Can you have Christian Morality without Christ?


I puzzle over atheists and agnostics and others who claim to live up to Christian morals but reject Christ. I can’t help but think they are only picking up those morals that are convenient and shiny and leaving the rest behind.

To wit, Christian morals boil down to this:

  • None of us are perfect. Not even close.
  • But that’s ok, because when we make mistakes, we can repent through Christ and try again.
  • If we’re ever going to do anything right, it’s when we follow Christ’s example.
  • Even then, if we’re not doing it out of perfect love for God and our neighbor, we’re hypocrites and need to go back to step 1.

The point of it all is that ultimately, moral behavior is not the point of Christian morality. That’s not the goal, even though it is a happy side-effect. The point of Christian morality is to reconcile oneself with God. We are mortal, fallen creatures, and God is perfect in every way, and there is an infinite divide between our current state and his state, a divide that can only be crossed by Christ.

Christians who grasp this concept realize that there is nothing they can do to repay Christ, that their salvation is entirely dependent on Christ and nothing else. There is nothing they can do to qualify for God’s love. There is nothing they can do except receive it into their lives.

Such people live a life of peace and happiness and rest. In such a state, where all worry is removed, where all sins are atoned for, the individual can focus on only the most important things: Loving God and loving each other. The Christians quest, therefore, is not perfect obedience to God’s laws, but a change in heart, a change in perspective, a change in belief, a change in direction, to align our will with God’s.

Christians who adhere to this morality no longer worry about whether such-and-such behavior is congruent with God. We don’t look at people and say, “That person is going to hell, that person is going to heaven.” We know who we were before Christ changed us, and so we view people as “Yet to discover Christ” and “already discovered and received Christ.”

It puzzles me that people look at the Christians and see our good works, our charity, our service, our high moral lifestyle, or our impregnable character, and they think that is what makes us Christian. It’s the same as watching a Cargo Cult. All the bamboo flight control towers are powerless to bring any airplanes in.

You may claim to be living up to Christian standards without believing in or receiving Christ, but all you are doing is what Christ called hypocrisy, AKA, acting. You’re exactly like the Pharisees that Christ was so violently opposed to, walking around pretending to be good but inwardly are wholly disobedient and unworthy before God.

I honestly wonder, sometimes, what people mean when they say they have Christian morals but reject Christ. Do you read the Word of God in the Bible? Do you pray in your heart and mind and from time to time on your knees? Do you beg God for forgiveness, or ask for him to manifest his perfect love in your heart? Do you pray for your enemies, do good to them that persecute you and abuse you, and turn the other cheek when smitten? Do you strive to obey the commandments not because you know they are important but simply because you love God and love your neighbor?

Or are you just acting out a fantasy and think that a token donation here and a smile and nod there will somehow give you the same things that Christians daily receive?

Please, do not be fooled. Do not be deceived about what it is that a Christian is, what it is we believe, or what it is Christ showed us. Do not confuse us and our culture and Western Civilization with Christianity. Those things came from Christianity, but they are not the same things. Do not think that your vain efforts to preserve the products of Christianity without preserving Christianity will do any better than any other society has done in the history of the world.

I beg of you, get on your knees and pray to know Christ for yourself, to have all your sins taken away and to have your heart changed so that you to, can be reborn, your stony heart replaced with a fleshy one, and you can feel what it is we feel for you for yourself and for others.

3 Responses to “Can you have Christian Morality without Christ?”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    You cannot have Christian morality without being European. I’ll tell you why.

    One of the first thing I noticed in graduate school was the incredible amount of cheating going on. The Chines and Indians, as a rule, cheated left an right on exams, homework, etc. It was crazy. Even the undergraduates did it.

    Why? Well, in their moral system the results count. Not the intention. In our morals, Germanic morals, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

    In Chinese and Indian moral systems the winning is all that counts. Playing the game correctly and fairly to them is for retards and rubes.

    They are more morally primitive than us in that sense. They don’t know that winning the game is actually playing more games. You don’t just want to get a degree, you want to get educated and learn the trade to have a good career in the future.

    So they prize results, while we prize intention. We feel bad if we cheated, they simply do not. They feel bad if the DON’T cheat and don’t get the degree.

    Second, for most cultures the culture takes primacy over the individual. We, uniquely, are an individualist culture. We think that what is good, is good for everyone. “Love your neighbor as yourself” and all. Our morals are universal and apply to all people.

    In a culture like Islam, Judaism, many Hispanic cultures the group has primacy over the individual. For example, with the Jews what is good is what is good for Jews. A Jew can lie, cheat, steal from a non-Jew in clear conscious. What is morally important and relevant is what is good for the group. No consideration for those outside the group of individual members of the group.

    Is this good for all people vs. is this good for my people.

    A real world example is the overwhelming dominance of Jews in the production of pornography. It begs an interesting question… Why are Jews, even orthodox Jews, in pornography?

    Well, to us it makes no sense. A good Mormon simply cannot be involved in the production of pornography. So why can Jews?

    Easy, if they bring money into the group and do not harm the group then what they are doing is good. If they can degrade other groups without hurting their group than it is good.

    So, pornography that brings money into the Jewish community while simultaneously degrading the hated non-Jews is good. No problems here!

    Of course, these difference have real world results. The Chinese have been stealing trade secrets and manipulating us for years. We just can’t seem to understand it because we don’t understand their moral system.

    Similar for the Jews. Fairness? That is for rubes. They have extreme nepotism systems where they hand out goodies to their kin and keep them from their rivals.

    My point in this is that you have to be careful with whom you express morality. It isn’t universal and it isn’t reciprocated.

    Don’t be a rube.

  2. Jason Gardner Says:

    Your ancient (pre-Christian people) ancestors had an interesting (and far better) morality as well. Theirs was individual morals but without the twist of Jewish/Christian influence.

    Theirs was a morality based on results, not intention. Nobody cared what you thought, they cared what you did and what results your actions brought.

    This is a huge departure from today’s Jewish/Christian morals. In our system, one can be good by “caring” but still be a fundamentally useless human being. In fact, today’s Christians and liberals (they are the same by the way, waiting for you to notice) pride themselves on being useless humans that “care.”

    In the ancient moral systems you only got judged on what your did, nobody cared what you thought. In fact, a lucky guy who got results was more prized than a person with well intentions but tragic results.

    In other words, you would feel shame (and be shamed) for a perfectly well reasoned and well executed plan that didn’t result in what you expected. You could have done everything right but gotten a bad result (unlucky for example) and you would be wrong.

    Another example, in each of our minds we have drives. When I see an attractive woman part of my mind (lymbic system) says “have sex with her.” To an ancient this wouldn’t be a problem. Of course I want to have sex with an attractive woman. My body and mind are designed to lust after attractive women. Especially a young man with a gallon of testosterone in his blood. They think of little but women.

    To an ancient this is natural and no reason for a second thought. Of course men desire women. Duh! Next thing you’ll tell me is that fire is hot and water is wet!

    Now, what you DO with this impulse is the only thing an ancient would care about. You shouldn’t have sex with a woman if there were adverse outcomes. If you are married, if it would hurt your family, if you might face repercussions from the community, if having sex with her would lead to a degradation in social standing, etc.

    So I might not have sex with a woman for rational reasons but I would never feel bad about the desire to have sex.

    Current Christian morality is backwards. You feel bad about the intention (thought) of wanting to have sex with an attractive woman, even if you never do. Further, many people feel shame for even having the passing idea that an attractive woman is, well, attractive. In other words, they feel shame for having a perfectly functioning brain!

    What an inversion of reality! I should feel bad because my brain works as it should!!! Crazy.

    This, of course, leads to all sorts of weird behavior and pathological thinking. Next thing you know you are these pathetic sub-humans:

    Or this (possibly homosexual?) loser:

    Think about how pathological your thoughts must be to bow down and ask for forgiveness for something you never even did. Or to gladly raise children that are not yours.


  3. Jason Gardner Says:

    It is interesting what happens when this morality takes off. An EU official’s daughter was murdered by a migrant, a man he encouraged to come to his country via his policies. Raped. And. Murdered. His. DAUGHTER.

    The man is still pro refugee and asked that sympathy donations be made to a refugee charity. Imagine the morality inversion this man must suffer from.

    IMO he simply cannot see how his sincere (and insane) beliefs, that let to a most horrific outcome, make him anything other than a good guy. So he doubles down. It is like he is a mindless drone, unable to see the world as it is.

    He should feel, if he were any sort of a human, the overwhelming and all consuming desire to avenge the murder of his daughter. I know I would. My life would be little more than one large revenge plot.

    Think about it… His daughter means so little to him that he can’t even be bothered to change the policy that led to her death. He is not human. He is a gross individual. Pathetic.

    Conservatives have the same bizarre beliefs that they take for granted. (In fact, this man for all his potential liberal beliefs could be a Christian Conservative as well. Liberal beliefs and conservative beliefs are often very difficult to tell apart.)

    Number 1 for me is the idea that anybody that “believes in the constitution” is, or can be, an American. This is bizarre because it turns the idea of a nation on it’s head.

    And, the inverse in not true.

    If I don’t believe the constitution am I stripped of my citizenship? If I consider the founding fathers to be just a bunch of dead white racists do I lose my passport? Of course not. The idea is crazy, even to conservatives. Then what in the world is this nonsense that one just has to believe? Are we a nation of

    The idea of a nation, since the beginning of time, is one of blood, soil, common ancestry and common history. The conservative idea of a nation being “basically anybody” is insane. It takes the obvious, a nation is an expression of a people, and makes it how you feel. Not what you ARE but how you FEEL.

    If I feel I’m Dutch then I’m Dutch. Right? I mean, why not? Feelings matter, do they not?

    Wait, if I feel I’m black (looking at you Rachel Dolezal) then I’m black! Because feelings are the ultimate arbiter of reality.

    Conservatives and Christians are losing because this morality is a suicidal one. Outcomes matter. Facts matter. Feelings… Really don’t.

    It is such annoying nonsense when conservatives talk about taking the “high road” while losing battle after battle in the culture wars. Get results man. Get results. Nobody gives a crap about your feelings.

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