God as an Alien Super-Being


One popular topic in science fiction is the observation that sufficiently advanced technology looks like magic. I’ve often wondered if perhaps God is simple a super-advanced human.

Suppose God were an alien super-being, a member of a technologically advanced race that surpasses our understanding. Would that, in any way, diminish his glory or magnitude? Would that make him not worthy of reverence, respect, and worship?

If you are an atheist, and you believe that higher and lower life forms exist, and you believe that there is life beyond planet earth, and allow yourself the possibility that life beyond the earth could be more advanced, then you really can’t be an atheist, can you? After all, one of those more advanced races could be reaching out to us with technology that far surpasses our understanding, and he could call himself God. Should you worship such a creature? No matter your answer, you cannot deny that he exists.

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