Basic Income: Good, Better, Best


I sometimes play a game of “good, better, best”. The “best” represents the ideal, the thing we should all strive for. “Good” and “better” represent more likely outcomes or compromises.

No one seems to disagree that whatever the US is doing regarding poverty, we are terrible at it. It has created a nation of dependents who have little freedom. We have perverse incentives, rewarding people for bad behavior and punishing them for good behavior. For instance, if you go out and earn a little money, you lose even more money in benefits. We also have vast hordes of power-hungry bureaucrats who torment our people with pointless regulations and insincere bloviations about how good they are for helping the poor when in reality they are just trying to earn a little more money just like every one else.

Basic Income can be a “good” or “better” outcome, if we let it.

Here’s where I’m willing to compromise.

I’m willing to implement Basic Income in the United States, even though it is not the ideal, if you’re willing to abolish all the welfare bureaucrats and bureaucracies. Just write a check each month to each individual of the United States, and let those who want to cash it, cash it, but eliminate every bureaucrat who wants to govern how that money is spent.

I’m also willing to allow you to do that especially if you eliminate the Federal Reserve and have congress just print the money itself.

I am not willing to compromise on taxes, unless you want to eliminate all of them. Don’t even think about increasing taxes to find the money to add Basic Income to the bloated welfare bureaucracy. I won’t stand for it as it is no compromise at all.

The “best” that I strive for is:

  • No taxes
  • No Federal Reserve
  • Very little regulations, weights and measures, and that’s pretty much it.
  • No welfare, not even a little bit.

In that system, everyone would get rich overnight, and the government would have so much money they wouldn’t be able to spend it fast enough.

But I understand why you don’t believe me. We’ll see.

I am willing to let you have Basic Income if you let me get rid of the Federal Reserve and all federal welfare. Deal?

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