Welcoming Back Monarchy to the Constitutional Federal Government


The Founding Father’s genius in the constitution is not just paying lip-service to the natural rights of man, but in setting up an institution that would perpetually defend it with little or no bloodshed.

The Constitution establishes a government made up of 3 branches but 5 parts:

  1. The Executive
  2. The Legislative
  3. The Judicial
  4. The States
  5. The People

For many years, we have struggled with finding the right balance. That is why our government is so oppressive and why we have gone so far off track.

Donald Trump, I believe, will restore the Executive Branch to what it should be. He will act like a king, something this country has needed for a long, long time.

To wit, here are some characteristics of kings that make them very well suited for running a country:

  1. They make decisions quickly, after consulting with experts.
  2. They hold themselves accountable for the general welfare of the country.
  3. They ignore partisan politics and act solely according to what they think is best. They are incorruptible.
  4. They represent all people, equally, rather than a few small groups of people.
  5. They have no concern about democracy.
  6. They have no concern for tradition.
  7. They are full of passion, such as patriotism and even anger and revenge.

Of course, many of these attributes make them less suited for leadership. Nevertheless, no one can deny that kings and monarchs have, for many millennia, lead successful countries. What brought down monarchies in the modern age is not so much the kings themselves, but the bureaucracies that grew around them as people began to rely more and more on state power.

I am no monarchist. I do not think monarchy is the ideal structure. However, I believe monarchists have a lot of good points, points we ignore at our own peril. Go visit some monarchist forums and pay close attention to what they say. There is a reason why it is not a small movement. I believe conservatism should include monarchists by definition. While we may not agree on having a king, we do agree on why a king is a good thing.

Now, how can Donald Trump restore the executive? Why, he is going to act more like a king and less like a bureaucrat, a partisan, or worse, a manager.

  1. Donald Trump makes decisions, decisively, and quickly. He consults with experts.
  2. Donald Trump holds himself personally accountable for his actions. He has said he will “Make America Great Again.” If, after 4 or 8 years, America is not great again, he will have no one to blame but himself.
  3. Donald Trump is no republican, and he is no democrat. He attacks people on both sides of the aisle, and is willing to work with anyone. Literally, he cannot be bribed because there is nothing he cannot buy.
  4. Donald Trump has been very careful not to make himself out to be a “conservative” president, or a “republican” president. He repeatedly emphasizes that no matter whether you supported him or not, you will be reaping the benefits of his administration. He is setting himself up as a representative of the entire country, not a small subsection of that country.
  5. Donald Trump has shown little or no concern for the polls and the opinion makers. I don’t think he cares one whit whether he is popular or not, as long as he can get the things he wants done, done. We saw this repeatedly on the campaign trail when he said things that were obviously offensive to the majority of people, but things that needed to be said regardless.
  6. Donald Trump doesn’t show any concern about tradition. For instance, he is kicking people out of the press pool and doing things his way. His inauguration is much more modest than his predecessor’s.
  7. Donald Trump regularly displays passion, and not in a fake way. Donald Trump talks like a person, a person personally invested in America’s self-interest.

Next up, how we can get the other 4 branches playing their roles again. The great thing about having an executive like Donald Trump is that the only way to stop him is by getting these branches to do their jobs.

  • The legislative needs to exercise absolute oversight over the executive. If Donald Trump acts in such a way that people demand congress review all of his actions, all the better!
  • The legislative also needs to focus on writing fair and just laws, laws that will not only restrain Donald Trump but laws that apply to all.
  • The Judicial needs to get out of the business of writing laws and into the business of weighing individual cases. Hopefully, Donald Trump will challenge the court’s usurpation of legislative authority. It seems it takes a president to stand up to the courts.
  • The states need to assume their role as states. We are a federal system, where there is no “one government to rule them all”, but several governments, each with their own domain. If Donald Trump were to make a power-grab for the authority of the cities or states, hopefully people will be bold enough to stand up against him, and clearly define the limits of the federal government.
  • The people, I think, have learned that they do have power in numbers, that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with. The issue is that the people need a leader, and I think Donald Trump is just such a leader who can harness the power of the people for good.

It remains to be seen what will happen, but if Donald Trump ends up bringing the branches of government back into balance, we all win, bigly.

One more comment: Sometimes it doesn’t matter *who* leads, as long as *someone* leads.

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