Prediction: Trump wins black vote in 2020


If you haven’t heard, the manufacturing unions have all switched to support President Trump. He withdrew the TPP, a terrible trade agreement that would harm America and American jobs, and he listened to industry leaders and union bosses on why they aren’t hiring more people and building more factories. Already he’s signed executive orders to reduce the regulatory burdens and expedite environmental reviews.

It’s only been 2 working days with Trump in office, but already he’s gained the favor of a huge component of the Democratic Party.

My prediction is that before long, we’ll see President Trump pushing issues that the black community cares about. Rather than just pander to people based on skin color, he’s going to work with people who know what it takes to revitalize the inner cities, reduce crime, and increase prosperity for all. We already have Jesse Jackson praising the president’s inauguration speech, and we have Martin Luther King III supporting his agenda. He’s met with Steve Harvey and he’s getting Dr. Ben Carson engaged.

The thing about President Trump is that he isn’t a divider. He knows how to handle people that are consumed by politics. He simply doesn’t care for it. You can call yourself black or white, union or capitalist, democrat or republican, and he’s going to treat you the same.

This is what America needs right now, more than anything else. As a conservative, I could care less whether President Trump pushes my agenda forward or not. If conservatism fails for the next 8 years but we finally learn to talk to each other without hating each other, that is a big win. See, conservatism cannot be enforced on anyone. It must come from the grassroots. The president is showing people what I truly feel about the people around me. I don’t care your background or your persuasions. Just give me some time to listen to your problems, and let me tell you how the solution to those problems are right within your grasp, and you don’t even need to win elections to obtain them.

Noteworthy is that so far, the president’s agenda has been empowering the people and disempowering the government. It doesn’t matter how he disempowers the government at this point, anything is good, and the more the better. Government is exactly what we need less of, and that’s what he is giving us. For so long conservatives have been pointing out how government, the trust in government, the dependence on government, is the root of almost all the problems we face in society today. (I can tell you why people are turning to government — it has to do with family and the breakdown of the American family. If families were strong, people don’t need the government, and socialists know that.)

Anyway, I make a prediction: Donald Trump will win the re-election in 2020 because blacks will vote for him in droves. Unions will vote for him in droves. The only people who won’t vote for him are beltway insiders and bureaucrats. I don’t know who the democrats are going to put forward in 4 years, but I can’t imagine anyone who can win their home state if things continue the way they have for the past two days.

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