Revitalizing the Inner Cities


Trump won not because more whites voted for the republican candidate than ever before. No, he won record numbers of blacks and hispanics.


I think it’s because Donald Trump understands what’s going on in the inner cities where liberals run the show.

Question: If Trump is successful at revitalizing the inner cities by breaking decades of democrat tyranny, will blacks and hispanics living in the inner cities vote for him a second term? Will they vote for like-minded republicans in the future?

Answer: Probably. And that spells the end of the democratic party. If they can’t get the unions to vote for them, if they can’t get the blacks and hispanics and women to vote for them, and if whites and men won’t vote for them, who will vote for them anymore?

Bonus points: What happens when all the states impose voter ID and purge their voter rolls of illegal and double-registered voters? We know that the M.O. if the democratic party has been to steal elections by voting multiple times thanks to lax requirements on voter registration and such.

Triple bonus round: Why have the democrats lost so many seats under Obama? I think the answer to this question points you to an unavoidable truth: The democratic party is rapidly becoming irrelevant, and since they show no signs of trying to change, I wonder who will replace them as the opposition party. I don’t see socialists and environmentalists getting together in another coalition anytime soon.

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