fought on the planet. We think of war as that thing we do to kill each other, but that’s not what wars are about and that’s not how you win wars. If you end up killing all of your enemies, you haven’t won the war, you just committed genocide. Wars are fought in the hearts and minds of the people. The point of war is to convince someone else to give up the fight and let you have your way.

This is why the ultimate war machine throughout history, the most winning-est ideology, the most impervious to enemy attacks and the most successful at obtaining victory (often without shedding a single drop of blood) is Christianity itself. While the Romans were slaughtering our brothers and sisters in ancient times, they were fighting the war right back but not with swords. They were silently converting the entire Roman empire through good works and charity and simple daily kindness. Yes, there were mobs and uproars and I cannot say that all people who claimed faith in Christ had clean hands and pure hearts, but the major action, the major fighting of that war meant it was won long before Emperor Constantine saw the sign of the cross.

The simple fact is this: Christianity cannot be purged. The only way to lose as a Christian is to convert away from it.

The professor at Drexel University who called for my death, and my family’s death, and the death of many people who I love and deeply care about, is simply irrelevant. Let him rant and rave at “White Culture”, which is simply Christianity. Let him complain that we do him some great injustice by creating the greatest society ever seen on the face of the earth, and unstoppable economy and military and the ultimate persuasive argument that simply cannot be beaten. Let him call for fire and brimstone, and let him rant and rave like a lunatic.

We have already got our Satan, and we have already beaten him.

One day, perhaps the professor will realize how wrong he has been about everything, how he has let hate fill his heart, how he has refused to see the alternative position and recognize his enemies as fully human. Hopefully it will happen long before he has to account for his behavior to God himself, or more truly, has to face reality with perfect comprehension of it and who he really is.

Christians, we have already won these wars. We have won them a thousand times and we’ll win them a thousand more. There is nothing more we can do than be faithful to that which we know is true, and be bold in our testimony of Christ, and be unwavering in his service. Let them call us racists, or sexists, or homophobes, or whatever name they’d like to invent. It merely draws more attention to us as sincere seekers of truth want to find out the truth of what we have said and done and believe.

The title of this post is not misleading. It is a fact. We are all indoctrinated in one system of beliefs or another. The question isn’t and hasn’t ever been how to avoid being indoctrinated, it is simply a matter of which indoctrination you wish to adopt for yourself and your kids. I choose to embrace truth, logic, reason, and the belief that nothing is greater than God and nothing is worth worship, and that he sent his son to die for us, so that we can become like him despite our flaws. That’s what I choose to teach my kids and what I choose to believe for myself. And that is what gives me the strength to laugh in the face of the enemy who calls for my death.

2 Responses to “You Have Been Indoctrinated”

  1. Jeffrey Liakos Says:

    What is it with college aged kids who may go into college as either being conservative or non-political and yet they come out as Left-leaning ideologues? I don’t get that.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Indoctrination works. If it didn’t, nobody would do it.

      Read the Bible. It is full of indoctrination techniques designed to get people to think a certain way. Think of the Law of Moses as a recipe for raising your kids, and you’ll start to understand why it is so powerful.

      Anyone who wants to capture the heart and soul of people needs to read and understand the Bible. Understanding it, either he aligns himself with God, or he wages war against Him.

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