What is the Republican Congress up to? Posturing.


President Trump is the worst fear for republicans realized. Now they have exactly no excuses left not to pass and implement a conservative policy.

As we conservatives have known since forever, the republican party is not and never was a conservative party. Reagan’s victory in 1980 was a complete and total upset to the party. Gingrinch’s ’94 Republican Revolution likewise. And now we have the Trump Triumph that the republican party has to reckon with.

Republicans nationwide count on the conservative vote to eek out their minor victories. If it weren’t for conservatives believing that the republicans were the conservative party, they would have almost no support among the common citizenry. The last thing the republicans want, however, is a conservative government, because that would mean they would have to give up their cushy jobs and join the rest of the working stiffs. We might also get to the bottom of their seemingly infinitely deep corruption.

The election of 2016 is a solid victory for people who simply will no longer tolerate the status quo. I can’t call it a conservative victory since Donald Trump is no conservative, but judging on how President Trump is governing, I am giddy like a schoolgirl! President Trump, so far, is a greater conservative than Reagan ever was.

The election of 2018 will be when we “kick the bums out!” of congress. We’re taking names, and we’re not going to tolerate the likes of Ryan and McConnell leading congress anymore. It’s time for a new party, call it what you wish, but a party that isn’t afraid of new ideas and upsetting the apple cart.

As a conservative, I fully endorse upsetting the apple cart when it comes to politics or government. Is there anything in the US government I would like to keep? No, not much. I’d much rather watch as it burns itself to the ground, the same way you can only watch as a barrel of oil burns itself out. President Trump may be able to put out that fire, but if he can’t, I’m more than happy to elect a whole army of Trump reformers to get the job done.

Here’s what the Republicans could be doing, if they weren’t so interested in keeping the status quo and their jobs.

  • Health care reform. It’s time for real health care reform: Just have the federal government literally do nothing. Abolish the FDA, abolish every law that has anything to do with health care. When it comes to the most important decisions of how to spend our limited assets on health care, that’s a decision only the patient and doctor should be making. Having entire federal bureaucracies along with the president, the congress, and the voters stick their nose in this helps no one. Let the market decide, because the market is the people who need health care and have it to offer. I guarantee you that whatever solutions the free market comes up with, it will be better, cheaper, and faster than anything anyone can come up with on their own or in committee.
  • Tax reform. We’ve been overdue for a tax overhaul for nearly a century. The income tax is horrible. The fact that we have a higher tax rate than all the other countries in G20 means we’re going to be in the G21+ group pretty soon. It’s high time we reformed taxes to be simple and sane, or got rid of them altogether.
  • Spending reform. No more baseline budgeting. Every penny spent by congress should have a note attached to it on which of the items in Article 1 Section 8 it is spending for, and why this is the most efficient use of tax dollars. We shouldn’t be involved in 99% of what we are involved in, and of the remaining 1%, we should be sending 99% of it to federal contractors, who we can hold accountable for incompetence and who we can negotiate lower and lower rates as technology improves.
  • Military reform. I don’t know about you, but fighting today’s wars seems like it should mostly involve a bunch of nerds in a dark room with a video game console. Yes, we still need boots on the ground, but not nearly as many as we’ve needed in times past, and they should be equipped with the most advanced equipment so 1 fighting man today can do the job of several hundred  from a few years ago. Why is the military so slow to adopt new technologies? Because the military is where all the snouts of congress go to feed. It’s a giant scam, and nothing like what it could be. I believe we should look heavily into letters of marque and reprisal. I imagine China wouldn’t be such a threat on our internet if we were paying script kiddies a fortune to bring them to justice.
  • Bureaucracy reform. When it comes to the civil service, I want none of it. I like what President Trump is doing by firing large groups of federal employees. I would not mind one bit if federal government were a handful of people. I mean, we live in a day when a few guys can put together a company that sells a few years later for a billion dollars. If a few guys can create a billion dollar business, why can’t a few guys manage government?

It’s high time we reformed our government, in a very big way. If congress won’t do it, then we get a chance in 2018 to let them know what we think. And if that still doesn’t work, it’s time for a constitutional convention.

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