When is it time?


With the recent terror attack in London killing more innocents, I have to wonder, when is it time?

When do we declare war on Jihad and radical Islam?

When do we treat terrorists not as civilians but unlawful combatants, with zero protections under the Geneva Convention?

When do we take back Constantinople and Alexandria and drive Islam back to the cave from whence it came?

Islam, the political philosophy, is an enemy to us. We cannot survive unless we either submit or defeat it completely. There is no middle ground. Whatever truce we sign with it, it simply uses it as time to regroup and to launch another invasion before the truce is up.

Islam, the passive religion, is welcome alongside all other religions that don’t advocate the murder, abuse, and enslavement of people who do not belong to their religion. Believe what you wish, but the moment you lift your hand to strike at an innocent, the head attached to that hand gets severed.

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