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God as an Alien Super-Being

April 4, 2017

One popular topic in science fiction is the observation that sufficiently advanced technology looks like magic. I’ve often wondered if perhaps God is simple a super-advanced human.

Suppose God were an alien super-being, a member of a technologically advanced race that surpasses our understanding. Would that, in any way, diminish his glory or magnitude? Would that make him not worthy of reverence, respect, and worship?

If you are an atheist, and you believe that higher and lower life forms exist, and you believe that there is life beyond planet earth, and allow yourself the possibility that life beyond the earth could be more advanced, then you really can’t be an atheist, can you? After all, one of those more advanced races could be reaching out to us with technology that far surpasses our understanding, and he could call himself God. Should you worship such a creature? No matter your answer, you cannot deny that he exists.


Physical Removal

April 4, 2017

I am not a philosopher. Or rather, we are all philosophers.

I am of the sort of philosophy that I don’t mind listening to different ideas.

I have always known that Libertarianism, the political movement in the US, was horribly flawed. On the one hand, you had people who were all but anarcho-capitalists, who wanted a society where people behaved rationally and if they didn’t the market would solve all problems. On the other hand, you had people who seemed to like everything about Libertarianism but the parts about the freedom to property. How long could this schizophrenic movement last and still try to claim some sort of ideological purity?

It seems the year 2015 was the year that the two factions split. You now have the new “Alt-Right” and then you have the liberal “libertarians”. The “Alt-Right” demands closed borders, culture wars, and intense state action to ensure ideological purity in the population, and all but demands and end to democracy. The liberal “libertarians” can hardly see a difference between themselves and the violent communists roaming the streets, steeling red MAGA caps and beating up women and old men and then celebrating on the internet from the comfort of their mother’s basement.

The new “Alt-Right”, at least, the refugees from the Libertarian movement portion of it, suddenly sees the virtues in Christianity, in social normalcy, in traditional gender roles, in authoritarian government. They suddenly see that unless a significant majority of the population agrees with them, they really have no rights and can’t rely on the ballot box to fix things. They suddenly realize that the far-right Christian conservatives have a lot more in common with their political philosophy than anyone else.

To lay it all out in the simplest terms, but without trite phrases like “Freedom isn’t Free”, let me try to spell out what orthodox conservatism is all about.

God created man and gave man rights. This puts an end to all discussion of what rights are and who has them. We have the rights to free speech and the right to life and the right to property and the only way you’re going to change that is to change God’s mind about it. Period. End of story. And yes, we’ll fight a crusade to defend those rights, DEUS VULT, NON NOBIS DOMINE. And we’re going to fight and kill for these rights for other people to because DEUS VULT, NON NOBIS DOMINE.

This is the crux of conservatism. We are not going to negotiate our rights. We are not going to compromise our rights. We are going to fight and defend them with all the religious vigor we can muster.

Conservatism starts in the Bible. We read in the Bible about a God who freed the Israelites, not because the Israelites were smart or cool or particularly worshipful, but because of a promise God made a long time ago to their ancestors. And we read about a God who demands recognition not for the fact that He created the world but the fact that he FREED the world from tyranny. Then we read about a God who gives rules and binds His people to Him through those rules, the covenant, the sacred contract. “As long as you keep these rules, I will keep you free.” Then we read time and again divine intervention in freeing the Israelites and others from their own silliness. Then we read about a God who descended from heaven not to be served but to serve, and his service is to lay his own life down that we may live and be free from our sins and from tyranny forever. This is the God of the Bible. This is the God of Freedom, the God of Liberty, the God who keeps his promises, the God who everyone can trust in.

Once we take upon ourselves the sacred covenant with God to keep his commandments, then we begin to walk the path. And what does this path entail? It entails service, it entails love, it entails building up people and families and communities and nations. It is a lot of work, but it is joyful work, because God rewards his servants much more than they are worth. Even the latecomers who show up with mere minutes of work left to go get paid a full wage.

The point is this: Freedom and liberty are not the cause of conservatism, but the effect. They are happy side-effects to embracing reality the way it really is, by living your life the best you know how, by doing what’s right even when the world tells you it is wrong, of sticking to your guns even if you’re the only person on the planet on your side.

When it comes to government, conservatives believe that governments are necessary because everyone is evil. If you try and build a collection of “right-minded” individuals who agree with you, you’ll end up with only yourself. Governments exist to constrain the natural evil tendencies, to provide some sort of structure and system that even evil-doers can latch on to. The point of government is ultimately to secure our rights. Remember the things I said about God? Ultimately, a right is what God tells you to do, which is entirely different than a freedom, which is what you are free to choose for yourself. The point of government is to basically protect those doing God’s work and punish those who interfere.

Now, in trying to design a government that is resistant to corruption, we’ve discovered a few good rules of thumb.

The first rule of thumb is federalism. That is, there is not “one government to rule them all”, but instead, a large number of independent and sovereign governments who challenge and defy one another. The only force strong enough to overthrow a government is another government, after all. In order to make federalism work, we need clear borders, and we need to defend those borders. Not just the physical borders, but the legal borders as well. We should fight the federal government intrusions on constitutional limits as hard as we fight the Mexican invasion of the United States. (Priorities might dictate we build the wall first—that’s a matter of debate.)

The second rule of thumb is a separation of powers. Governments should each consist of clear and distinct legislative, executive, and judicial powers.

Note that the rules of thumb do not include universal suffrage or monarchy or anything like that. It doesn’t matter the origin of government, the form of government is most important.

Now, to get to the “Physical Removal” part of government. In a democracy, it is a fact that a large number of people aren’t going to vote well. The idea of universal suffrage, after all, is sickening. Even the founder of the Democratic Party, Martin van Buren, knew that granting universal suffrage was madness. The reason for this is simple: When too many people get the power to vote, their vote counts that much less, they put that much less thought in it, and in the end, you get bad results. Thus, in order to have a successful democracy, you must, intentionally, limit the vote. Currently, we limit the vote to people who are not felons and who are citizens. I propose we go even further, but that’s another story.

The easiest way to get people to stop voting is to throw them in prison for a felony. You could also revoke their citizenship. Both ways are perfectly valid, and should be used on people who have proven to us that they really don’t understand or care for our system of government.

Now, some people complain that government violates their rights, and they are right, and we need to stand up against government, recognizing that nothing much has really changed since King George III. But some people complain that government violates their “rights”, and we need to laugh at them and tell them to enjoy their time in prison. Government is a force to be reckoned with, to be seriously engaged, and to be controlled. That means we need to fight, and fight viciously, to obtain political power and keep it, using whatever means necessary. This is a lesson that has been taught multiple times since the inception of the country. Are you learning?

Once you have political power, what do you do? Protect rights. Not fake rights, but real rights, the things God commands people to do.

The second part of physical removal is a simple observation. It takes the police, what, 5 minutes to get to your house? If you’re in your own house, you’re already there. Thus, the only person who can protect yourself is you. It starts with you learning how to fight, how to defend yourself, how to spot trouble, how to stay safe. And what’s the simple rule of staying safe? Keep the bad guys far, far away from you.

I live in a neighborhood. If I had thug kids with hoodies running up and down the street at night, I have a few choices. I can choose to do nothing, and the problem gets worse. I can choose to use violent force (AKA the police) to drive the thugs away. Or I can move.

Of those three options, only one makes sense if you are a conservative: You use violent force to chase the thugs away. You set up a neighborhood watch party. You take pictures and videos. You call the police. You arm up. If one of them gets violent, you respond with violence.

It seems the “Physical Removal” libertarians are starting to realize why government is a good thing, why state power can be used rightly, you just have to wield it for yourself and your country, in protection of basic rights.

So, to summarize: Rights come from God, and that means DEUS VULT. Government exists to protect rights, and rights only, and the proper form is federalism and clear separation of powers. You can’t trust democracy (or any other form of government) but you can be vigilant. And when you win political power, you protect real rights, not fake rights. And finally, you use violence to keep your neighborhood safe from violence.

It’s pretty simple.

Now, who are the enemies of America today? Let me spell it out for those who can’t see already.

  • Communism in all its forms, and any communist sympathizer. If you seriously can’t understand why throwing communist agitators out of helicopters is a good thing, then do your research. Start with the Holodomor, and continue into the Great Leap Forward.
  • Fascism, in all its forms. Fascism is not “people who disagree with me”. It’s a partnering between business and the state through favoritism and such. Yes, we do live in a fascist state, and some examples of that include Planned Parenthood and PBS. President Trump is the great anti-fascist!
  • Islam, the political philosophy, that wants to subject everyone to Sharia law and make women, Christians and Jews second-class citizens, and slaughter the Hindus and Buddhists. Ask an Indian what they think of Islam, or a Western Chinese, and they’ll let you know how you handle Islam.
  • The media, that is lying to you and presenting Fake News as if it were gospel truth. If you haven’t caught on yet, the media, in all its forms, is bought and paid for by people who simply want to make money, and don’t mind selling your rights to do so.
  • Anti-Christians, in all their forms. It’s one thing to be Atheist or non-believer, to simply disagree with Christians. It’s quite another to persecute religious people because they are religious. As you can see from my arguments, religion is the literal foundation of this country, and when it comes time to fight for rights, who do you want on your side: a group of people who have been persuaded by logic and reason, or a group of people who are religious fanatics and think they will be rewarded in heaven for fighting the good fight?
  • Illegal immigrants. Immigrants who come here who want to build up our country and expand our power and learn of our political philosophy are more than welcome, but if you’re here to break our rules with literally your first breath and step and live as a second-class citizen under the protection of the Democratic Party, then you’re not welcome.
  • Democrats. If you still can’t see why the Democratic Party is the Anti-American party, you really are part of the problem. You can’t name one pro-American issue that the democrats stand for. They have become the modern Federalist Party, a group of authoritarian nay-sayers whose only claim to fame is they once had a pretty average president.

It’s time to chase these enemies out of America, either by conversion or by expulsion. When they commit a crime, they go to jail, and lose their right to vote, period. If they fight against America, they are traitor and we have a discussion on whether a life-sentence is too good for them.