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The Crimea Problem

February 16, 2017

President Trump asked Russia to give Crimea back to the Ukraine.

Russia said no, Crimea voted to be part of Russia and stay out of my business.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially because it’s clear neither Russia nor the president want to see a war over this issue.

The last thing we want is a war, but the last thing we want is to send a message that all you have to do is bring in your troops and hold an election and the land is all yours.

The fact that the president brought up this issue is a sign that he is either going to use it as a bargaining chip or he thinks he can actually get Russia to give up Crimea. It remains to be seen what concessions Russia will make to keep Crimea, or what leverage the US has in negotiating with Russia. It’s clear that we’re rapidly heading towards some form of alliance with Russia given the president’s manner of speaking about them. We’re already talking about sharing intelligence and joint operations in the Middle East. We already have the president sending olive branches out to Russia and Russia send back their own.

But I doubt we can let Russia stay in Crimea and maintain some sense of order in Europe for long.