Self-control and Sex Ed


So, I had a thought. If we can’t trust teenagers to keep their pants on, why can we trust them to practice “safe sex”?

In my mind, we would be better off teaching them (a) your passions are really, really strong, and (b) you control them by not letting them engage in the first place. That is, stay away from anything that might stir up those emotions. And when you feel those emotion stirred up, get away.

We should also teach our children that these feeling are not bad. They just have to be used properly. Namely, marry young, stay married, have lots and lots of … kids, and well, you’ll figure out the rest as you’ll have plenty of time together to experiment with each other.

If children looked forward to marriage as the time when they can safely and comfortably express their inner desires, then we would have a lot more married couples, a lot less heartbreak, and we wouldn’t have the problem of teen pregnancy.

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