The Liberal’s Record of Misogyny


I’m reading The Eugenics Plot of the Minimum Wage and I realize something: Liberals, leftists, democrats, have been trying to disempower not just minorities but women and children as well. This has been going on for over a century now.

Everything the left accuses the right of being and doing, they themselves are and have done. In psychology, this is called projection: We see in others what we see in ourselves.

The heritage of freedom we inherited from our Founding Fathers laid the basis of an economic and political system that truly frees people from the manipulation and control of others. Here in America, that meant women, children, minorities, all were empowered to choose their own destiny. Despite the oppressive culture of hate and shame that democrats forced on women and minorities, as long as republicans, or rather, conservatives ran the political system, they were free to thrive as much as they liked.

Because the system conservatives have built is so effective in liberating people from their would-be tyrants, it is opposed on all fronts. One of the ways that you can interfere with freedom is by imposing a minimum wage. Minimum wages don’t give people raises. Only an increase in the value of their labor can earn them a raise. No, minimum wage denies access to the labor market to those who don’t already possess the necessary skills: The less-desirables that the eugenicists wanted to eliminate, the minorities that the democrats want to enslave.

The quickest way to turn thugs in gangs in the inner city into valuable employees is to eliminate the minimum wage. Those who would rather run their own business then be employed by someone else could also be freed by a lowering or elimination of taxes, along with deregulation. If a poor, uneducated, improperly raised black youth in the inner city has the freedom to start their own business or to get a job even though they don’t yet have valuable skills, why would they turn to high-risk activities that include violence and criminal behavior? There is a lot more money to be made doing actual work that people want done.

The issue is not and never has been about helping the poor, though. Democrats don’t want to help the poor. They call Obama’s presidency, with its devastating effects on the poor and especially the black population, a success. In other words, they are claiming victory because they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish.

If they truly wanted to help the poor, they would help the poor, with their own money and time, like republicans and conservatives do with their own money and time. If they truly wanted to help the poor, they would spend time getting to know the poor and their life challenges, rather than ensure that their kids attend elite schools.

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