The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations


We have a problem in America, and it’s pretty easy to see it once you turn off the news and pay attention to what’s really going on. There is a significant population among us who believe they can get away with murder and more because no one will hold them accountable.

Why would we not hold this population to the same standards as everyone else? Why would we tolerate them committing crime upon crime and never hold them to account for them?

It’s the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” The reason why they are held to lower standards is because there is a significant population among us that believes they can never achieve any kind of positive success, and that they are in a lower condition because of past injustices.

The population held to lower standards are blacks and other less desirable minorities. I don’t think they’re less desirable, the democrats and leftists in our country do. They think they can’t achieve the same kind of success that they have achieved, or rather, that they are inferior in some way to the whites and asians in our country.

The solution is simple: When you see this soft bigotry, call it out. Say things like, “If they were white, they would be in prison or worse.” Make it clear that the only reason why they are not held to account is because of their skin color. “If they were white, we would demand they not act like animals.” “If they were white, we would expect them to get a job and be productive members of society.” Carry the message to the end.

Racism does exist in this country, and the blacks and hispanics are the victims of it. Democrats and leftists believe they can never reach civil standards of living like whites and asians, and so they look the other way when they brutally kidnap and torture a disabled white young man, or when they rape and murder and assault other people.

Racism must end, and it ends when we point it out.

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