The Election in the Netherlands


The election in the Netherlands is winding down. I have no idea who will win, but having Geert Wilders be so active and vocal has helped us move our discussion in the right direction.

Geert Wilders is derided by his enemies and opponents as some sort of neo-fascist who hates immigrants and wants to kill all the muslims.

What he really is, what he really represents, is someone who sees Islam for what it truly is, and is willing to stand up against it, despite that being unpopular today.

Islam is a political movement. Terrorist attacks made in its names are political actions, just like voting or writing laws or starting wars is political action. Is it surprising that religion and politics is combined in such a way? For some, perhaps, but for the vast majority of human history, religion and politics were the same thing. To muslims, religion and politics are still the same thing. They have no way to separate the two.

A casual jaunt through the Koran and other holy texts, as well as an attentive ear to what Islamic scholars say, will expose this fundamental truth.

Wilders has pointed out that the political ideas in Islam are not congruent with the political ideas of the Netherlands. Meaning, you cannot have both and have peace at the same time.

For comparison, let’s take a quick look at the political philosophy of my religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here are some of them.

  1. Every body should participate in politics as much as possible according to the law.
  2. People should choose wise representatives.
  3. People should keep the law and obey their leaders, even when their leaders are tyrannical.
  4. People should try to enact laws that would respect the freedom of religion and protect individual rights.
  5. People should try to influence their communities to do the same.
  6. People should serve in their communities, showing their faith through example.

As you can see, there is very little, if any, conflict between the LDS religion and the Netherlands political climate. In fact, go anywhere in the world, and mormons find nothing to conflict about. We’ll happily disband our churches when the government decides they want to suppress us. We’ll conform to whatever crazy rules you make up, and still bake you cookies. But we’ll also fully assert ourselves in the political process within legal means, of course. But you won’t find us having rallies and burning things and breaking things when we don’t get our way.

Does Islam share a similar political philosophy? The answers is, obviously, no.

For example, when Geert Wilders advocated that muslims need to leave the Netherlands because they were trying to establish the Ottoman Empire in the Netherlands, the muslims had a massive, violent protest around a Turkish flag.

In conclusion, what Geert has done is he has exposed Islam for what it is: A political movement that is not congruent with Western values. The question now is whether we allow it in our borders or not.

While I have no problem with people worshiping God in the way they see fit, I do have a problem with people exercising their political power in unrighteous ways. If we could somehow allow muslims in to our country with the condition that they would not try to impose their backwards political ideas on their neighbors, then perhaps I could be convinced that they should come and stay. But since we cannot, since we have seen terrorist attack after terrorist attack by people claiming to represent Islam, since we know that they advocate Sharia Law and we know what countries with a large number of muslims look like, I say we must *reject* muslims from our country, the United States, not because of their religion, but because of their political ideology. Until muslims give us a way to tell people who are merely religious from those with political aspirations to impose Islam on others, we cannot allow them in our borders.

Islam needs to reform. Can it? I don’t know. But until it does, our political ideas are in conflict, and we simply cannot have peace in our country until they leave.

One final note: When we drive muslims from our shores, or at least, stop admitting them, are we harming them? If you say yes, then that means that the places where muslims are welcome are less desirable than the places where they are not. Thus, QED: Muslims should not be here. In the case of the mormons who were chased from the United States, not because of politics but because of religion, we built a beautiful empire out West, populated by beautiful, wealthy, and populous people. In the end, we were better for it. That speaks volumes about the LDS political philosophy, and why you wouldn’t want to chase us out in the first place.

Now, I don’t know how to make my ideas politically feasible. If I were to run as an anti-Islam candidate today, I would obviously lose. So why am I posting this? Because I have no doubts that one day, running as an anti-Islam candidate will be the only way to get elected. As muslims continue on the path they have charted, as they repeat the same mistakes of their 1,500 year history or murder and oppression, it will become blatantly obvious what it is all about and why we must stand up against it.

Deus Vult.

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